How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Spending a Dime

How to earn online in Nigeria

Do you know you can actually make money online in Nigeria?

Hold it right there…

Without an iota of doubt, you could be earning more than your manager, and have a lot of time for yourself.

Why take up a full-time job that consumes your energy and time when you can sit in front of your laptop and earn easy from the internet?

Truth be told, there are billions of naira (even dollars) on the internet.

Doesn’t it surprise you that with all the companies and depots Dangote has, he’s still nowhere compared to Bill Gates and Larry Page?

These guys have made their wealth from the internet and its technologies.

One thing about working online is that you can start with anything you’ve got.

I mean…

You don’t need to start with a huge amount of money. You don’t need N1 million naira to start up an online venture.

In case you’ve spent years on the internet and you’re not making anything, it means you’ve been doing a lot of things the wrong way.


How Can I Earn on the Internet in Nigeria?

There are several ways to earn on the internet. I’ve not discovered a lot of other ways yet, but in this post, you’ll learn 30 ways you can easily earn online in Nigeria. No stress.

Is it Guaranteed That I Earn Online With These Methods?

Definitely. It’s not a 30-procedure to earn.

It’s 30 ways!

Which means you can start earning with one of the 30 ways or all of them.

That’s nearly impossible given the fact that you’re just one human.

Earning on the internet, especially as a Nigerian takes a lot of patience and time.

For example, in Nigeria, you may not be able to earn online from some websites that pay via PayPal.

This is because Nigerians are only allowed to send money and purchase items through PayPal, but can’t receive funds.

So… Back to the question.

They’re not all guaranteed ways, but if you do things right and stay patient, you could earn from one or more ways.

What do I need to start earning online in Nigeria?

Just as every business has tools for operation, earning or working online requires you to have some basic tools.

Don’t be bothered, these tools only guarantee accessibility. You’ll need…

1. A Laptop or Smartphone

You’ll need a smartphone or a laptop to do a lot on the internet. You can’t make money online watching TV, or talking with a friend.

You need to have a good Smartphone or a laptop to enable you access the internet, use applications and process data.

2. Internet Connection

Without an internet connection, you can have fun watching movies with your laptop and smartphone.

You need an internet connection to access the internet and do a lot online.

3. Little or No Money

Like I earlier mentioned, you can start with little to no money.

It is not like many offline businesses where you have to rent a shop, buy materials, or even employ someone (you can actually employ someone to work online for you when you’re online venture has grown mega).


I’ll highlight 30 ways to make millions online in Nigeria.

Yes, you can make millions of naira working with these online making money tips in Nigeria.

But nothing good comes easy.

There’s nothing sweeter than knowing you have a source of income immune to natural disaster and accidents.

Here are 30 ways you can earn online in Nigeria. These online money making opportunities are topnotch and still very valid today…

Table of Contents

Social Media

Make money on social media

1. Make Money Online on YouTube

YouTube is the second most popular website in the world after Google.

This means, you can make a fortune from 1% of the traffic on YouTube.

It gets more than 2 billion views per day, and people are making a lot of money from it.

It is owned by Google, and people are making millions of naira on the platform.

Let’s leave out Nigeria, people are earning millions of dollars per video they upload.

Ask Vevo.

There are several Nigerian comedians that have risen from rags to riches just by garnering millions of views on YouTube.

My favourite is Mark Angel Comedy…

They now gross more than 10 million views for most of their videos.

Tips to Run Your YouTube Channel

Earning from YouTube is quite easy. All you need to do is create an account, and start uploading videos.

I wish it ends there…

After you create your YouTube account, create a channel and start uploading good videos.

Have these in mind when you start running your YouTube channel or else, you’re going to remain with 0 subscribers for years…

1. You’re Not the Only YouTuber on YouTube

One of the mistakes many people make with YouTube is that they feel they can upload any video and rank.

They end up uploading junk videos and having below 10 views (it happened to me).

Observe, know the big fishes in your field, and figure out something they’re not doing.

Most of the time, these guys are doing everything possible.

In this case, you just have to create better stuff than them and promote.

Bottom Line: Know the big fishes in your field and produce better content than them.

2. Don’t Upload Videos on Competitive Topics

As a newborn on YouTube, your channel is still a suckling.

You can barely rank for terms on YouTube and Google video search.

Upload Videos on topics that people search for, but are not VERY competitive. This way, you will be able to start getting views for a start.

3. Upload Long Quality Videos

When I say long quality videos, I don’t mean 10-minute videos.

It could be a 5-minute long video, but let it be of quality.

Do not upload over-compressed videos that now has zero quality, you many not rank for any term or get views.

Sometimes, the only way to get millions of views is to upload interesting, relevant, and quality videos.

I don’t think making videos with your Tecno LA6 android device is a good option.

4. Use Long Descriptions and Titles

One of the reasons you have to describe your YouTube Videos elaborately is to get more views and exposure.

Google, and other search engines are able to detect what your video is about when they crawl (read) the description and title you supplied.

Your titles should be descriptive and so should your descriptions.

5. Add Links in Your Description

Whatever video you upload on YouTube, add a link or two to your website, or social media fan pages.

This also aids in ranking higher for searches performed on YouTube and Google.

You can also rank high and get more views on YouTube without ever adding a link to your description.

It depends on the quality of the video, competitiveness of your title, but links also do a good job.

How Can I Earn Online from YouTube?

Earning from YouTube is simple once you’ve crossed some milestones.

First, your channel must have over 4000 hours watch time.

Secondly, you need more than 1000 subscribers to start earning.

I’ve seen YouTube channels with 1220 subscribers earning millions from a video.

This is because, unlike other social media, YouTube videos are not programmed to be seen only by your subscribers.

They can be seen by anyone, and can also be seen from Google.

So let’s say you have 1000 subscribers, and your upload a video about “The Great Hype of Rubber Barons”, assuming no authority channel has uploaded similar video, you could get millions of views if it is a very popular title.

