Michael Awolaja (Malivelihood) Net Worth

Michael Awolaja (Malivelihood) Net Worth

Malivelihood has an estimated net worth of $30 million dollars.

He is one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria today with more than one massive mansion, and cars, including a Mercedes Benz.

Olusola Michael Awujoola (or Awolaja) who is known as Malivelihood is a Nigerian luxury designer, and has worked for several Nigerian and American celebrities.

He’s the founder of the multimillion naira designer company, Malivelihood, and is the man behind the beautifully designed gold-coated items owed by several celebrities in Nigeria today.

He was born as Michael Awolaja, and he’s a Nigerian luxury designer, and fashion personality.

He earns from what he does best – jewel designing.

Malivelihood is the name of his company, but he would rather be addressed as “Malivelihood” because he owns the company, and it makes no difference when he’s called “Malivelihood”.

Michael Awujoola is not afraid to spend his money, especially on those he loves.

In the past, Malivelihood purchased a diamond ring worth N51 million naira for his girlfriend and posted photos of the ring on his social media page.

Reports also summed up that he bought her a house worth $1.5 million dollars as his Valentine’s gift to her.

Little is known about the personal life of Michael Awolaja, but he’s of Yoruba origin, and he’s super rich.

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