Johnny Drille Net Worth

Johnny Drille Net Worth

Johnny Drille is a talented singer, songwriter, music composer, and producer.

He is signed to the popular Mavin Records, and is known to have worked with several Nigerian musicians.

This is about the life of Johnny Drille, his biography, net worth, girlfriend, phone number, music career and story, education, and more.

Johnny Drille Biography

Johnny Drille was born John Ighodaro in 1990.

He was born in Edo State into a clergy family.

The Nigerian singer has a total of four siblings, and he studied English and Literature at the University of Benin, Edo State.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in the aforementioned course of study from the University of Benin.

The singer who participated in the 2013 edition of MTN Project Fame rounded off his studies at the University of Benin in 2012, and graduated successfully.

Johnny Drille, like very many musicians, started out with music at a tender age.

He came from a godly family, and so his first attempts at music started in his father’s Church.

In 2006, after getting learning a whole lot about music and how to sing, after training his vocals, he delved into music production.

Eventually, he took part in the MTN Project Fame talent show in 2013, but was evicted from the contest at tenth position.

It’s a wonder how he rose to limelight singing from Edo State, Nigeria as not very many musicians who are well known today are from Edo State.

It is believed that to become a popular musician in Nigeria, one has to relocate to the busiest State in Nigeria, Lagos State.

But Johnny Drills began music in Edo State, and started making a good start from the State before he eventually relocated.

After he got evicted from the talent show in 2013, he didn’t give up.

He knew he was better, and didn’t allow his very little with the show define his talents and life.

He kept on producing songs until he released a song that would turn out to be a big start for him.

The song was titled Awww by popular Nigerian female musician Dija (or AfroDija).

The song was a huge success and it earned him a few thousand followers on social media.

The song was also very popular on the internet and got massive airplays.

Johnny Drille quickly released another cool single titled Love Do Not Lie that same year.

On the 12th of August 2015, Johnny Drille released a huge hit he titled Wait for Me.

The single was much more than other songs he’s released in the past.

It gained widespread acceptance and was popular locally and internationally.

People who heard the song for first time asked what US musician sang the song, it only leads them to their greatest surprise upon finding out it was actually a Nigerian talent.

Wait for Me by Johnny Drille earned him so much fame and attention.

After this single, he released other singles including My Beautiful Love, and a song featuring Nigerian female artiste (and elder sister to Teniola), Niniola.

The song was titled Start All Over.

On the 28th of February, 2017, Mavin Records went live to announce that Johnny Drille had been signed to the record label, and that his talent would best be promoted under the label.

Return to Project Fame

After his huge rise to fame, he went back to MTN Project Fame, this time, to render a piece of advice to the season 6 contestants of then talent show.

He urged them to showcase their talents through the platform and shared his story on how he participated in the talent show years back.

He had always wanted to become a music producer, and this was because of the family he was born in.

He had musical instruments always around him, and he really wanted to make music with them.

The fact that he was born into a family of Christians and music lovers greatly influenced the path he followed.

However, in 2013, he decided to make a career out of his love for music and his desire to make music by participating in the MTN Project Fame platform from which he was evicted.

Style of Song

Johnny Drille’s songs are very obviously different.

It’s described and classed as a folk music genre and this is because of the style he’s been playing around with right from childhood.

He also wanted to be different from the other bandwagon of Nigerian musicians, so he decided to go folk and cool (which also has a tinge of R&B).

Through his brand of music, he easily finds emotional expressions easy.

Popular Songs and Music Promotion

Some of the most popular songs by Johnny Drille include Wait for Me, My Beautiful Love, and his cover of Awww by Dija.

Before his record deal with Mavin Records, he promoted his songs with his money, and was getting very little financial support from outside.

Although his family supported him, but not largely financially.

After the release of Awww cover in 2017, he and Don Jazzy (the boss at Mavin Records) began negotiations on a music deal.

In February 2017, the negotiations led to an official signing of Johnny Drille to the music label.

Johnny Drille is currently working on his musical career, producing and writing songs that would take him to the top of Nigerian music, even with his music brand.

He gets booked to perform at musical concerts and he gains more attention, followers, and fame by the day.

He’s in touch with family members in Edo State, and is currently unmarried.

Johnny Drille Net Worth

What is the net worth of Johnny Drille?

Johnny Drille has an estimated net worth of $150,000 dollars.

His music is really different from the conventional style of Nigerian music and he’s more like the Nigerian Bruno Mars.

Johnny Drille’s songs are extremely cool with a feel of solemnity.

You may not hear his songs in clubhouses and party rooms, but he really has gotten the ears and hearts of the masses with his heartfelt singles.

In sharp contrast, Johnny Drille makes Nigerian music multidimensional, integrating the West-like tune and Nigerian accent into one string of folk music brand.

He earns from show bookings, and from music sales.

As a unique singer signed to the Mavin Records, he gets booked to perform at music concerts and he earns a while lot.

Johnny Drille Net Worth in Naira

The naira equivalence of Johnny Drille’s net worth is N52.5 million.

Johnny Drille Girlfriend

Who is the girlfriend of Johnny Drille?

Do you think he has a girlfriend?

Well, it is not known if or not he has a girlfriend.

From all the interviews he has had with top media houses, Johnny Drille is settling for his career, and wants to focus.

Is Johnny Drille a Nigerian?


Johnny Drille is a Nigerian, from Benin City, Edo State.

What Genre of Music Does Johnny Drille Sing?

His genre of music is totally different. He’s into folk/country music.

Johnny Drille Phone Number

The contact details of Johnny Drille, especially his phone number, isn’t available to the public.

Johnny Drille House and Cars

Johnny Drille now lives in a very modern apartment in Lagos State, and he has a car with which he moves in.


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