Who is the Richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria?

Who is the Richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria?
Nowadays, boys especially in Nigeria delve into internet scam and even seeing Baba at his shrine to make the online money machine produce faster and bigger.
Yahoo is the local term for internet fraud in Nigeria In this context, we’re not talking about the very popular search engine, Yahoo.com, no, we mean real online scam.
The boys in the prestigious nation of Nigeria are now down to earth with the act of scam and robbery they call business.
It’s now even advanced, successful “Yahoo Boys” now sponsor upcoming yahoo boys, taking a cut from what they earn per delivery.
These successful Yahoo Boys purchase a PC for the upcoming ones, give them (usually about 2 or more) a place to stay and work nonstop till they start earning.
This very setting is what is now called HK (Hustlers’ Kingdom).
Additionally, this Yahoo is also called Gee in Nigeria, so, the Yahoo Boys are also called GBoys.

Why People Do Yahoo

It’s very simple.
People do yahoo for a number of things and part of the reasons why they do such isn’t far from the following:

1. To Live Big

Yes of course it’s easy money, all they do is press their PC, deceive people and get the money by trick.
Yahoo Boys who don’t join hands (get the spiritual backings from baba at his shrine) from observation earn less but enough to look good and make everyone else who’s not so wealthy look bad.
The ones with spiritual backings are the converts, they’re influential and make the other youths start having second thoughts about not being a yahoo boy.

2. Poor Situation of Things

The Nigerian economy is frustrating no doubt and this has turned a lot of jobless youths into yahoo boys.
On earth, most internet fraudsters happen to be Nigerians.
Over half of the Nigerian youth population are in a way or two doing internet fraud.
These boys realize that they’re growing older and mom’s not going to feed their own kids and organize their wedding for them.
The only thought that comes to mind for a favourable future to be certain is online scam, Gee.

3. Influence

Wealthy young boys are naturally attractive no matter how ugly they tend to look in our eyes.
Nigerian youths want easy life and this quick money method is a way out for them.
Without a second thought, they start practicing to become perfect, buy their Dad who’s never going to ask how they got the money a house and a flashy car.
In no time, other youths in the neighborhood will look up to these ones and will want to be as rich as the yahoo boys.

4. Oppression, Revenge and Frustration

The youth who got a first class and is dumped after an excellent interview for the CEO’s brother will speedily followup a money-making scheme that does not demand endorsement by anyone.
On the second note, if a wealthy man steals a random guys girlfriend and oppresses the guy because he’s simply wealthier, the random guy will resort to the last bad hope, yahoo, to make money quick and get back at his girlfriend and the wealthy man, even if he had sworn to never indulge in such an act.

About a Yahoo Boy that Got Caught and Exposed

Robinson Agbonifo
I’ve heard of several boys making millions of naira with yahoo.
News also got around about the yahoo boy who sold an airport for over £240 million pounds to a Brazilian this year.
His name is Robinson Agbonifo Ayetan.
He managed to pull £300,000 pounds from women while he camouflaged as an American serving in one of the most notorious nations in the world, Afghanistan.
He did this successfully by using real photos of American soldiers and promising to marry them when he gets back in United Kingdom, but, he’s stranded in Afghanistan and needed succour.
The photos he posted were photos of General James Raul, while he deceitfully told them his retirement fund his retirement is $8.5 million dollars and needed a few thousand pounds to lift the money.
It took him less than 7 months of being a yahoo boy to make such amount in pounds, which translates to millions of naira.
Although he sent this scam format to a ton of women, only a few fell for this and didn’t bother to report to the police.
Being a yahoo boy pays very well but in most cases it doesn’t last.
Keep a clean conscience and work smart to earn legally.

Who is the Richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria 2019?

The richest yahoo boy in Nigeria isn’t known.
We only have a few dozen of rich yahoo boys including the famous Gucci master Hushpuppy, Classic Baggie, Investor BJ, and a ton of them trending on the internet.
No one of these yahoo boys can say he is richer than the others.
Reason being that their bank account details and in forms regarding their liquid cash is known to them alone.
The richest yahoo boy in Nigeria is…

Is Mompha a Yahoo Boy?

Ismaila Mustapha’s (Mompha) business isn’t the one that gives him so much money to display on social media.
If he’s a yahoo boy, he’s into the deep kind of yahoo that brings in millions of dollars.
According to him, his net worth is over $500 million if estimated.
You can see the Nigerian “businessmen” flaunting wads of different top valued currencies on Instagram.
No joke, Mompha is wealthy, and has several hundred thousand followers on social media.
If you disagree or think otherwise, you’re extremely free to drop your comments below…

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