So, you need subscribers to start earning. After getting more than 1000 subscribers, you apply to Google AdSense.

If your application is approved, you can start monetizing your YouTube Videos with Google Ads and earn.

How Can I Get Subscribers on YouTube?

You can easily get subscribers daily by uploading quality videos, and creating a community.

It is best to have a niche YouTube channel.

By a niche YouTube channel, I mean a YouTube channel that is dedicated to one area.

For example… barbing.

You can start up a YouTube channel to teach people how to barb, fade hair, and do other things (all still about barbing).

Before tines runs over 1,000 days, your channel could become one of the biggest channels on Barbing, and Barbing tips.

You would have a good number of dedicated subscribers who will click to watch your videos anytime you upload a new one.

2. Make Money Online by Facebook Marketing

What is Facebook?


That’s a funny question considering the fact that 1/4 of the world’s population are registered on the platform.


In case you’re from 1801, Facebook is a modern social media platform, and the most popular in the world.

It is the parent company of Instagram, and WhatsApp, two of which are among the top 10 most popular social media platforms with over 1 billion users each.

Facebook has been in operation since 2006.

It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in his bedroom with a laptop and Internet connection.

In case you don’t know who Zuckerberg is.

He is the Harvard dropout that created one of the world’s most valuable company – Facebook – which is worth over $200 billion dollars.

He’s one of the top 10 richest people in the world, actually in the top 5.

And he is REALLY young for the kind of wealth he has.

This is why I tell people…

It is not all about labouring.

If you labour to make money, and become a millionaire, you may not even hit your millions.


How Can I Make Money Online by Facebook Marketing?

There are several companies on the internet demanding expert social media marketing agencies.

You can fill that gap by applying, reaching out to them, help them market their services on Facebook, drive more leads to them, increase their profit.

By this, you could be making hundred thousands of naira per month.

But the deal is looking for these companies, getting them to trust you and give you contracts.

In this era, every company (online and offline) needs an strong social media presence.

3. Make Money Online by Email Marketing

To make money online, you have to be really creative.

One of the ways people earn online in Nigeria is through email marketing.

It takes a lot of creativity and experience to excel with Email Marketing.

First of, what do I mean by email marketing?

What’s Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a form of online marketing where you send emails to clients or users, and through those email messages you send, users make more sales and visit a particular landing page where they take actions.

Email Marketing is online marketing and lead generation through email.

It works best if you have a large mailing list (a list of email addresses of visitors who your website).

How Can I Earn Online by Email Marketing?

If you’re good at convincing people and writing very interesting statements, you can help companies draft a compelling message which they would send to their customers or their mailing list.

Some websites have up to 10,000 subscribers, and a good percentage of returning visitors come through email.

Companies pay very good email marketers to help them plan their email marketing campaign.

If you’re a skilled email marketer, or an internet marketer with experience in email marketing, you can get paid by several websites to draft an effective email marketing campaign for the need to increase visitors and drive sales rate on a website.

Email Marketing is not all about making users buy something.

It can simply be to make users sign up for a new product, service, or to simply place an order.

The main goal of email marketing is to drive traffic through sending convincing email messages to users.

It is different from strategically optimizing a webpage to increase the rate at which users take action (sign up, order, or subscribe).

If you wish to learn email marketing, there are lots of free materials on the internet to help you get started.

There are also dedicated websites that focus particularly on Email Marketing.

It is not an activity everyone can do.

There are secrets, Eyeopeners, and tips you need to learn to sharpen your email marketing skills.


Make money online blogging

4. Make Money Online by Blogging

Blogging is one of the most lucrative online businesses today.

Here’s a list of things you could blog about to earn online in Nigeria:

1. Celebrities

You can start a celebrity blog and start earning.

Your blog could have content on the biography of celebrities, richest celebrities, lamestūüėĀ, tallest, and everything celebrity.

2. Tech

Tech blogs are not smiling nowadays. Are you techy??

You can express yourself through a blog.

Most tech bloggers I know are very passionate about what they do, and they’re making a ton of money online in Nigeria.

3. Reviews

You can run a blog for reviewing books, web hosts, companies, foods, songs, and buildings.

There’s no limit to what you can review.

And trust me, you get a lot of money when a company approaches you to give them a positive review on your blog.

4. Business

Some business blogs like WealthResult would shock you with their earnings. Running a business blog is very easy.

In fact, you don’t have to know about all the businesses in the world to start a business blog.

You just need to be smart and creative.

5. News

News blogs are some of the most popular blogs in the world.

In Nigeria, NNU and Legit are having a head fight to become #1.

At the moment, Legit is winning the fight.

TMZ, PerezHilton and other news blogs pull in over $150,000 dollars monthly.

6. Fashion

When you talk of fashion, people listen. Fashion blogs also command a huge traffic, and earn a lot of money.

If you need to start a fashion blog, make sure you don’t behave like people from another time.

How Can I Get Traffic To My Blog From Google and Other Search Engines?

I’m not going to leave you with an idea and not tell you how to earn form it.

People will tell you that earning from a blog is easy.

Don’t be deceived.

They don’t say the whole truth.

To make money from a blog in Nigeria, you need to do a lot of things.

But it’s not that difficult anyway.

To run a successful blog in Nigeria, and get website visitors from Google and other search engines, you have to…

1. Develop Good Content

Developing good content is different from writing good content.

To rank well on Google, you need to develop content.

What’s the difference?

Writing means, typing the content and publishing it.

Developing means you look for pictures, illustrations, create infographics, research facts and organize.

You could also add podcasts and videos.

They’re different things.

One of the biggest fails people make with their blogs is churning out poor content.

What Do You Mean By Quality Content, and What’s Poor Content?

Poor content is an article that has been published on several blogs, and does not clearly define or describe a particularly issue.

Content that sucks, or one written by robots.

Again, a poor content can also be one that has too many grammatical errors.

Whether your blog post is 100 words or 5,000 words, Google cares less.

Quality content on the other hand is content that answers questions elaborately.

