Lasisi Elenu Net Worth

Introduction Lasisi Elenu is a Nigerian comedian, singer, rapper, actor, social media star, master of ceremony, and on-air personality. He’s one of the currently trending comedians in Nigeria who’s brand of comedy fuses around social media videos edited with InShot app and Snapchat filters. With over 800,000 followers on Instagram alone, Lasisi has gathered over

Mark Angel Net Worth

Introduction Mark Angel is a Nigerian comedian and actor who is known best as the main act of the Mark Angel Comedy brand in Nigeria. Mark Angel and his team, Emmanuella Samuel and Denilson Igwe, has gathered over 100 million views on YouTube alone, and has made name across Africa and the most viewed comedy

Ayo Makun Net Worth

Introduction Ayo Makun net worth and biography is much talked about today in Nigeria by his fans as he is one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, and Africa. Ayo Makun, known also as AY, is an extremely famous comedian in Nigeria with entrepreneurial insight. This post is about the lifestyle, net worth, and biography

Thespian Nozy Net Worth

Introduction Thespian Nozy is a Nigerian comedian who’s had over 17 million views on his social media accounts. If you’re current online with social media comedians and videos, you probably already know who this guy is. Thespian Nozy is a creative comedian who got to limelight after releasing series of funny videos online. He’s a

Kastropee Biography & Net Worth

Introduction Kastropee is an upcoming Nigerian comedian, actor and Instagram star. He’s one of the actively engaged comedians whose videos have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people in Nigeria. Kastropee alongside Thespian Nozy founded the popular comedy house known as Real House of Comedy. This post is about the biography of Kastropee, his

CrazeClown Net Worth

Introduction CrazeClown is a Nigerian comedian and actor. He is one of the very first comedians who started the comedy skit production in Nigeria, and quickly rose to fame because of the funny concept in videos shorter than 1 minute. He’s otherwise known as Papa Ade, or Dr. CrazeClown. Read on to known about the

Broda Shaggi Net Worth

Introduction This post is basically about Broda Shaggi net worth, biography, as an upcoming Nigerian comedian who’s gaining grounds in the entertainment industry and also about how he stared. I bet you’re familiar with a lady named Aunty Shaggi? I’ll also let you know the relation between Broda Shaggi and Aunty Shaggi in this post.

Akpororo Net Worth

Introduction Akpororo is currently a top earning comedian in Nigeria, and this post is about Akpororo net worth, biography, his career, and success story of how he eventually got to limelight. Akpororo Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age BIRTH NAME: Jephthah Bowoto CAREER: Comedian & Gospel Musician BIRTH DATE: 3rd October, 1989 STYLE RATING: 4.1%