Segun Wire Biography, Net Worth, Story, Songs, and Age


Segun Wire Biography, Net Worth, Story, Songs, and Age

In Nigeria today, several young people are making waves and making millions of naira.

It is no surprise that even a kid of below 12 years old like Mark Angel’s Comedy Emmanuella has started earning her millions.

This post is about a young boy…

….a very young boy known popularly as Segun Wire.

Since the start of according to several reports, the young boy has earned his first million and has his net worth estimated to be thousands of dollars.

Could you call him an entrepreneur?

Because what the young boy earns, very few professors (maybe 40%) in Nigeria can boast of earning same or more…

…his honestly.

Over the last 17 months… people have gone on google to search for several terms relating to the young boy.

On this post, I’ll try my best to every question about Segun Wire.

Who is Segun Wire?

Segun Wire is now known as a popular Nigerian socialite.

In fact, he’s one of the youngest most popular celebs in Nigeria.

He’s also a talented rapper, and he rose to fame after a video of him went viral.

In that video, he made it known to the world that he wants to become a yahoo boy later in life.

After the video went viral, Segun Wire was taken into custody by a popular Nigerian dancer and singer Zlatan Ibile.

Soon enough, news broke out that the family of Segun Wire got to Zlatan and assaulted him…

…reason being that he allegedly maltreated the young boy.

In the end, Zlatan Ibile publicly announced that he has his hands off Segun Wire now, and he wants to concentrate on his musical career.

Segun Wire Biography

His name is Segun, but the Wire is what I don’t know.

This name is what he uses on his social media handles, and his real name isn’t known yet.

The date of birth of Segun Wire isn’t also known exactly…

But clearly, he was born in the 2000s.

He’s a rapper, and a singer.

Segun Wire has worked with top musicians in Nigeria, and has recorded lots of singles.

Segun Wire Net Worth

What is the net worth of Segun Wire?

As a Nigerian kid celebrity, he should have a lot of money…

…don’t you think so?

Segun Wire has an estimated net worth of $5,000 dollars.

This figure is bound to increase anytime sooner or later.

The source of his money would be gifts from friends, family, fans, and from his musical career.

Segun Wire has released several songs, and has collaborated with known Nigerian artistes.

Segun Wire and Falz

In 2018, on the popular social media platform, Instagram, Falz wrote to musicians who praised yahoo boys in Nigeria.

In his post, he asked Nigerian musicians to stop mentioning and hailing yahoo boys, and that they contribute to the activity of online fraud by Nigerians with these songs.

This post went viral, and the popular, young kid celebrity decided to write back.

Segun Wire composed a post…

…who knows who actually composed the post (Segun Wire is very young, and from what I read, the writeup couldn’t have been the composition of such a young boy.

Segun Wire and Zlatan Ibile

Segun Wire and Zlatan Ibile are on good grounds now.

They have come a long way together, and have a bit of a history together as well.

Segun Wire and Davido

Just like Zlatan Ibile, Davido also likes Segun Wire.

Photos of Davido dancing with Segun Wire was captured in July 2018.

Both Segun Wire and Zlatan Ibile are important personalities to Davido.

Segun Wire Story

What’s the story of Segun Wire?

He actually rose to limelight after his video went viral.

The video became popular strangely because a young boy knew what “Yahoo” was… and wanted to become a yahoo boy upon growing up.

Not many videos are of this nature.

I find that videos that fly rapidly across millions of android screens in Nigeria are strange videos…


After the video of a young boy declaring his intentions of becoming a yahoo guy broke out, it irresistibly went viral.

Ever since then, Segun Wire has met with several top entertainers, and has become a social media sensation.

Segun Wire Songs

Segun Wire has featured in songs by multiple Nigerian artistes, and has released one hit single, Walaitalai (Sa Che), featuring Zlatan Ibile.

Segun Wire Instagram Account

Segun Wire is available on Instagram.

His user handle is @segun__wire, and he has thousands of followers.

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