King Sunny Ade Net Worth

King Sunny Ade Net Worth

King Sunny Ade has an estimated net worth of $7 million dollars.

He’s one of the most respected Nigerian musicians, and as a legendary singer and guitarist, he has performed at countless musical events.

King Sunny Ade Net Worth in Naira

In the Nigerian currency, he has an estimated net worth of N2.45 billion naira.

When we talk legends, we talk King Sunny Ade.

King Sunny Ade is a Nigerian singer, and pioneer of modern music.

He’s a legendary musician, and his songs are coated in uniqueness.

King Sunny Ade Biography

King Sunny Ade is a Nigeria instrumentalist, musician, songwriter, singer and pioneer of modern music.

He was born on the 22nd of September in 1946 as Sunday Adeniyi and has been categorized as one of the musicians with the most influence in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

His birthplace is Oshogbo in Osun State, Nigeria.

Sunny Ade’s journey into music as a career started with a highlife band known as Olaiya’s Federal Rhythm Dandies.

After performing with the band for years, he went on to form his own music band in 1967 named The Green Spots.

The band has since performed in various events and ceremonies.

Something about the band is that they’ve changed their name The Green Spot to other names a couple of times due to several reasons.

First, the band changed its name to African Beats and later, the name African Beats was dumped and the band was renamed Golden Mercury.

Due to his relevance and influence, he was chosen by Lai Mohammed (Nigeria’s Minister of Information at the moment) as the ambassador of “Change Begins With Me” campaign.

He is known also as the king of Juju music.

His Dad and Mum were an organ player for his Church and a trader respectively.

King Sunny Ade in December 2016 had his customized guitar was auctioned at N52 million naira and sold at N52.1 million naira.

King Sunny Ade Family

King Sunny Ade’s family relatives are almost countless as he has several wives.

However, here are the most prominent and primary relatives of King Sunny Ade (KSA):

Samuel Adeniyi Adegeye (Father)
Maria Adegeye (Mother)
Princess Risikat Adejoke Adegeye (Wife)
Queen Ahneva Adegeye (Wife)

He has several sons, and daughters.

King Sunny Ade Albums

KSA has released several albums.

They include Juju Music (1982), Syncro System (1983), Let them Say (1987), E Tide (1995), Odu (1998), Seven Degrees North (2000), King of Juju (2002), The Best of the Classic Years (2003), Gems From the Classic Years (1967-1974): released in 2005, Starbucks African Blend (2005), Baba Mo Tunde (2010), and Isele Yi Leju (2013).

King Sunny Ade Juju Music

King Sunny Ade is entirely into Juju music.

He was, and still is as he is very much alive.

You can download his iconic songs on the Internet with a simple search.

King Sunny Ade Youtube Channel

The YouTube account of King Sunny Ade is available.

You can access it with a simple search on Google, and watch countless videos of the legendary Juju music star on the video sharing platform.

King Sunny Ade Son

King Sunny Ade is blessed with more than just one son.

He has sons, and non of his sons seem to be a social media sensation.

King Sunny Ade Daughter

The legendary musician has several beautiful daughters, all grownups.

King Sunny Ade Tours

Ever since he rose to fame, he has toured several Nigerian States, Spain, United Kingdom, and California.

How Many Wives Does King Sunny Ade Have?

King Sunny Ade has gotten married officially to seven wives.

How Many Children Does King Sunny Ade Have?

The number of children King Sunny Ade has isn’t really known.

He has children from his different marriages.

What Type of Music Does King Sunny Ade Play?

He’s a lover of Juju music, and that’s what he does.

Did Sunny Ade Win a Grammy Award?


King Sunny Ade hasn’t won a Grammy award.

He was nominated in 1983 for his album, Synchro System, and he was the first ever Nigerian to get a Grammy award nomination.

The Grammy award was won in 1991 and 2009 by Sikiru Adepoju as a member of Planet Drum music group.

How Old is King Sunny Ade Now?

Born in 1946, King Sunny Ade’s current age can be known by subtracting his year of birth from the current year.

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