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Highest Paid Glo Ambassadors in Nigeria/Africa

Who is the highest paid Globacom ambassador in Nigeria and Africa, or, what Nigerian or African actress, musician or public figure has signed the highest paid endorsement deal with telecommunications service provider, Globacom? While we can state here that an artiste is the highest paid glo ambassador, other artistes might be paid just exactly the […]

Highest Paid Pepsi Ambassador in Nigeria

In past years, the drink manufacturing company has budgeted hundreds of millions of naira for signing endorsement deals with African musicians. These endorsement deals are renewed when expired, that’s if the company wants it renewed, and they sign several musicians every year as brand ambassadors. Brands known for signing several musicians yearly in Nigeria include […]

How to Start a Yahoo Boy Career

How to Start a Yahoo Boy Career

You really want to know how to start a Yahoo boy career anywhere and the task you need to undergo? It’s not a big deal but you need to know what exactly it is you’re doing. Yahoo is popularly called “G” and the guys who delve into it are called G-guys. Majority of these guys […]

The Strongest Tribe in Nigeria

What tribe is the strongest in Nigeria? I tried asking myself a couple of questions and yet there’s just tribe strong enough, or stronger than every other tribe. The strongest tribe in Nigeria would have all three of this characteristics… The Strongest Tribe in Nigeria: 1. Physical Strength Everyone’s born different and it doesn’t really […] © 2018 | Sitemap Frontier Theme
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