Drake and Lil Wayne: Who is the Richest?

Drake and Lil Wayne: Who is the Richest?

Who’s richer between Drake and Lil Wayne?

Drake Aubrey is a Canadian singer, rapper, and songwriter.

He’s also a good actor and first started his musical career as an actor.

Drake earns from a dozen of sources including bookings to land gigs at events.

He also earns from endorsement deals, and from music sales.

With over 50 million followers on Instagram alone, Drake could easily me making more thousand bucks from his social media fans through strategies such as advertising.

His net worth is an estimated $150 million, and he’s a top rapper worldwide.

Lil Wayne is one of the most wealthy rappers in the world with net worth of $120 million.

He started his musical career as arapper at the age of 9, and has since then refined his rapping skills.

Lil Wayne has helped a couple of musicians grow, and he has released albums and tracks over the years.

These albums and tracks have won a lot of awards for him…

From New Orleans, Louisiana, Lil Wayne was born Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. and was raised by a single Mom.

Today, he’s one of hip hop’s pride.

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