Shina Peters Net Worth

Shina Peters Net Worth

Shina Peters is a Nigerian Juju musician and songwriter.

With his unique style, he has managed to go international over the years, and he’s one of the biggest Juju singers Nigeria has ever produced.

Stay focused to know more about Shina Peters’ biography, net worth, and career.

Shina Peters Biography

Shina Peters, born Oluwashina Akanbi on the 30th of May, 1968, in Osun State, is a Nigerian Juju music artiste and music composer.

In 1989, he and his crew International Stars released their debut album titled “Ace” (Afro Juju Series 1).

The album was a hit and it was the breakthrough album that rose Sir Shina Peters to stardom.

The album was released under CSB Records, and it attained platinum weeks after its launch date.

“Ace” is a combination of the rhythmic feature between Juju and Afrobeat music genres, pushing out the socio-cutural differences and paving grounds for what would be generally acclaimed irrespective of ethnic, cultural and traditional systems and norms.

This same album titled Ace won Sir Shina Peters a number of awards including the Artist and Album of the Year award at the Nigerian Musical Awards hosted in Nigeria.

He later released a second album titled “Shinamania” which featured hit tracks like Omo Bo, and Oluwa Yo Pese.

The album musically changed the face of Juju genre and sound in the whole of Africa, practically causing a revolutionary change in the Juju music genre in Africa.

This placed Sir Shina Peters and his band International Stars on the radar for a long span of time.

He’s considered a pioneer in the creation of a new music genre, Juju Afro, which exists as a distinctive music genre in Africa till date.

He has released a total of 16 revolutionary Juju music albums and has sold millions of copies to fans and Juju music lovers in different countries including Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa and Italy.

The legendary Juju musician is signed under Orbit Entertainment.

Shina Peters Net Worth

What is Shina Peters’ Net Worth?

Shina Peters has an estimated net worth of $600,000 dollars.

He earns from music sales, businesses, and several other activities.

Shina Peters Net Worth in Naira

In naira, he has an estimated net worth of N210 million.

How Old is Shina Peters?

What’s Shina Peters’ Age?

Shina Peters was born in 1968, his current age would be gotten by subtracting the birth year from the current year.

Is Shina Peters Osadebe’s Son?

It is not certain whether or not Shina Peters is the son of late Chief Osita Stephen Osadebe.

There are stories that Chief Osita Stephen Osadebe fathered him for a Yoruba woman, and when he died in 2007, Shina Peters paid homage as his first son.

But the information isn’t entirely valid.

They’re related in some way.

Shina Peters Son

Shina Peters has three sons, Clarence Peters, Clinton Peters, and Seyi Peters.

Shina Peters House

He lives in an exquisite home. In 1990, he built a mansion worth about N20 million naira.

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