Gabriel Afolayan Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Movies, and Songs

Gabriel Afolayan

Gabriel Afolayan is a Nigerian musician, and onscreen actor.

He is part of the popular entertainment family, the Afolayan family, and is a son of legendary Nigerian actor and entertainer, Ade Love.

This is all you need to know about Gabriel Afolayan.

On this page, I present to you the biography, net worth, and career of Nigerian actor Gabriel Afolayan.

Gabriel Afolayan Biography

Gabriel Afolayan photo

Gabriel Afolayan is a Nigerian actor and a musician.

At the very least, his profession has brought fame and fortune to him.

He’s known as G-Fresh on stage, and was born to a legendary Nigerian entertainment personality, Adeyemi Afolayan.

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His siblings are the formation of the popular Afolayan entertainment family, and they are Moji Afolayan, Aremu Afolayan, and Kunle Afolayan.

As an actor, he has won a few awards which includes the Best Supporting Actor for a role he played in a 2012 movie titled “Hoodrush”.

He has released a number of songs including “Awelewa”, and “Kokoro Ife”.

Gabriel Afolayan

He started singing as a chorister in a local church, and his musical career started in 1997 when he joined a music group in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

Gabriel Afolayan Net Worth

What is Gabriel Afolayan’s Net Worth?

Gabriel Afolayan has an estimated net worth of $100,000 dollars.

He earns from his professional careers as a Nigerian musician, and an actor.

He gets paid handsomely to feature in movies, and also earns from the sales of his songs.

Gabriel Afolayan Net Worth in Naira

In the Nigerian currency, he has a net worth of N35 million naira.

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Gabriel Afolayan Birthday

Gabriel Afolayan was born in the 1st of March.

His birthday is celebrated on the 1st of March yearly.

Gabriel Afolayan Wife Age

How old is Gabriel Afolayan’s Wife?

Ideally, her real age isn’t known as the year of birth has not yet been made public.

Gabriel Afolayan Mother

Below is a photo of Gabriel Afolayan’s mother. Not much is known about her by the media.

Gabriel Afolayan Songs

Gabriel Afolayan

As a Nigerian singer, he has released a number of songs including Kokoro Ife, Plug it, Kpasi Kona, Kokoro Ife, and Awelewa.

What Year Was Gabriel Afolayan Born?

The birth year of Gabriel Afolayan is currently not known.

Gabriel Afolayan

He hasn’t disclosed it, and the media has very close clues to the real year.

Gabriel Afolayan Movies

The Nigerian actor has featured in several movies including Ojuju, Madam Dearest, Ija Okan, Hoodrush, 7 Inch Curve, Okafor’s Law, and Heroes and Zeros.

How Old is Gabriel Afolayan?

Gabriel Afolayan is over 30 years old. Although his accurate age isn’t known.

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His accurate age isn’t known due to unavailability of his year of birth.

Who is Gabriel Afolayan wife?

The wife of Gabriel Afolayan is known as Adebanke Afolayan. They got married in 2018.

Who is the Father of Gabriel Afolayan?

The father of Gabriel Afolayan is Adeyemi Afolayan – legendary Nigerian actor.

Who is Older Between Gabriel Afolayan and Kunle Afolayan?

Kunle Afolayan and Gabriel Afolayan are brothers and part of the Afolayan family.

The biography of Gabriel Afolayan

Kunle Afolayan is the eldest brother. Gabriel Afolayan happens to be the youngest of the three brothers.

That’s all about Gabriel Afolayan Biography, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Movies, and Songs.

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