It is also known as comprehensive content, and it doesn’t have to be 2,000 words long.

What About Content Length, Does it Matter?

Yes it does, especially when you’re trying to rank for a term that others have written about.

It’s mostly impossible to outrank an authority blog with 500 words.

If the authority blog has 1,000 words on a page that ranks for a term you want to rank for, you should develop content.

Make yours 4,000 words with several headlines and subheadings.

Add pictures, they make Google and your readers smile ūüėĀ…

2. Build Links

Links are important.

They tell Google how trustworthy your blog is.

Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.

This applies with Google and other search engines.

The type of blogs that link to your blog affects how Google sees and ranks your blog.

Get links from blogs or websites that are authority websites in your field or niche.

Don’t go around commenting on people’s blogs. Most of the time, comment links are “no-follow” links.

They don’t have any effect on your rankings, and some may hurt your rankings.

If it take you one month to get 1 good link from a good website with a Domain Authority of 70, get it.


A Domain Authority is a ranking metric developed by

This metric shows you how powerful a blog is.

If your blog has a Domain Authority of 2, it means it is very new and not powerful.

It counts from 1 to 100, and only a few websites (Wikipedia, Twitter, Google and others) have Domain Authorities of 100.

The higher your Domain Authority, the better your blog will rank.

And good links are the catalysts in lifting Domain Authorities.

1 good “do-follow” backlink from Forbes is better than 10,000 links from comment sections.

I Used “No-follow” Before, Now It’s “Do-follow”?

There are basically two types of links you find on the internet, and they’re no-follow and do-follow links.

No-follow links have no value, they can’t increase your Domain Authority.

Do-follow links are the real deal.

They impact your search rankings positively or negatively depending on from where they’re coming.

3. Promote Your Blog

If you decided to run a news blog, or you’re running a news blog.

You need to promote it to get a lot of traffic.

People don’t search for news content most of the time.

They go to authority news blogs to read it.

Whether you start a business blog or fashion blog, you also need to promote it on several social media platforms.

Sharing your post links on social networks is also a good way to get traffic, and earn from your blog.

How to Earn from Your Blog

There are several ways to earn from blogging today.

People depend too much on Google AdSense and have forgotten other ways to make good money blogging.

Some of these ways include Google AdSense, and others I will list now:

1. EBook Sales

You can actually make money from selling Ebooks on your website.

Let’s say you run a blog about startups, you can write a simple EBook that guides users on what to do to survive as a startup.

Earning is unlimited with this earning method.

2. Affiliate Marketing

You can make money from your blog with affiliate marketing.

All you have to do is sign up with an affiliate website or a company that supports affiliate marketing, get your unique link and get people to sign up or purchase items from your link.

You get paid a certain commission for this.

3. Online Course Sales

If you promise to teach someone something that will help them for life, why wouldn’t they sign up to learn and pay?

Offering online courses to visitors is an earning method webmasters use in earning from their blogs today.

4. Google AdSense

It’s easy with AdSense. If you run a blog on blogger, you would have to wait till after 6 months of creating your blog before you can start earning.

AdSense is the most reliable and trusted companies among millions of webmasters.

To register, kindly visit You get paid per click on ads on your blog, and the more traffic you get, the more clicks you may get.

There are other advert networks on the Internet, but I strongly recommended AdSense, Infolinks, ContentAD, Propeller Ads, OutBrain, RevContent, and Nigerian advert networks like NGAdverts and AdQuet.

5. Make Money Online from a Niche Website

Before I elaborate, what is a niche website?

A niche website is a website that talks about a particular topic.

There are millions of niche websites on the internet.

Niche websites are websites that have a specific audience.

It is very different from a general website.

Let me clearly elaborate on the two types of website on the internet based on content:

1. General Topic Websites

General topic websites are a collection of web pages that talk about different topics.

An example of this is a news website. You can find several topics on a general topics website.

These websites hardly get or develop a good user community.

This is because one topic suitable to one user may turn the others off.

General topic websites take a lot of time to build and they usually consist of several pages, running into thousands.

On general topics websites, you can apply to write on a particular topic as a writer, or you can easily bookmaker a category of your choice.

These type of websites are not know all the time to be authorities on any topic in particular due to the nature of their content.

Because they don’t deal in any topic very seriously, most of the content on the website could be weighed as standard, not too relevant, if reviewed by an expert in any of topics treated by the website.

For example, and are both websites that deal on the publication of several information categories – from celebrities to national economy – all topics are dealth with on the website.

Another example of a website that goes extremely viral is Wikipedia.

But Wikipedia has a broad chain of information.

One page leads to the other, and by this, every bit of information on almost all topics are represented with large proportion of accuracy.

2. Niche Websites

Unlike the General topics website, niche websites take a U-turn in definition.

They’re websites that talk about a particular topic.

When you visit these kind of websites, you know exactly what the website is all about.

Niche Websites do not necessarily have thousands of pages.

The number of pages could be only 60, with a huge base of loyal readers and members.

An example of a niche website in Nigeria is the popular tech blog Ogbongeblog.

If you operate a niche website, you easily gain users’ trust, and your name is easily remembered when mentioned.

There are lots of Nigerian niche blogs on health, food, fashon, business, entrepreneurship, and other topics.

By creating a niche blog, you can earn online in Nigeria.

But how?

I mentioned how you can create content and get traffic to your blog earlier.

Use the methods, start getting traffic and monetize your blog with Google AdSense.

Since niche blogs give the administrators some degree of authority on particular topics, you can sell Ebooks and tutorials to your dedicated readers from time to time.

You can also become an affiliate marketer and use your blog as a funnel to create sales on the affiliate websites while you earn your commission.

6. Make Money Online by Launching a Membership Website

Scroll upwards, I discussed two types of websites – general websites and the niche websites.


If you run a niche website, you can make some content exclusively for special members.

You can earn a lot of money from converting your niche site into a site that allows people to sign up for a fee before they access all relevant information on the blog.

You can also LOCK some content on your blog, make readers pay a token before they can have it open.

