Kenny Blaq Net Worth

Kenny Blaq Net Worth

When you hear about comedy and comedians in Nigeria, quite a lot of names come to mind.

You have the biggest names in the industry to be Basketmouth, Ayo Makun, I Go Dye, Akpororo, Ali Baba, Julius Agwu, and more.

You also know about online comedians who thrive with comedy skits.

These guys are really good, and some of my best are Lasisi Elenu, MadJohnny, Williams Uchemba, and lastly ☺, Josh2Funny.

This piece is about Kenny Blaq’s net worth, biography, profile, personal life, relationship, career, and how he eventually became a famous comedian in Nigeria.

Kenny Blaq is a popular name in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

His growth was very speedy, and his unique form of comedy has given him an edge over others in the industry.

Kenny Blaq Biography

He was born Otolorin Kehinde Peter, as the last born child into a family of 7 children in Nigeria.

His mother is a very fortunate woman who gave birth to twins twice, Kenny Blaq being the last child in the family.

After his primary and secondary schooling, Kenny enrolled to undergo talent training at the FRCN Training school after working for some time as the Music Comedy Café Talk Show presenter at SMA FM.

His career started back in 2008, precisely on the 9th of August when he mounted the stage for the first time.

Before this time, people suggested that he went into stand-up comedy, but he relaxed and simply learnt by watching other comedians go on stage.

Eventually, he was called upon to run a rally themed “Miss Ejibo”, and was invited to perform at a comedy concert which would be organized after the “Miss Ejibo” rally in Lagos state.

At the comedy concert, Kenny Blaq wasn’t having a stage name, but the organizers insisted he had one.

He needed a name that people would understand easily, so he got and adopted the stage name “Kenny Blaq” from his complexion and his first name, Kehinde.

In 2009, he was invited to perform at a Marriage ceremony where he was paid the sum of N800 naira after his performance at the ceremony.

The money seemed like a lot to him at that time because he hadn’t been paid that much money before for performing.

In 2011, Kenny Blaq took part in the Calabar Carnival organized in Nigeria which skyrocketed his career.

After his astounding performance, he got the attention of prominent event organizers and planners…

…and that’s how he started performing at several events in Nigeria with invitations from different event managers and organizers.

He is one of the comedians in Nigeria whose growth can be best described as RAPID!!.

The young and talented comedian has been a recipient of awards, and nominations for awards in the comedy industry.

He worked for SMA FM for a stint, and was awarded by Naija FM for his unique comic acts.

He has also worked as a presenter in talk shows, and comedy shows in Lagos State.

In 2015/2016, Kenny Blaq won the Comedian of the Year award at the Middle East Africa Music Awards (MEAMA) which was organized in Egypt.

He has not only performed at mega comedy concerts, and other kinds of concerts, he has performed in countries like Dubai, and England, sharing the stage with big names in the entertainment industry.

Kenny Blaq created a community project in Ejigbo, Lagos State, named Making A Difference (M.A.D).

The project was established with the aim of training talents to become better, inspire the society to be better, and maximize results.

Kenny Blaq Net Worth

What is Kenny Blaq’s net worth?

Kenny Blaq has an estimated net worth of $100,000 dollars.

He earns from show bookings, and advert placement for brands through his social media accounts.

Kenny has performed at several prominent events in Nigeria, and pulled in millions of naira from these events.

Is Kenny Blaq Married?

Kenny Blaq is currently unmarried, and in a chat with Vanguard, he revealed that he’s a virgin and doesn’t know what sex is.

He also unveiled the fact that he has a lot of female friends who wish to date him, but he wants to be relevant decades ahead, and so doesn’t have time for anything relationship.

Kenny Blaq has dated a few girls in his lifetime, but the relationships he got into did not last long basically because he had no time and gave not much attention to his partners.

Every girl needs attention, but Kenny Blaq didn’t give this much attention to the girls he had dated as he was too busy even at free times.

According to the comedian, celebrity relationships don’t last long due to jealousy.

And if one should get into a relationship in the entertainment industry, the partner or parties should understand the nature of the industry, and understand each other.

Jokingly, he revealed that he doesn’t have a heart, and that it’s “Kpomo mear” that’s there 2 inches from his shoulder.

He’s waiting patiently until he finds the right one as he doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

Kenny Blaq believes in young people becoming what they want to be.

He doesn’t see age as a limitation.

According to him, a lot of his friends smoke and drink all day, but to become what they want be, they’ll have to wait to get to a certain age before fulfilling their dreams.

When he started out with his career, he challenged them to be better.

He believes also that one can do legal business and become very successful.

Kenny Blaq is really young, and this was a challenge to him when he started out with his career. People often denigrated him, and saw him as not mature physically enough to become a successful comedian.

Kenny Blaq Instagram Account

He’s available on Instagram, and his handle is @Kennyblaqmcr_

How Much Does Kenny Blaq Charge/Collect Per Show Booking?

To book Kenny Blaq for an event, or a music concert or comedy show, it’ll cost a lot of money.

He earns a lot from music and comedy.


To book the famous comedian, it’ll cost nothing below N1.5 million naira.

Kenny Blaq House and Cars

He has a nice ride and lives in a very comfy apartment in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Kenny Blaq State of Origin

Kenny Blaq is from Lagos State.

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