Beyonce and Ronaldo: Who is More Popular?

Beyonce and Ronaldo: Who is More Popular?

Who’s more popular between Beyonce and Ronaldo?

Football is one hell of a sport.

With over 7 billion people on earth, it’s quite surprising to know that more than 1/3 of this population are into football, and 1/3 of 1/3 of the 7 billion humans are diehard football lovers.

Music on the left toll is up for the game.

It’s more famous than football no doubt, and everyone here and there know that they want in music. But it’s different.

We’ve got a ton of music stars worldwide, and if you happen to be a star in your country, you’d be shocked at the level of unpopularity you could be faced with in an entirely different country.

Football is a sport, and if you’re a big fish in it, I bet the whole world of football fancies love you already.

Who’s more popular between Beyonce and Cristiano Ronaldo?

Let’s go the way of social media…

On Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo has over 180 million followers, and Beyonce, just above 130m.

This is a huge gap with more than 50m followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo is known across the continents of the world, excluding some real thick forests in the dark side, plundering from the dark ages experience.

Beyonce is hell popular, and she’s currently the biggest, or let’s say one of the biggest female musicians in the world.

Both celebrities are famous, but I’ve gotta admit Ronaldo is seems to be more famous obviously.

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