A membership feature can be activated on the entire site.

Users will not be able to access any part of the website until they subscribe for a fee.

You can also make the membership feature half integrated.

This way, users will be able to access certain content, but not the real deals.

Several Nigerian webmasters use membership websites to earn and they’re making a living off it.

You can do same to make money online in Nigeria.

There are membership plugins (free and paid) to turn your site into a full membership site, or integrate the membership feature as a side feature on your website.

7. Make Money from a Product Review Website

Starting a product review website is a good way to earn money in Nigeria.

The good thing is that you start with as little as 1,500 naira, and you’re good to go.

This is an example of a niche site, all you do is review products, books, companies, foods, you can even review places.

How Can I Earn from a Review Website?

Since all you do is basically review you can earn a lot of money from the traffic you get.

To be more explanatory, you can earn from placing adverts on your website, helping people review their products, and from affiliate marketing (using your website as funnel to drive users to affiliate websites).

Things to Review

It’s a review Website, and anything reviewable goes.

You can do a Review on recently produced movies (people search a lot for film reviews to know it they’re worth downloading or watching), books, applications, companies, offers by companies, places, and websites.

Selling Items

Make money online selling items

8. Make Money Online by Publishing an Amazon Kindle EBook

I bet you already know what an EBook is.

If you don’t, I’ll tell you.

What is an EBook?

An EBook is the short for an “Electronic Book”.

It is called so because it is accessible and can be downloaded and accessed at anytime.

There are different types of Ebooks, and some of these books are just plain PDF conversion of posts or articles.

Some Ebooks on the internet require you to buy them before access is granted, others can be downloaded free.

Again, some Ebooks can be a virus to your device.

In case you download Ebooks a lot, be careful from where you download them.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is currently one of the biggest companies in the world.

It’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, is the world’s richest man with a net worth of over $100 billion dollars.

Amazon is just like Jumia, but they deliver goods to every part of the world.

The company is also into tech manufacturing, and mobile app development.

Amazon is the company behind Alexa Rank, a web application that makes use of its toolbar to detect the average daily, monthly, and yearly visitors and page views a website gets.

It then uses this information taken from the 3 months before current time to rank a website from 30,000,000 to 1.

The most trafficked website remains at 1, and the least remains at 30,000,000.

Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace.

Its website is also a top 10 most visited website in the world. Amazon is a company.

It has its website where company functions and services are carried out, and it has several electronic products.

One difference between Amazon and the Nigeria’s biggest E-Commerce websites is the fact that Amazon deals on information trade.

You buy and sell information, and that’s how the Amazon Kindle comes in.

The Kindle Store is Amazon’s app store where Ebooks are sold and bought.

People search for information on Amazon just as they do on Google.

If you’re able to create answers and put them in form of an EBook, you would be making easy money on Amazon.

You can write about several topics relating to…

1. Wealth

People want to know the ethics of making money in reality. The want to know the secrets of wealth and the means by which it can be gotten.

Writing an EBook on wealth will require you to carry out research, read, and ask questions.

2. Business

Business and success tips are a trending thing on the internet. Unfortunately, one tip or a set of tips are mostly spun and reinvented.

Nothing new. People want to know what should be done for their businesses to soar in profit.

3. Entrepreneurship

You admire the likes of Dangote and Gary Vaynerchuk right?

I do too.

Millions of people do too.

And these millions roam the search bar of Amazon, searching for entrepreneurial tips and ethics.

Motivational books and books on self development are also on high demand on Amazon.

How to Create an EBook to Sell on Kindle

If you’re a good writer, creating an EBook should be fun.

I’m talking a 5,000 – 10,000 word Ebook with quality information that won’t leave buyers disappointed.
If you can’t write so well, you should hire a writer to do that.

Have this in mind when creating your Kindle EBook:

Quality Speaks for Itself

Don’t just do this for the money alone.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Write your EBook with an intent to pass across a good message or an information.

Avoid grammatical errors by editing it thoroughly, or have an editor do that for you.

9. Make Money Online on Flippa

The name sounds a bit funny huh?


Flippa is one of the biggest websites where websites are sold.

Yes, you can sell your website on Flippa if you’ve got one that’s sellable and looks good.

Before you sell a website on Flippa, have these in mind:

1. Your Website Must Have a Good Amount of Incoming Traffic

If your website is still struggling with traffic, it will become difficult to get buyers on Flippa.

People are looking for websites with a traffic worth of over $10,000 dollars on Flippa.

Yes, $10,000 dollars.

This means your website should be able to generate over $10,000 dollars annually or biannually.

If people wanted to buy a new website, they would’ve easily visited to WordPress and create one instead.

2. Your Blog Should Look Good on Alexa

Like I mentioned before, Alexa Rank is owned by Amazon.

If your rank on Alexa is above 1,000,000, getting buyers may be close to impossible.

Your website should look good on Alexa.

It should have a good bounce rate, and should rank for good search terms.

Some buyers run off to check the Alexa Rank of a website before they show the slightest interest.

3. Your Blog’s Backlink Profile Should Be Neat

Basically, backlinks strengthen your website.

They pass on life to your blog and make it less stressful for your content to get traffic organically from Google.

All backlinks are not the same.

And for this reason, some bad links can hamper the authority and rank of your website.

Some buyers are very knowledgeable.

They use Moz tool to check your Spam Score (a spam metric developed by Moz, also from 1 – 100), domain authority, and page authority.

This is a reason to avoid getting backlinks from poor websites with spam content and high spam score.

They impact the overall search visibility of your website.

4. Develop Good Content on Your Blog

While some buyers tend to wipe your blog clean of all content you had published, some tend to continue running the blog with the content in it.

It’s best to create good content, it leads to success eventually, even when you don’t auction your blog on Flippa.

10. Make Money Online by Selling Your Podcasts

Podcasts are audio files uploaded to the internet for users to play on the site, or download to their electronic devices.

You can earn online by selling podcasts to users for a fee instead of making it available for free.

