Peju Ogunmola Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband, and Son

Peju Ogunmola

Peju Ogunmola is a Nigerian actress and daughter of late Nigerian drama legend, Kola Ogunmola.

She’s the wife of comic actor Papiluwe, and had starred in several Nigerian drama plays.

She’s also the sister of Yomi Ogunmola – a popular Yoruba actor of blessed memory (died in 2003).

She’s a mother of one, and has made a name for herself in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

This is about the biography of Peju Ogunmola, her net worth, husband, son, and more.

Peju Ogunmola Biography

Peju Ogunmola photo

Peju Ogunmola is a native of Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Peju Ogunmola followed the path of her father Kola Ogunmola who was a stage legend.

With encouragement from him, she started featuring in movies and drama plays.

After getting married to her husband Papiluwe, her career also had a positive turn as he also supported and encouraged her as a movie producer and actor.

Peju Ogunmola is married to a Nigerian movie producer and actor known as Papiluwe.

She’s the second wife of the actor, and they both have a son named Sola.

Papiluwe is known as Sunday Omobolanle, but his stage name happens to be Papiluwe, and his first wife is known as Kudirat Folashade of blessed memory.

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Sunday Omobolanle (AKA Papiluwe) Biography

Papiluwe is the husband of Nigerian actress Peju Ogunmola.

Several fans of hers don’t known this…

She’s married to him as the second wife, although he caught her young, she had several other admirers who would’ve done anything to have her ring finger imprisoned in their rings.

Biography of Peju Ogunmola

Papiluwe is a Nigerian actor, husband of Peju Ogunmola, born as Sunday Omobolanle on the 1st of October, 1954.

He was given birth in Ilora, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Papiluwe was one of the entertainers loved by Peju Ogunmola’s father (who also was an entertainer and actor).

He has featured and produced several movies which includes Konkobilo, and Adun Ewuro.

He’s married to two wives, and he has 4 children from his marriages.

His first wife, Kudirat Folashade died in 2006, and his second wife, Peju Ogunmola is the housekeeper and iconic actress we’re talking about right now.

His name, Papiluwe was gotten from Baba Mero (is late boss), and from his late wife, he had three children: Sunkanmi, Kemi Olayemi, and Victoria Bello.

How She Met Her Husband (Papiluwe)

It’s known that Papiluwe, the Nigerian actor, is the husband of the Nigerian actress Peju Ogunmola.

Also, many don’t know how he met her and how he proposed to her.

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In a chat with City People, Papiluwe revealed how he met his wife, how he proposed and how long it took for Peju Ogunmola to accept his proposal.

Peju Ogunmola’s father was an entertainer, and was like a father to several entertainers who relaxed at his place after stage performances and plays.

These entertainers who were under the tutelage of Peju’s father (Kola Ogunmola) saw him as a father, and one who cared about their welfare.

Papiluwe was one of them, and he was married at this time. Peju was also a beautiful yijng woman at this time.

Papiluwe would make jokes of getting married to her, but in response, she trivializes his every joke, and tells him she’s uninterested.

As time went on, she fell in love with him – a feeling she never developed for the other admirers who sought her hand in marriage.

Eventually, she was proposed to by Papiluwe, and that’s how they got married.

Sunkanmi Omobolanle (Stepson)

Sunkanmi Omobolanle is the son of Papiluwe’s first wife before he got married to Peju Ogunmola.

Several of her fans (Peju) would have it to be that Sunkanmi Omobolanle is the son of the Nigerian actress, but he isn’t.

Rather, he’s the child and son of Papiluwe’s first wife known as Kudirat Folashade who passed on in 2006.

Sunkanmi Omobolanle is a Nigerian actor and TV star.

Apparently, he’s the only child of his mother that took the steps of his father to become a Nigerian actor.

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Interestingly, he studied Business Administration at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Nigeria.

He’s married to Abimbola Omobolanle – a businesswoman based in Dublin.

Before they got married, they dated for about 19 years, and finally, it led to a glamorous wedding ceremony, and marriage life.

Peju Ogunmola Net Worth

What is the net worth of Peju Ogunmola?

Peju Ogunmola has an estimated net worth of $10,000 dollars.

Most of her money comes from featuring in movies, and from other business activities.

Peju Ogunmola Net Worth in Naira

Her net worth in naira is N3.5 million.

Who is Peju Ogunmola Husband?

The husband of Peju Ogunmola is named Sunday Omobolanle (a.k.a Papiluwe).

Who is the Mother of Sunkanmi Omobolanle?

Sunkanmi is the stepson of Peju Ogunmola. His real mother was the first wife of Papiluwe, named Kudirat Folasade Omobolanle.

How Old is Aluwe?

Papiluwe, known also as Aluwe, was born in 1954. To get his current and accurate age, subtract his year of birth from the current year.

That’s all about Peju Ogunmola Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband, and Son.

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