Advertise With Us

Want to advertise your business or product on this blog? You’re making the best decision right now. Hereunder are the advert plans and cost per month, so you’ll have an idea what you’re up to and not waste too much time. We don’t encourage time wasting as time is a very important success determinant and factor. The plans are subject to change anytime.

Plan #1: Advertising a Product
Products could be any software, Jewelries, wristwatch brands, designers, shoes, an idea, or something else. A link will be uploaded to the product destination (if any) and also, a purchase link.
Cost: $75 per month

Plan #2: Advertising a Website/Blog
For websites and blogs, a link to the blog will be placed and a snippet explaining what you want your potential audience from this blog to see will be placed.
Cost: $20 per month

Plan #3: Advertising a Link
Links are very important web channels. The link or links you want to advertise and drive traffic to or make known to thousands will be put on the front page sidebar.
Cost: $90 (for up to 5 links)

Plan #4: Featured posts
Your featured post will appear throughout the month, dazzling on the left sidebar as featured a post and the post of the day.
Cost: $40 per month

Plan #5: Sponsored posts
Sponsored posts are normal posts you pay for. The posts will be published in your favour and whatever you want to advertise will be contained in the post. You could run multiple sponsored posts frequently.
Cost: $15 per post

To subscribe to any of the advert plans, send the plan (e.g plan #1) to our contact email and the details of your advert. As simple as that. Advert made easy. Spend a little more, make a lot more.

Last Edited: 17/02/2018