Oyemykke Biography, Net Worth, Age, Real Name, and House

Oyemykke Biography, Net Worth, Age, Real Name, and House

Oyemykke is a Nigerian socialite, Instagram celebrity, and motivational speaker born Abisoye Olukoya Michael on the 3rd of April, 1993.

He’s a Nigerian personality based in the United States, and he gets attention by on the media by throwing things at celebrities.

In 2018, he asked DJ Cuppy, the daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola, to stop singing because she’s not a singer.

This statement he made on his Instagram page flooded the internet and top Nigerian blogs.

He’s known to talk about celebrities, and has organized a chat through Instagram with Nigerian big boy HushPuppi.

People suggest he’s into internet fraud as the source of his wealth is unknown.

He has an estimated net worth of $200,000 dollars.

Currently, you can only say he is an entrepreneur. He’s also a producer, and video maker.

Oyemykke Parents

The parents of Oyemykke are not known in details. However, they’re known to be Mr & Mrs Abisoye.

His parents are obviously Nigerians, and it isn’t known if or not they’re still alive.

Oyemykke Videos

His videos are all spread on Instagram and on YouTube.

His videos are of different forms…

He creates funny videos sometimes, motivational, and in some videos, he’s just making sense.

Abisoye Olukoya Michael Age

Born in 1993, Oyemykke is currently 26 years old (2019).

Oyemykke doesn’t talk much about his life or family, and very little is known of his home.

Oyemykke Bounced in London

In November 2018, Oyemykke was bounced out of Wande Coal’s show in London.

On getting to the show, he tried to enter into the show without any proof of invitation or payment for the show.

After some time, he took off his jacket in attempt to have his way by force.

Eventually, after trying and having failed attempts, the bouncers threw him out of the area as he caused a scene and disturbed those that paid to attend the show.

Oyemykke House

He lives in the US, but also has a house in Lagos, Nigeria.

From the look of things, Oyemykke has a long chain of connection in Nigeria.

He has several celebrity friends, and has a lot of supporters on social media.

Oyemykke Net Worth

The Nigerian socialite and Instagram sensation has a net worth of $200,000 dollars.

He is one of the Nigerian sensations on social media known for making videos about a lot of things – from funny, to sensible, to…


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