Drake and P Square: Who is Richer?

Drake and P Square: Who is Richer?
Drake and P Square: Who is Richer?

Who is the richest between International music star Drake and Nigerian legendary defunct music duo P Square, what is their net worth?

Comparing the wealth values of two music legends from different worlds have been my most favourite thing to do. By now, everyone knows who Drake is, and of course, who the stinkingly wealthy twin brothers are.

Perhaps, a lot of people would think P Square is richer than Drake, because they’re two people and are paid double to get a full package.

On the other side of a thought, you’d think Drake’s richer because he gets paid mostly in the US currency, right? It’s not like that…

This isn’t exactly what we should base our measurements on. So what exactly should we base our measurements on?? True facts and not conclusions based on opinions. Drake’s a big guy in music, running speedily to become the biggest soon.

He’s a fine rapper who adds class to his music by simply garnishing his lyrics with that somewhat cool, relaxed voice, and a simple tune.

He’s crazily sought after. P Square in Nigeria holds the record as the richest musicians and someone’s going to take that record soon, especially now that the brothers are solo musicians.

In spite of this, they’ve successfully created a brand name for themselves, and destroying this brand name by going solo will definitely do no much harm to their separate music careers.

P Square is one name in the Nigeria music industry that has been around for a long time, that has been loved for a long time, and that has attained a level of popularity like no other music act in the country.

Drake and P Square: Who is Richer?

Drake’s Net Worth

Drake is a popular name globally, should I introduce this guy?? Okay I will. Drake was birthed in Toronto, Canada, on the 24th of October in 1986. He’s an actor, a musician and lastly, a music producer.

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His real name is Aubrey Drake Graham and he’s been an actor from childhood. Aubrey, who’s popularly known as Drake featured in the Canadian teenager drama series titled “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, as an actor.

In 2006, particularly in February, Drake dropped a Mixtape through his MySpace page – this marked the beginning of his career. Drake continued to do music till 2008 when James Prince sent Lil Wayne some of Drake’s music.

James Prince, or Jas Prince is the founder and CEO of a Houston based record label known as Rap-A-Lot. He’s also managed sportsmen like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Andre Ward in the past.

After Lil Wayne got these works by Drake, he loved them and invited Drake to tour with him in Houston. 2009 was shinning year for Drake as he signed a major music contract with Lil Tunechi’s record label, Young Money Entertainment.

After signing the music deal, he worked with a lot of superpowers musicians on Lil Wayne’s connection chain which included Jay Z, Eminem, Young Jeezy and Kanye West. Since then, Drake has released over 10 music albums and has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.

He’s also been nominated for awards and won awards like the Grammy Awards, Soul Train Music Awards, Sucker Free Award, Young Artist Award, NAACP Image Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, LOS40 Music Awards, MTV, MuchMusic Video Awards, MOBO Awards, Latin American Music Awards and a lot others.

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He’s performed in different countries of the world and he’s paid handsomely per concert. He’s the most streamed artiste this year with an estimated earnings of $94 million dollars; slightly above Cristiano Ronaldo.

Drake makes a hell of money from his endorsement deals with Nike, Apple and yeah, Sprite. He’s got several million dollar properties and was the 4th highest earning celebrity by Forbes, after J.K. Rowling. Drake has an estimated net worth of $140 million dollars.

P Square’s Net Worth

P Square is a defunct music duo and brand name now, and a top duo in Nigeria. The duo consist of twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye, both of whom are not on good terms musically at the moment.

Although they’ve decided to both go solo with their careers, Nigerians feel that they may get back together like they’ve done in the past, but this time, something serious, a thick opposition between the brothers has unleashed.

According to Forbes and hundreds of other blogs, they’re the richest musicians in Nigeria with a combined wealth value. The brothers have their manager to be their older brother, Jude Okoye, who’s been of help in several occasions to them.

The attention they got from the beginning of their career over a decade ago has maintained their status as legendary singers with shared success. Peter and Paul Okoye started out with music in school as they created a music club amongst the clique of friends they had.

Eventually, they left secondary school, and gained admission into the University. While they were studying in the University as undergraduates, they performed together at different concerts organized in and out of their University.

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From their, they started gaining ground and credibility while they had to change their stage name severally before they got the name “P Square”.

In 2001, the music duo won a prestigious award from a music concert and this gave them the motivation and power to do more creative stuffs.

So far, they’ve earned a in music as they’ve released over 50 singles and sold millions of copies worldwide. They’ve also released over 11 music albums and have sold millions.

P Square brothers are the boss of themselves as they’re signed, or rather before now, were signed to their record label known as Square Records. Apart from being internationally recognized musicians, they’re businesspersons as well.

P Square have invested some of their wealth in real estates in Nigeria, and also have lands across the country. They both have a mansion in Banana Island, Lagos State, valued at about N1.4 billion naira.

Peter and Paul also earn from being brand ambassadors to national and international brands. They have really expensive items including customized iPhones, exquisitely designed homes, crazily expensive cars, outfits that cost hundreds of thousands, accessories worth millions of naira, private yatchs, a private jet and many other valuable properties.

For the record, the P Square brothers have an estimated net worth of $70 million dollars just before they started having career-killing either bring the value of their product down, or push just one of them above the other. The future knows.

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