How Much Does it Cost to Promote a Song in Nigeria?

Ways to promote your song in Nigeria

To promote a song in Nigeria, a lot is involved.

It also depends on the kind of promotion you’re talking about.

These are the costs and the different ways you can promote a song.

1. Online/Internet Promotion

To promote your songs or song online would cost you from N5,000 naira to N50,000 naira.

If you plan on promoting the song on Google, you could spend from as little as N500 naira per day to more than N1 million naira monthly.

To promote your song on a blog, it would cost from as little as N1,500 naira monthly to N50,000 naira monthly.

It depends on the popularity of the blog and the traffic it pulls.

Some blogs would charge you N5,000 per day upfront.

That’s N150,000 naira per month.

Blogs like Naijaloaded and Tooxclusive would charge higher.

To promote your song on social media, it’s also less expensive and very effective.

Social media platforms like Facebook charge about N800 naira per day to reach close to 2,000 people.

The good thing about this is that you get to manage your promotion campaign, and bid what you can afford.

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The higher your bid, the more people your song would reach.

How To Upload Music On Tooxclusive Music Blog

Tooxclusive is one of the biggest music blogs in Nigeria.

Literarily, the website has crossed 3 billion hits since it’s inception.

Each month, Tooxclusive gets over 5 million hits and it’s second to none when it comes to downloading the latest hottest Nigerian songs online.

Tooxclusive presents itself with a very simple theme, and it allows users to easily download songs and comment on the page below.

The blog is regularly updated, several tines per day with the hottest Jamz from Nigerian music houses.

Getting your song featured on this platform would be a big hit.

So, how can you upload your music on Tooxclusive?

It is a very simple thing to do.

All you have to do is email the team at [email protected]

Heads Up: Uploading your song on Tooxclusive is never for free.

They charge really well, and you get to enjoy a lot of benefit.

How To Upload Music On Naijaloaded Music Blog

Naijaloaded is known to not only be one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria, but also the biggest music site in the country.

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It Alexa rank speaks for itself, and it gets close to 1 million visits per day.

Naijaloaded is easily one of the top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria behind Legit, Bet9ja, NNU, Jumia, and Africa’s biggest forum Nairaland.

The music blog gets a total of more than 10 million visits per month, and more than 120 million views per month.

So you see, this is a lot. How can you upload your music on Naijaloaded?

The first thing, and all you have to do in the beginning is reach out to the team via the following email and numbers:

Call: 08102716410

Whatsapp Chat: 08154866646

Send an Email: [email protected]

They’ll get back to you and instruct you further on how you can get your music on the blog.

2. Traditional Media (TV/Radio) Promotion

To promote your song on the traditional media (Television and Radio) is much expensive.

Although, this depends on the radio/TV channel. The most popular TV channels in Nigeria are Channels TV, WapTV and others.

These one charge really high even for adverts that are 15 seconds long.

Last I checked, Channels TV charged more than N24,000 naira for adverts 15 seconds long.

Of you have the money, traditional media promotion would be the best option.

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This is also same for radio stations, but people love more to see and hear, than just hear.

3. Offline Promotion

This is usually the one 70% of musicians do.

Offline promotion is one you either do yourself of pay off a company to do it for you.

Your song is sold to music stores, and marketing firms help market it.

The marketing firms or promotion company can go out of way to include online promotion strategies and all other means to help you push your song, but it also depends on HOW MUCH YOU PAY, and the experience and capability of the marketing/promotion company.

The company can also go out of way to create billboards with your photo, the music name, and other things. It depends on a lot.

Bottom Line: You can spend a lot of money to promote a song in Nigeria, and this can be from N400 naira to over N10 million naira.

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