To make money from this opportunity, youir podcasts have to be original, information, and error free.

Nobody would come back to buy a second episode of a podcast if the first episode had no relevant information conveyed.

11. Make Money on Etsy

Do you know you can sell arts on the internet?

For lovers of crafts and arts, I present you Etsy.

What is Etsy?

It is a platform designed to enable people sell and buy vintage items, arts, crafts, and Afrocentric.

Surprisingly, the biggest sellers on the platform earn over $1 million dollars yearly.

That’s more than N300 million naira in Nigeria.

Over 20 million users visit the arts and crafts online store, and some have well built stores fetching them money.

The ways it works is simple.

You invest as little as ¬Ę0.2 cents to list your items for sale, and the items remain there for up to four months until they’re sold.

Depending on the success of your store, you could be earning a steady $300 dollars per month.

That’s a huge income for someone working a 9-5 job and earning N20,000 per month.

It’s a huge step up, and it requires less work.

12. Make Money Online by Selling Photos

You can earn on the internet in Nigeria by selling photos.

All the pictures on the internet are either created by humans, or by softwares or web applications developed by humans.

Some of the photos were bought for millions of dollars, thousands or dollars, a few hundred dollars, and for as little as $5 dollars.

The good part is that, people buy photos from dedicated photo-selling websites, and people upload their photos to be sold on websites that are marketplaces for photos.

As a graphics designer, cameraman, or good photo creator, you can sell your photos on websites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Fotolia, GettyImages and similar website.

This opportunity is not know by many Nigerians…

…but you know now ūüėÄ…

13. Make Money Online Writing and Selling Poems

I love poems. They give me feelings I can’t describe. Poems are…

You know what poems are, right?

If you don’t know, poems are a part of literature.

Its siblings are prose and drama.

If you’re very good at writing poems, you could make more dollars than naira and earn yourself good awards.

Some Nigerian poets are so good, but people don’t know them because they lack the ability to pinpoint opportunities on the internet.

These opportunities are just there wasting on the internet, while we have brilliant poets in Nigeria who can make a lot of money off the opportunities.

If you’re a clever and creative poet, who can form imaginary realms with words, this is for you.

How Can I Earn Online Writing Poems?

You can write good poems and sell them to mostly foreign companies on the internet.

Another way to earn from writing poems on the internet is submitting poems to websites that buy them.

It’s similar to selling poems to websites or companies that buy them, but the systems of communication are different.

Companies that buy poems go as far as publishing print novels with your poem as one of many other poems.

Other companies or websites simply publish your poem on their website as their property after purchasing it from you.

14. Make Money Online Reselling Domain Names

Honestly, this one is a bit time-taking, technical, and would cost you a little cash.


…maybe a little more cash…

What you do here is buy domain names, and sell them to other people.

What’s a Domain name?

A Domain name is simply the name of a website.

Take for example, the domain name of Moss9ja is

This is the domain name.

It’s that simple.

A domain name consists of the actual name, and an extension.

The extension of Moss9ja’s domain name is “.com”.

There are several domain name extensions, and some are country specific.

There are top level domain extensions like .com, .net, .org.

And there are country specific domain extensions like .ng for Nigeria, .us for United States, .uk for United Kingdom, and .gh for Ghana.

These are country specific domain name extensions, and they’re usually cheaper to purchase.

What’s the Use of a Country Specific Domain Name Extension?

With a country specific domain name extension, you can easily rank for terms related to a particular country, or and your articles or contents will be more visible to audience a specific country.

A Domain name with a .uk extension tells Google that the content on that domain is specially relevant to audience in the United Kingdom.

Generally, you have an advantage to rank in a particular country when you make use of a country specific domain name extension than a normal top level extension.

A country specific domain name extension is called CCTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain), and you can also rank for global terms with this domain extension.

How Can I Earn Online by Reselling Domain Names

Reselling domain names can be done in several ways, and you can earn from it when you become a known reseller.

You could also buy good websites and resell them to companies in need of an already made flourishing website.

You could either…

1. Buy domain names that are similar to popular websites, but have different extensions or spellings.

You can then sell to customers looking to purchase these kinds of domains for an advantage.

2. You can buy domain names on Finddigitaltools, and sell them on websites that sell domain name, an example is

3. Buy powerful websites from Flippa or other similar websites, and resell them on online marketplaces that trade websites for sale.

15. Earn Online on Jumia

You can create a personal store online with Jumia, and make your own sales.

First of all…

What’s Jumia?

It is officially the biggest West African E-Commerce Store.

It is also one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.

Jumia now offers interested users the opportunity to create online shops and work as vendors with the website.

It is like Amazon, but Nigeria-specific, and does not yet have a known tech/electronic product.

You can start earning a lot of money from your sales on your Jumia shop, and deliver items to customers across the country.

16. Make Money Online on Konga

Konga is one of the biggest E-Commerce websites in Africa.

It was founded by Sim Shagaya, and it has since been active in seveal African countries.

The E-Commerce website does not just operate in Nigeria alone, but also in Ghana and some other African States.

How Can I Earn on Konga?

To earn on Konga, all you have to do is have an original item you want to sell.

You sign up as a trader on Konga, and you’re given access to choose the price for the items you want to sell.

When you successfully make a sale or delivery, you pay a commission fee to Konga (as low as 3% the price of commodity sold).

On the platform, you’re given access to select your method of delivery, your method of payment, return policy and other settings.

17. Make Money from Launching an E-Commerce Store

In the beginning of this post, I mentioned a lot of niches  you can possibly start a website on, and I explained what an E-Commerce website is.

It is same thing as an E-Commerce store.

If you’re able to create a store where people can sell and buy items, you could become a millionaire in months.

E-Commerce websites like Jumia and Konga are worth millions of dollars.

How Can I Create an E-Commerce Store?

You can create an E-Commerce store using WordPress plugins like Woocommerce.

The plugin makes it very easy for you to transform a normal niche blog into an E-Commerce website.

