How Much Does it Cost to Feature an Artist in Nigeria?

How Much Does it Cost to Feature an Artist in Nigeria? 

Do you wish to feature an artiste in Nigeria? Well, have these in mind:

1. All Artistes are Different 
All Artistes are different in their own ways, and what you’d want one to do is not what the other would do.

2. Fees are Different
Depending highly on the popularity of the artiste you wish to feature, the fees are different. You pay different charges to feature artistes in Nigeria.

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While one indigenous singer would charge N50,000 naira, an artiste like Small Doctor, who’s also an indigenous singer, but more popular and influential, would charge over N500,000 naira.

3. The Terms are Different
Not talking about the cost of music production, Nigerian artistes operate on different terms. Popular artistes do have more terms and are more scheduled than the less popular ones.

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Bottom Line: You can feature an artiste in Nigeria from N5,000 naira to over N1m and over N3. It all depends on the level of the Nigerian musician.

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