Tony Umez Biography, Net Worth, Profile & Age

Tony Umez Biography, Net Worth, Profile & Age
Tony Umez Biography, Net Worth, Profile & Age

Tony Umez Biography, Net Worth, Profile & Age

NET WORTH: $200,000 Dollars

Tony Umez is a top Nollywood actor in Nigeria. This post is about Tony Umez net worth, biography, his personal life, ups and downs, career, family, and the path he took to becoming a legendary actor in Nigeria.

Tony Umez was birthed on the 23rd of August, 1964. He hails from Ogidi, Anambra State, Nigeria. Tony Umez’s Father is an Igbo Man who is a native of Anambra. His mother is from Cross River state, Nigeria. Tony Umez was born into a good Christian family.

He’s uprightly talented and is one of the few Nigerian actors who interpret any role given to him pretty beautifully. Tony Umez is a very literate individual. He is well schooled and learned. He schooled at Primary and Secondary levels in Lagos state, Nigeria. There in Lagos state, Tony Umez obtained his school certificates after rounding off secondary school.

He was a bright kid back then who scored very high in his Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB), and his West Africa Examination Certificate (WAEC). He applied to study at the University of Lagos, and was given admission to study English Language. Successfully, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English Language from the University of Lagos.

For the love of knowledge, Tony Umez went further to obtain Master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy. Initially, Tony wanted to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria, but things went the wrong way and his plans to serve under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was aborted.

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The legendary actor began acting while he was still in secondary school. He would act and participate in extracurricular activities that had a lot to do with acting and stage performing alongside his friends in secondary school. In 1993, he decided to professionally become part of the big world of acting, that’s how he joined Nollywood.

Joining Nollywood at that time didn’t start paying off almost immediately. He confessed he earned nothing from the first two movies he acted. Due to not earning from two big movies at the start of his career, he took some time off the movie scene. Tony eventually resumed at Nollywood and in 2014, he rose to stardom after the release of a movie titled “Died Wretched”.

The movie earned him a nomination and was the talk of the country. Tony Umez literally was the talk of the country. In 1997, he went on to be starred in a movie titled “The Princess”. Tony Umez as a legendary actor has starred in over 150 movies. These movies include “Blood Sisters”, “Living With The Devil”, “Occultic Kingdom”, “Dirty Demand”, “Billionaires Club”, and several other movies where he interpreted lead roles.

Tony Umez is a man of many awards. He started pulling in awards since 1993, and has remained one of the most respected Nollywood stars till date. Tony Umez’s awards are numerous.

He was awarded at City People Entertainment Awards as Nollywood Most Prominent Actor in Nigeria ceremony.

At the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards ceremony, Tony Umez was awarded as the Best Actor in Nigeria.

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He was awarded as the Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards ceremony.

Tony Umez was awarded as the Best Actor at the City People Entertainment Awards ceremony.

He was awarded as the Most Promising Actor in Nigeria at the Golden Icon Movie Academy Awards ceremony hosted in Nigeria.

Room 027

In 2014, Tony Umez featured in a movie that was described as being a soft pornographic movie. He was featured in the movie which was titled “Room 027”. The movie caused a lot of media trouble, and lots of his fans were left disappointed. He later revealed that accepting the offer to Starr in the movie was a big mistake. He said he regrets being featured in the movie, and wished he didn’t take the offer.

Tony Umez Got Robbed

Tony Umez has experienced lots of weird moments in his life, but getting robbed is one of his roughest. What really happened? Tony Umez went out to a movie centre to have fun, and on his back to his house, a vehicle shone its headlights at him.

He couldn’t run because he couldn’t leave his car behind, and secondly, he thought they only needed his car. That’s how he got distracted and punched in the face by one of the armed robbers. It was a frightening night that was finally over, but left Tony Umez without his phones, the money he had on him, his chains and wristwatch.

Currently, Tony Umez is married to his beautiful wife, Patsy Ugochukwu. Tony Umez and Patsy Ugochukwu got married on November 16, 1999. Tony and Ugochukwu Umez got connected at after meeting at a movie set in 1994. Fortunately, they have four beautiful children together – Angel Umez, Golden-Mitchelle Umez, Princess Umez, and Beautiful Umez. Patsy Ugochukwu is a talented actress.

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Perhaps it was her skills that got Tony attracted to her back in 1994. Tony was invited to land a role in a movie titled “Karanja”. Tony was required to take the lead role as Mr Pascal, Patsy was to take the role of Mr Pascal’s wife in the movie. The both acted side by aide and the role interpretation by Patsy was outstanding.

She literally outperformed everyone’s imagination towards the interpretation of the role of Mrs Pascal, and Tony was in love. In 2013, Tony Umez lost his mother. It was a sad moment for his fans and relatives. He made it known to all through his Facebook page, and at wasn’t a time for fun at all.

Tony Umez has an estimated net worth of $200,000 dollars. He is a prominent Nollywood actor and one of the oldest male faces in Nollywood. Tony Umez earns from movie production, movie acting, and personal business deals not fully known, but personal to Tony Umez.

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  1. Wow by the Grace of the Lord I’m glad that he’s still living and through those circumstances he became more stronger and he didn’t lose hope.
    I love his work so much he’s my role model of God will give me an opportunity I would like to meet this hero of mine.

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