There are a lot of things you should do before creating your store.

Firstly, you have to…

1. Plan

Planning is everything.

If you create an E-Commerce store before you decide what to sell or trade, that’s the beginning of failure.

2. You’ll Need Budget

As your E-Commerce website expands and starts getting more visitors who sign up, there will be the need to upgrade your hosting plan, purchase more useful E-Commerce and security plugins.

3. Promote

With big fishes in almost every niche on the internet, it will be difficult to gain success without promoting your E-Commerce website.

At the start, you need to install plugins to rank well for certain terms.

These plugins come in free and paid versions. You make the decisions for your business.

How Can I Earn from My E-Commerce Store?

Earning from your E-Commerce store is not a struggle at all.

You can earn with the methods a normal blog employs for monetization, or you can make users pay a certain amount of money to sign up.

It’s an E-Commerce website, you make gains from selling items.

Referrals/Affiliate Marketing

Make money from referrals/affiliate marketing

18. Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

Like I mentioned before, Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways you can earn from your blog.

But another interesting fact is that you can become an affiliate marketer without a blog.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

It is a very easy system.

You sign up for the programme, and get people to buy things or sign up through your affiliate link or advert on your blog.

When people buy things through your link, you earn a certain commission.

There are several affiliate programmes in Nigeria and other foreign affiliate programmes that pay you in dollar.

You could earn from 5% to 30% depending on the website/company and the product sold.

How to Get Customers to Buy Through Your Affiliate Link or Ad

People buy things everyday, and if you’re the persuasive type, you could get a lot of people to buy through your affiliate connection.

There are no limits to the means by which you can get potential clients that convert and make sales on the affiliate website.

Nigerian E-Commerce websites like Jumia, Konga, Payporte, and foreign E-Commerce websites like Shopify, and Amazon are some of the national and foreign companies with the best affiliate programmes.

Let’s do some arithmetic…

If you earn a 10% commission per sales on an affiliate website, and through your affiliate link, people purchase over N100,000 naira worth product daily.

That’s N10,000 in one day doing nothing hard. In a month, that’s N300,000 naira.


This online making money opportunity has been utilized by bloggers with enormous traffic, social media super users, and many other people on the internet.

It’s more like a win win for both you and the affiliate website since you get a commission and the company makes sales.

19. Make Money Online With Amazon Associate

Just as the name sounds, Amazon Associate blends you into the affiliate program of Amazon – the world’s biggest marketplace.

You earn a special referral commission when someone clicks on your affiliate link, and purchases an item.

Amazon Affiliate has made a lot of Nigerians good money.

Depending on the item someone buys, you could earn up to N10,000 naira per sale in a day.

To become an Amazon Affiliate, simply register here.

After your registration, you’ll be given a special link to refer people to Amazon.

If they make a sale, you earn a commission.

It is the same from of affiliate marketing, but Amazon Associate is unique.

It is one of the best affiliate programs on the internet.

Over the years, Amazon Affiliate programs have shot doors to Nigerian applicants, but the possibility of being accepted into the program now is more green than ever.

You can earn from Amazon Associate program, and couple it up with other Affiliate programs.

There’s no limit to how much you can earn, providing you have a concentrated sales funnel and get thousands of visitors per day.

Amazon Associate is one of many.

Web Hosting companies like SiteGround, Hostgator, iPage, and BlueHost support excellent affiliate programs for their users.

20. Earn Cool Money from CPA Programs

What is CPA?

It is the short call of Cost Per Action.

CPA programs offer you a chance to earn when someone buys something, performs an order, or signs up through your CPA link.

This is very suitable because it is very different from affiliate marketing where a use has to buy something.

All you do is refer the user through your link.

You only act or serve as a lead through which users visit the company’s website and performs other actions.

Like affiliate marketing, you don’t necessarily need a blog to become part of a CPA program.

If you have a blog, the CPA program would be a lot easier and more rewarding for you especially if your blog gets a lot of visitors in one day.

There are a lot of companies offering CPA programs on the internet, but I recommend MaxBounty, Clickbooth, PeerFly, GlobalWide Media, ClickDealer, CPAWAY and Panthera Network.

This is another way people are earning really huge on the internet in Nigeria, and you can too.

21. Make Money Online from Referral Sites

There are a lot of websites that pay you to refer people.

This is very different from affiliate programs.

These websites pay you to refer others.

When the people you refer successful sign up, you get a percentage.

In Nigeria, NNU is currently the biggest of these sites. A fast rising referral website in Nigeria is

On, you sign up with N1,600 naira.

When you refer someone else through your link, you get 62.5% (N1,000 naira) of the money they registered with.

Some other websites like this are,, and

On NNU, you get paid to read news, comment, and share sponsored posts on your Facebook account.

How You Get Referrals

There are several ways to get referrals, and there’s no specific way.

As long as people register through your referral link, you earn money.

However, here are some ways you can easily refer people…

1. Sharing Your Link on Forums

Forums like Nairaland get millions of views in a single day.

You can leverage this, share a review about the referral website and drop your referral link through which people could sign up.

Don’t make it look like an advertisement, you may get banned forever.

2. Get Referrals from Your Blog

If you run a popular blog, you may be amazed by the number of people who will click through your link.

But first, you have to make them see the link by placing it on sensitive locations on your blog.

You can rap an image around the link and make it attractive.

Very few people will click on a naked link on your blog.

You can download an image of the referral website and wrap it with a link so that when visitors click on the image, it takes them to the website where they can sign up.

3. Get Referrals by Commenting on Blogs

Commenting on popular blogs like LindaIkejisBlog and leaving your link can get you easy referrals.

Make sure your comment is not lost at the bottom of the page.

You would see better results if you placed the first comment.

4. Get Referrals from WhatsApp

WhatsApp groups are also good places to share your referral link.

You can share you link on your status and ask viewers to sign up ASAP.

5. Get Referrals by Words of Mouth

Tell your friends to sign up with your link.

