How to Become a Sports Betting Company Agent in Nigeria and Make Money

Sports Betting

Sports betting has become one thing people do very much nowadays basically because they earn good money from it.

No wonder the biggest sports betting company in Nigeria, Bet9ja, is also the most regularly visited website in the country.

The good news is, not only the betting company and the betters earn cool money from the business….

…agents also get a nice huge cut from the realized income.

I know lots of sports betting agents who own shops and earn over 300k per month.

No jokes.

So… How do you become a sports betting agent in Nigeria and own a shop?

Just as you have different sports betting companies in Nigeria, the procedures to becoming an agent differs…

…but not greatly.

How to Become a MerryBet Agent in Nigeria

People in Nigeria are now accustomed to playing games on betting websites or platforms rather than staking games in fields or real-time matches offline.

Betting companies, the first being NairaBet, has ravaged the Nigerian streets and given youths hope of a better future.

The reward for passion indeed. How do you become a MerryBet agent in Nigeria? Here are the things you must have to become a MerryBet agent in Nigeria:

1. Get a standard viewing centre or a bar space, or restaurant/business centre,

2. A suffice for a generator,

3. A laptop/desktop and an internet connection,

4. A TV set or cable to display live matches and live scores,

5. A registration fee of N10-100k is required,

6. Two passport photographs and a valid ID card is required,

7. A4 paper, thermal paper, thermal printer, and A4 printer,

8. A UPS, which would be very significant in maintaining the business operation in cases of sudden power outage.

How to Become a BetWay Agent in Nigeria

BetWay is one of the emerging sports betting companies in Nigeria.

It is a platform like Bet9ja and NairaBet that enables people to stake bets and win a lot of money.

It’s a flourishing company, and has gained significant quantity of patronage since it was launched.

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You want to become a BetWay Agent in Nigeria, it’s very easy.

All you have to do is contact the BetWay Management, and get started with the instructions you’ll be given.

The contact details of the BetWay Sports Betting Company are:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +234 816 822 7279

Twitter: @Betway_NG

Phone Call: +234 1227 8860

Facebook: /BetwayNigeria


How to Become a Bet365 Agent in Nigeria

Bet365 is one of the most patronized betting companies in Nigeria.

To become an agent of the betting agency, you’ll need the following equipments:

1. A thermal paper and printer,

2. A4 paper and printer,

3. Laptop or desktop computer(s),

4. A TV set or live cable,

5. Generator and UPS,

6. Internet connection,

7. Business centre or viewing space/store,

8. A registration fee of N10k – N100k, and two passport photographs and an ID card to process your registration.

How to Become a 1960Bet Agent in Nigeria

Nigeria is one country with the most active betting companies doing business and making the average Nigerian millionaires.

1960Bet is one of the many betting companies, and they’ve come a long way, establishing a name for themselves as one of the top 10 biggest betting companies in Nigeria.

How do you become an agent of the 1960Bet sports betting company in Nigeria?

These are the tools or equipments you’ll need after contacting and negotiating with another agent in business:

1. A registration fee of N10-N100k,

2. A betting shop, viewing centre, business centre, or restaurant/bar space,

3. A national ID card, international passport or driving license to process registration, and two passport photographs,

4. A4 paper and printer,

5. Thermal paper and printer,

6. Television set or TV cable,

7. A laptop or desktop with internet subscription,

8. A UPS device.

How to Become Agent of Winners Golden Bet in Nigeria

Winners Golden Bet is a sports betting platform in Nigeria.

To become an agent of the Winners Golden Bet platform or company, have the following in mind:

1. Registration fee is from N10k to N100k,

2. Available games are virtual games and sports,

3. Customer care line: 08181988888,

4. Maximum win is N10 million naira,

5.  Commissions are from 10% to 15% of the total weekly sales,

6. The minimum stake for a user is N100 naira.

Visit the website @

How to Become a SureBet247 Agent in Nigeria

SureBet247 is one of the most popular betting companies in Nigeria after NairaBet, and Bet9ja.

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The betting company has made several Nigerians millionaires, and has gained a huge number of patronizers since its inception.

