Jay Z and Dr Dre: Who is Richer?

Jay Z and Dr Dre: Who is Richer?
Jay Z and Dr Dre: Who is Richer?

Who’s richer between Jay Z and Dr Dre, what’s their net worth? Jay Z and Dr Dre are top earning American rappers, and it’ll surprise you to know that these guys are super rich businessmen.

They’re some of the highest earning musicians in the world and have released singles and albums that sold millions of copies. They’re houses and cars are also pretty expensive and crazily fancy, money ain’t really their problem.

Who is Richer Between Jay Z and Dr Dre?

Jay Z

Jay Z like was made known is an American super rich rapper who’s earned a lot through music and other deals. He’s also a songwriter and quite a brilliant businessman.

As one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the music industry, Jay Z cofounded the very popular and successful music label known as Roc-A-Fella records.

The music label was founded by Kareem Biggs and Damon Dash as cofounders and partners with Jay Z. Tidal, which is worth over $600 million dollars is one of Jay Z’s major investment and he is a majority owner of the world’s first music service with quality sounds and other great features.

In 2006, the debut album of the music entrepreneur was released and it was titled “Reasonable Doubt”. The album went on to be the 248th album on the Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of all Time. Jay Z has sold over 60 million copies of his produced studio albums in the past.

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In 2007, the millionaire who’s expected to earn over a billion dollars in his lifetime sold Rocaware Clothing for the total whooping sum of $204 million dollars, has signed endorsement deals with Armadale Vodka, Hewlett, Budweiser, Chevy and Packard Concerts, has released platinum singles till date (all platinum and not one left out), has signed a $150 million dollar music contract with Live Nation another 10-year music record deal with the aforementioned record label worth $200 million dollars.

Aside the mentioned investments he’s made and earnings he’s received so far, Jay Z has stakes in football clubs like Arsenal FC and New Jersey. He’s also a majority owner of the 40/40 nightclubs in Chicago, Atlanta and New York City, and he has huge stake in Def Jam Records.

Just like Lil Wayne, a famous award winning American rapper, Jay Z has got the ability to drop something, a smooth rap line without prior construction. He’s an extemporising rapper. He’s landed movie roles in plays like Fade to Black, Streets is Watching, Back Stage and Paper Soldiers. Jay Z is also a philanthropist as h contributed $1 million to assist people who fell victim of Katrina, a devastating Hurricane.

The successful entrepreneur and musician was birthed in 1969 in Brooklyn, New York. He got educated from becoming a student at the Whitney Highschool. Jay Z also schooled at Trenton Central Highschool  and the George Westinghouse Career and Technical Highschool.

He had a fought upbringing as he was birthed to a Dad that abandoned him and wasn’t ready to take his responsibilities. Today, Jay Z is a top celebrated rapper in the world with an estimated net worth of $930 million dollars, and he’s married to fellow popular millionaire musician, Beyonce. Together, the couple’s net worth is calculatedly over $1.2 billion dollars and is expected to be more in near future.

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Dr Dre

Dr Dre is a multi-talented American entertainer. He’s a rapper, an actor, a producer and a smooth going entrepreneur. Dr Dre was born as Andre Romelle Young and was brought up in Los Angeles, precisely in South Central.

In 1984, Andre became a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru after learning of Disk Jock at nightclubs. Later on, he joined N.W.A, a rap project after meeting Ice Cube; another rapper at the time.

When being a member of the N.W.A rap project which was operated by Eazy-E and was under the Ruthless Records, the rap project dropped a debut album titled “Straight Outta Compton”.

The album was released in 1988, and attained a double platinum as one of America’s Hip-Hop most crucial albums in the history of music in. After three years of releasing this gold-winner album, he went on to found Death Row Records with Suge Knight as the cofounder of the music record label, he left the rap project, N.W.A, and dropped his debut solo album titled “The Chronic.”

The Chronic debuted #3 on the Billboard 200 and attained multiple platinum in later months. In addition to the charts “The Chronic” topped, a track titled “Let Me Ride” from the album won Dr Dre a Grammy award as the Best Rap Performing artiste.

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Dre actually established the music empire that drove fame to popular music talents like 50 Cent and Eminem, this music empire was known as Aftermath Entertainment and was established by Dr Dre in 1996. Just like Jay Z, Dr Dre has appeared in a number of films including Training Day and Set It Off as an actor.

Dr Dre co-owns the Beats by Dre headphone production company alongside cofounder Jimmy Iovine. On the 28th of May, 2014, Apple Inc which is currently the most valuable brand in the world made a public announcement that she was acquiring the headphone company for the sum of $2.6 billion dollars in cash means and $400 million dollars by stock.

After the deal was done, Dr Dre still owned 25% of the company and got an after tax cash of about $500 million dollars. This would make Dr Dre’s total net worth $780 million dollars considering he had made a $280 million dollar fortune from his music sales and deals from the beginning.

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