Mayweather and Ronaldo: Who is Richer?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Floyd Mayweather: Who is the Richest
Cristiano Ronaldo and Floyd Mayweather: Who is Richer?

Who is richer between Cristiano Ronaldo and Floyd Mayweather, what is their net worth?…

Currently one of the highest paid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the biggest boxer in wealth, Floyd Mayweather have been living the best lives publicly and off the media, raising questions in relation to who’s really richer between them.

C.R is a globally recognized footballer and Floyd Mayweather is popular, but not as famous as the world-class footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

So, again the question unrolls: who’s richer between Floyd Mayweather and Cristiano Ronaldo?

Let’s dive in a little bit deeper…

Cristiano Ronaldo and Floyd Mayweather: Who is Richer?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Fortune and Net Worth

Cristiano Rinaldo net worth

Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-class Portuguese footballer who reportedly earns $45 million dollars annually and has several endorsement deals with different brands.

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These brands include Nike Sneakers, Tag Heuer Watches and others…

Reports by Forbes has made it quite visible that Cristiano Ronaldo will become the fifth highest paid athlete in 2017 as he is to earn the sum of $93 million dollars by the end of the year.

He’s fondly called C.R. and most of his highest paying endorsement deals are the ones struck with Portuguese brands.

Cristiano Ronaldo started out in the year 2002 playing for the Portuguese team.

He eventually signed a five year $31 million dollar football contract with Manchester United in the same year and the contract went invalid in 2007, the fifth year.

He’s the first ever Portuguese player to sign a football contract with Manchester United.

Two years after the invalidation of the Manchester United contract, he signed a whooping $150 million dollar football contract with Real Madrid.

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This time, he got a higher pay, and probably a higher treat.

Cristiano Ronaldo had an estimated net worth of $450 million dollars.

Floyd Mayweather’s Fortune and Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather net worth

Floyd Mayweather is a renowned boxer, now retired, who has lost a fight to nobody in his career.

He has fought 50 fights professionally, won 27 fights by knockout, and has lost none.

Floyd has sat in the position of the highest paid athlete in the world over the years, and has got a few endorsement deals.

The boxing champion has held different classes of weight championship including Super Featherweight, Junior Welterweight, Welterweight and Lightweight.

His last fight was a really huge and unpredictable one with Connor McGregor, whom he defeated and earned he sum of $300 million dollars.

Reportedly, the boxer earned $300 million dollars too from 2014 to 2015, fighting.

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Though he’s got so many haters and lovers who bet on him losing and him winning, Floyd always tries to be the better man after the fight and goes home with $150 million dollars in victory.

He was birthed in Michigan on the 24th of February, 1977.

Currently, adding from the earnings of his last world-shaking fight with MMA Champion, Connor McGregor, his net worth is a calculated $560 million dollars.

Who’s richer between Mayweather and Ronaldo?

From the financial stats I shared a few lines from here, it appears Mayweather is richer…

What do you think?

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