Deskid Wayne Biography, Net Worth, Age, House, and Cars

Deskid Wayne Biography, Net Worth, Age, House, and Cars

Deskid Wayne is one of the most talked about socialite in Nigeria.

His lavish lifestyle has put him on the list of the richest Nigerian big boys flaunting wealth on social media.

He rose to stardom after a video of him smoking with a lighted dollar bill went viral. Since then, his extreme showoff of bundles of currency bills have kept his followers pilling up.

He’s known to spend very lavishly, and he’s one of the youngest Nigerian big boys.

Deskid Wayne has a princess, his girlfriend, Mhiz Wayne.

They’re both seen having the nicest of times and capturing lovely times together.

She’s believed to be his girlfriend, and the source of his wealth is currently unknown, and he’s known to flaunt several currencies in huge bundles.

Deskid Wayne Age

He’s relatively a young guy. From the way he looks, he’s in his late 20s.

Like was mentioned before, Deskid Wayne is one of the youngest Nigerian big boys on social media.

At least, he one of the youngest most lavish ones.

Other very young guys with similar attributes as Deskid Wayne include Xpensive Aboki Wire, Bamzy Riches, and Investor Billionz.

The exact age of Deskid Wayne isn’t known.

Very little is known about the personal life of Deskid Wayne, and his background.

Deskid Wayne Girlfriend

His girlfriend, Mhiz Wayne, is a fair princess known to always be with her man, Deskid Wayne.

They’re both lovebirds, no one can attest to their faithfulness other than themselves.

Deskid Wayne House and Cars

Deskid Wayne has a number of expensive vehicles, including Toyota SUVs.

He doesn’t flaunt his cars very easily, but he owns a number of good cars.

Talking about his house, he lives in a modern and expensive apartment.

Although based in Ghana, the Nigerian big boy is known to lodge in 5-star hotels in Nigeria and other countries he visits.

How Does Deskid Wayne Make His Money?

It is very easy to say he’s a ritualist, and makes his money from ritual activities…


Unless you’re into exchange of currencies, or a big time business tycoon, it’s difficult to be seen with wads of very different currencies.

Deskid Wayne isn’t any of the mentioned personality, he’s not into any form of business, but I can’t say anything about his source of wealth.

It remains unknown like most of the big boys.

Although, thousands of Nigerians, fans, and critics of Deskid Wayne suggest he’s into money ritual, and internet fraud.

Who knows?

Deskid Wayne Net Worth

Deskid Wayne is one of the top known Nigerian big boys on Instagram with an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars.

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