Opa6ix Biography, Net Worth, Age, House, and Cars

Opa6ix Biography, Net Worth, Age, House, and Cars

Opa6ix or Opasix is one of the Nigerian socialites Nigerian musician 9ice praised in his song titled “Living Things”.

Opa6ix is a Nigerian musician and socialite.

He has been around for a long time and he’s got several hundred thousand followers and fans in Nigeria.

Opa6ix has collaborated with number of Nigerian artistes including Olamide, and he’s known for spending heavily.

Opa6ix joins the clique of Nigerian big boys like Hushpuppi, Investor BJ, Baddy Oosha, Deskid Wayne, Randy Wayne, Jowi Zazaa, Bamzy Riches, and several others as he flaunts his wealth on social media and makes heads swell.

He owns expensive cars, wears, and digital items.

Opa6ix lives comfortably in a modern apartment, and he has a long chain of influence in the entertainment industry of Nigeria.

The primary source of his wealth is not known, but we’d like to say he earns from music and other hidden (illicit) means.

Opa6ix is one of the most influential Nigerian big boys with an estimated net worth of $350,000 dollars.

He earns from music production, and people believe him to be a serious yahoo boy.

Do you think alike?

Opa6ix House

For sure, Opa6ix has a house in Nigeria.

He lives in a posh apartment, and also patronizes the best of hotels in Lagos, Nigeria.

Opa6ix Cars

The Nigerian socialite has been seen cruising several models of Mercedes Benz, and has other vehicles aside Mercedes Benz.

From all I’ve observed, this guy has a thing for Mercedes Benz.

Opa6ix Age

The age of Opa6ix isn’t known.

This is because the socialite talks very little about his life, and biography.

He prefers sharing lavish photos and making his fans thrill.

Opa6ix’s date of birth, and the year of birth is not yet available on the internet.

Opa6ix Real Name

The real name of Opa6ix is Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun, he is Yoruba by tribe, and has several celebrity friends.

His name was mentioned alongside other Nigerian big boys in 9ice’s song, Living Things.

Opa6ix has also been praised by other Nigerian musicians including Small Doctor, and Reminisce.

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