When you know what’s at stake, you can go as far as calling people and telling them to sign up through a link you will send them.

6. Get Referrals from Facebook Groups

You can share your referral link on popular Facebook groups that allow it.

Some groups on Facebook friwn at this anyway, but not all of them.


Make money online tutoring

22. Make Money Online from Udemy

What is Udemy?

I bet it’s the first time you’re hearing of a term like this.

Udemy is a platform on the internet that connects students and teachers.

On Udemy, courses on several topics are taught.

You can learn a lot from the platform in one day, and can also contribute to the platform.

It has course contents on different topics in 100 languages, and has 6 million users.

If you wish to earn online, Udemy is one opportunity many Nigerians don’t know about.

How Can I Earn Money from Udemy?

The platform enables the contribution of knowledge in video, audio, and text format.

When you create a course, you can offer it for a fee to millions of users from different countries.

Earning is easy, all you need to do is create your course, and sell.

However, caution has to be taken in creating a course for sale on the platform.

If you have some amount of money, you should a text, audio, and video course on Udemy, or browse free courses from Udemy online.


1. Downloading and studying already created courses to understand what the community least expects in terms of quality.

2. Creating courses on areas you’re very passionate about. If you dare make attempts to create a course on a topic you know very little about, things could go wrong, you may end up quitting.

3. Studying the platform to understand the highest grossing topics or courses on Udemy.

Top grossing courses are those that get the most sales.

In every marketplace or platform, some commodities are most purchased.

This is the case with Udemy and other similar platforms.

4. Working with a team of experts. If you will be creating a video course, you’ll need experts in design to help you out.

Podcasts/Audio courses and text courses are easier to create than video course.

Remember, the ultimate goal is not to make money. When you serve, the money comes.

23. Make Money as an Online Tutor

The internet has made a lot available for human beings.

As an experienced teacher of lecturer.

You can make money online by fueling your passion.

First of all, there are several ways to do this.

I mentioned Udemy before, but that’s not all.

You can take a step further to create your dedicated website for tutorials.

You can also register with websites that pay people to contribute knowledge on one of more areas.

How Can I Earn Online Tutoring?

As an online tutor, there are no limits to your earnings.

Beneficiaries of your tutorials can decide to wire you some money, and some may send you gifts.

But these are on the secondary notes.

Primarily, you can earn from the charges you bill clients or students for your courses.

As you will be running a website, there are other ways to earn from your website.

I mentioned a lot of ways when I discussed the ways you can earn online in Nigeria by blogging.

If you ever decide to make your tutorial blog a membership website, you have the option to make it free or paid membership.

You can make it both free and paid with more features and services available to paid members.

24. Make Money Online by Teaching Languages

You can make money online by teaching people to speak the language they desire to learn.

You didn’t think so, right?

You can get connected with people who want to learn a new language, and if you’re very good speaking that language, you bill them for your services.

The Internet is a Huge Place, How Can I Find These People?

There are platforms to connect people willing to learn a new language with those willing to teach them.

These platforms as marketplaces but knowledge on the acquisition of a new language is the commodity.

There are several platforms you can sign up with as a teacher, but the best ones are Busuu, Interpals, and Italki.


Make money online developing softwares

25. Make Money Online by Developing Softwares

What is Software Development?

It is the process od building a computer application to solve problems.

It involves coding, debugging, and maintaining a set of algorithms to solve problems.

There are ways to earn money from developing an application, and they are…

1. Working for People

If you’re a programmer or you’re good with coding and programming languages, you can work with software development companies on the internet.

You can also help buyers from freelance websites build their described softwares and earn money.

2. Building Your Application

Depending on the problem you solve, this one could make you a billionaire like the owners of Bet9ja, NairaBet, and Gamesole (all Nigerians).

If you have a beautiful idea or a solution to a pressing tech issue, and you successfully develop an application to solve this problem, with the right marketing team and promotion strategies, you could become an instant millionaire.

The owners of iROKOTv, Jobberman, and InterSwitch are good examples of this one.

Tip: You don’t have to be a programmer in Nigeria to develop a good web application software.

All you need to do is have an idea or a solution, there are talents in Nigeria to make your dreams come true.

And they’re really cheap.

26. Make Money Online by Hacking

This is a very lucrative business. People make hundreds of thousands helping clients hack into accounts and fixing things up.

Hackers are not always bad guys, they simply dissemble set of codes to gain access into a particular web space.

Some hackers are hired by security agents to track other hackers, some get paid by webmasters to reclaim their websites that were hijacked by other hackers or crackers.


Make money online freelancing

27. Make Money Online as a Freelancer

Who is a Freelancer?

A Freelancer is someone who is self-employed.

He works for different companies short-term, and resigns especially when the task given has been completed, and monetary transactions have been made.

A Freelancer doesn’t have one particular skill set.

It’s a term carved to describe people who are experts in any field and who use their expertise in completing tasks for companies or individuals.

At the end, they get paid. It doesn’t take much to become a Freelancer.

In fact, it costs $0.000 dollars.

To become a Freelancer, you need to be good at something.

It could be writing, web designing, editing, transcribing, graphics designing, programming, copyediting…

…copywriting, blogging, optimizing webpages to rank well, building links, writing poems, converting files, analyzing data…

…coding, hacking, building an E-Store, social media marketing, fan page structuring, interpreting, and anything else.

How Can I Make Money Online as a Freelancer?

It’s easy to get on the journey to earning online as a freelancer.

All you need to do is sign up with a Freelance platform, configure your account, choose your skill set, build your portfolio, get projects and earn.

There are lots of freelance websites on the internet with the top ones being,,,,, and

I wrote a blog post on how to¬†become a better freelancer¬†in 5 ways. Don’t hesitate to read it.

28. Make Money Online on Fiverr

I love Fiverr for one thing – every talent sells.

As a writer, a graphic designer, a web designer, you get paid by buyers on Fiverr looking for writers, designers, storytellers and so many other experts in diverse areas.

What’s Fiverr?