Here are the things you need to put in place to become a SureBet247 agent in Nigeria:

1. You’ll need two passport photographs, an ID card, and a utility bill,

2. You’ll need a UPS to keep systems working once the power goes off,

3. A registration fee of N10,000 to N100,000 naira,

4. A generator,

5. Internet modem, and a data plan subscription,

6. You’ll need to acquire a desktop or a laptop computer,

7. A television set or cable to display live matches,

8. Thermal paper and printer,

9. A4 paper and printer(s),

10. A viewing centre or shop.

How to Become a NairaBet Agent in Nigeria

NairaBet is one of the top and leading betting companies in Nigerian, and it has several branches, running into thousands in the different Nigerian States.

It was founded by Akin Alabi, and since then, the betting company has generated over N5 billion naira in revenue.

To become a NairaBet Agent in Nigeria, you’ll need to following tools and prerequisites:

1. Two passport photographs,

2. An ID card (a national ID card, international passport, or driving license),

3. A TV cable to display live matches and live scores,

4. A registration fee of N10,000 to N100,000 naira,

5. A generator,

6. A UPS device,

7. A4 printer and A4 paper,

8. Thermal paper and printer,

9. Desktop or laptop computers with a secure internet connection,

10. Finally, a place to start the business, or a space.

How to Become a SportyBet Agent in Nigeria

SportyBet is a betting company in Nigeria.

Like it’s counterparts NairaBet, 1960Bet, Bet9ja, MerryBet, and SureBet, SportyBet allows people to bet in virtual games, and several other live sports.

People win millions from the business, and agents also gain a significant amount of cash to their bank accounts monthly.

To become a SportyBet agent in Nigeria, keep the following in Mind:

1. The maximum win is N10 million naira,

2. Distance between stores or shops can be from 15 to 20 minutes walk away,

3. Registration fee as an agent ranges from N10,000 naira to N100,000 ,

4. Commissions range from 10% to 15% of the total sales per week,

5. Users or players are allowed the minimum stake of N100.00 naira,

6. The games available are virtual games and live sports.

Get in contact with the team on their website:, or Call: 08181988888

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How to Become a Bet9ja Agent in Nigeria

Bet9ja is currently the most popular sports betting company in Nigeria.

The company allows people to stake bets and win due certain amounts depending on the games played and odds.

To become a standard Bet9ja agent in Nigeria, here’s a list of what you’ll need to put in place:

1. A good generator to operate with,

2. A UPS to keep systems running when the lights go off,

3. A thermal paper and printer,

4. A4 paper and A4 printer,

5. A registration fee of N10k to N100k,

6. Internet connection and modem or Wi-Fi,

7. Two passport photographs and either a driving license, national ID card or international passport,

8. A cable set or a TV,

9. A shop, bar, viewing centre or play store,

10. A desktop computer or laptop.

How to Become a 360Bet Agent in Nigeria

Just like any other betting company, 360Bet allows anyone to stake bets and withdrawal their cash when they win.

One thing with betting companies everywhere is that people lose more than they win.

So, as an agent, you’ll have the advantage to survive in business at the beginning.

To become a 360Bet agent in Nigeria, these are the requirements:

1. Get a store or viewing centre,

2. A registration fee of N10 thousand naira to N100 thousand naira,

3. An ID card, which could either be an international passport, national ID card or your driving license,

4. Two passport photographs to process your registration,

5. At least, a Laptop or Desktop computer with internet subscription,

6. A UPS device to power up things when power goes off,

7. A printer, and A4 paper,

8. Television set or cable,

9. Thermal printer and thermal paper.

Top 10 Sports Betting Company in Nigeria

Top 10 sports betting companies in Nigeria

Just in case you ever want to know…

These are the top 10 sports betting companies in Nigeria today.

These companies are earning really big, and the top betting company generates over N5 billion naira daily!!

Here are the top 10 sports betting companies in Nigeria:

1. Bet9ja

2. NairaBet

3. Premier Lotto

4. SportyBet

5. AccessBet

6. KingBet

7. BetWay

8. MerryBet

9. SureBet247

10. 1960Bet

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