Peggy Ovire Net Worth

Peggy Ovire Net Worth

Peggy Ovire is a Nigerian actress, and entrepreneur.

She has starred in several Nigerian movies, and she’s a very beautiful model.

This is about the biography of Peggy Ovire, her net worth, movie career, and more.

Peggy Ovire Biography

She was born Peggy Ovire Enoho on the 21st of October, in Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria.

The beautiful Nigerian model and actress who actually started out as a model has sharpened her acting skills to interpret any role given to her excellently.

As such, she’s been able to feature in movies, and portray several movie roles.

She’s the last born child in her family, and he has five siblings.

An indigene of Delta State, Nigeria, Peggy Ovire was raised in the Lagos State town called Surulere (her birthplace).

Interestingly, she schooled at the Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, Edo State where she studied Banking and Finance, and graduated successfully from the department.

She started out as a model for some time before she eventually joined the Nollywood movie production industry.

During her modelling career, and made it to become a beauty queen, and later alone the line, she became an actress.

Peggy Ovire as the last born child in her family comes from Ughelli North Local Government Area, in Delta State (one of the Nigerian States with the most mineral resources), Nigeria.

After starring in a movie series titled Husbands of Lagos, the Nigerian model cum actress gained so much attention and attracted a lot of fans.

The second series of the movie, Husbands of Lagos, was premiered on the 2nd of November, 2016 (on a Wednesday).

Husbands of Lagos was a drama series with a very interesting storyline.

It features the lives of five men based Lagos, and their lovers.

It featured top actors in the Nigerian movie industry including Mary Remmy Njoku (the wife of iROKOtv’s Jason Njoku), Bobby Obodo, Rich Tanksley, Yvonne Jegede, Kenneth Okolie, Susan Peters, Uche Odoputa, and Moyo Lawal.

Movie Production

In 2013, she ventured into the Nollywood and has since featured in over 60 films.

Some of the movies she’s starred in include Last Engagement, Game Changer, A Long Night, Playing With Heart, Royal Switch, The Apple of Discord, and other blockbuster movies.

After starring in a couple of movies, she decided to try her hands on movie production.

In 2015, she produced her first movie titled Emergency.

She’s produced other Nollywood movies including Ufuoma, The Other Woman, Fool Me Once, and Game Changer.

Rumours have it that she has a romantic affair with a famous Nigerian actor, Frederick Leonard.

According to her, she has nothing as such to do with the actor.

She stated that it is not easy to find someone who would look out for you, and render advice, but Frederick Leonard does that for her.

The Nigerian actor Frederick Leonard are not into any form of romantic relationship from what she’s stated.

Again, she mentioned that Frederick Leonard is like a brother to her.

Perhaps the suggestion of them seeing each other was cooked up by their frequent hookup and mingle.

She’s still single.

Peggy Ovire Net Worth

What is the net worth of Peggy Ovire?

Peggy Ovire has an estimated net worth of $200,000 dollars.

She earns from modelling, advertising for brands through her social media accounts, and from starring in movies.

Peggy Ovire Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Peggy Ovire’s net worth is N70 million.

Aside the already mentioned sources of income for the actress, she earns from movie production and other business activities. In 2015, she produced her debut movie titled Emergency.

Peggy Ovire Child

Peggy Ovire has never been married… And she doesn’t have a child.

Peggy Ovire Birthday

Her birthday is celebrated every 21st October. The exact year of her birth isn’t known, but we have the date…

So… Let’s celebrate her on 21st October.

Peggy Ovire Height

She’s not the tallest female celebrity, but she’s not totally short.

Peggy Ovire’s exact height isn’t known. She’s somewhere around 5 ft.

Peggy Ovire Instagram Page

The Nigerian actress is available on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is simply @peggyovire.

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