If you didn’t know about Fiverr, worry not.

Fiverr is a marketplace online where buyer and sellers trade gig.

Gigs are projects, they can be a task to write out something, input or arrange data, design a website or company logo, and other tasks.

You can make a lot of money from Fiverr by becoming a registered Freelancer on the platform.

Fiverr gets visited by millions of people everyday.

And several gigs are created by the day.

As a freelancer, what you do on Fiverr is simple.

You simply bid for projects you’re passionate about, and those that you’re capable of completing professionally.

What You Should Do on Fiverr?

1. Bid for Projects You’re Capable of Delivering Qualitatively.

As a writer and a novice in web design, you shouldn’t bid for projects on web design or programming.

If you do, you could earn yourself a negative rating.

2. Avoid Underpaid and Overcrowded Gigs.

Avoid underpaid and saturated Gigs.

Like I mentioned before, there are several things people look for the most on any platform.

On Fiverr, there are gigs that are in high demand and have high supply.

This means there are lots of buyers and sellers. An example is the data entry gig.

Another example?…

…the logo design category where you could get a professionally designed logo for as low as $5 dollars.

Avoid gigs that will waste your time, and earn you peanuts.

3. Build Your Portfolio

The richer your portfolio, the higher the chances of getting jobs on Fiverr.

Would you hand someone with no photo, no samples and not rating a company project to complete?

I don’t think so.

You would rather hand that project to someone with samples, a good reputation, ratings, and an original profile photo to restore certain levels of trust between yourselves.

29. Make Money Online by Designing Graphics

One of the 30 ways you can earn online is to design graphics for brands.

What are Graphics?

Graphics are images generated by computers.

They often combine text and images or illustrations to pass a message across to the viewer.

Some graphics are self explanatory without text.

I bet you have seen some photos online that pass across messages without a single text.

These images could be drawings, Line art, diagrams, numbers, symbols, maps, engineering drawings, graphs, typography, photographs, or geometric designs.

Companies online are in dire need of really good graphics designers.

Similarly, offline companies look for good graphics designer to help them design their logos which they use for their social media pages, and websites.

However, your work as a graphics designer is not limited to designing logos.

You could design print headers, websites and for offline businesses or organizations, you could design handbills, ID cards, banners, and posters.

You could work for online brands and offline organizations.

How Can I Earn from Graphics Designing?

You can’t earn from graphic designing without first becoming a graphics designer.

This opportunity is mostly open to graphics designers in Nigeria and other countries.

If you have an interest in learning graphics designing, there are lots of websites that promise to teach you for a fee and for free on the internet.

Be sure to choose the right website for learning.

You can also search for offline firms or institutions in your State that offer graphics designing as a course.

As a graphics designer, you can work as a freelancer on any freelance website.

It is one of the quickest ways to get projects done and earn good money.

There are good websites that serve as marketplaces for freelancers and buyers (people looking for freelancers to work for them).

Some of the biggest and most trusted are Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork.

30. Make Money Online by Writing Articles

It is no news that people earn from writing online. This is one of the ways you can quickly earn money in Nigeria online.

If you’re a good writer, and you also know a lot about a particular topic, you can apply as a writer to websites in the niche or some general information websites.

These are some of the types of websites you can write for in Nigeria:

1. Authority Websites

As a professional or an expert in a field, you can apply to become a resource writer or ghost writer to mega health, tech, or food websites.

These websites sometimes have in-house team writers, editors, and proofreaders…

But they don’t have all.

You can simply apply to any of the huge health, food, insurance, literature, education, or fashion websites by sending an email.

In your email, state your qualification, a short biography and samples of your previous works.

2. News Websites

News websites or blogs make use of a large number of writers, a few intelligent editors and in-house web developers to keep everything under security.

You can apply to become a news reporter or a writer.

There are other vacancy positions on news blogs other than writing and editing.

You can become their social media manager or a staff to update their social media pages with the latest posts from the blog.

There are several news blogs looking to employ workers, all you have to do is search.

You can get lucky and secure a job with a foreign news outlet.

3. General Information Websites

These are often huge websites that focus on no single topic.

They have thousands of pages and several writers.

In Nigeria, a few good general information websites really do pay writers.

I highly recommend,, and

These ones are tested and trusted.

Similarly, there are foreign general information websites that you can apply to write for an get paid.

Extra Tips

Extra tips

31. Make Money Online from URL Shorteners

Do you know you can make money from shortening URLs?

Yes you can.

Before we go deeper, what’s a URL Shortener?

It is a product that shrinks URLs into smaller blocks of text.

One of the most popular URL Shortener is

There are lots of URL Shorteners out there, and some of these products pay people to shrink links and ensure they get clicked on.

I will be writing a lot more about URL Shorteners in other posts. Be sure to subscribe and don’t miss out on any post.

32. Make Money Online as a Copywriter

Copywriting is quite different from just writing.

It is a form of writing that compels people to take actions.

As a copywriter, you write brilliant copy for brands and manufacturers to get more sales or leads.

You need to know about the techniques a copy writer must integrate when writing brilliant copies.

If you wish to hone your skills as a copywriter, there are several resources on the internet, but I recommend you go through the shelves on

How Can I Earn Online as a Copywriter?

As a Copywriter, you help brands write compelling write-ups, and product reviews.

These write-ups are basically to make people buy or take action.

There are some very interesting reviews you’ve read about some brands you know don’t do very well, but you thought twice about the brand anyway.

Copywriters write compelling titles, descriptions, and even go ahead to flaunt the best features of a product in their copy.

As a copywriter, you need to have excellent communication skill. You can’t excel as an ordinary writer without this skill.

Again, the ability to make the right use of words, and craft accurately expressive sentences is a prerequisite.

You should learn to write compelling, but short titles or headlines, and a brilliant opening copy.

Making money on the internet requires you to be patient.

Unless you want to become a yahoo boy/girl, you need to be consistent, patient, and optimistic to earn on the internet.

Even yahoo yahoo takes time.

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