Diamond Platnumz Biography, Net Worth, House, and Cars

Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz is one of the biggest musicians in Tanzania.

He is very talented, and has won several musical awards nationally and internationally.

This is about the biography of Diamond Platnumz, his net worth, love affairs, musical career, and more.

Diamond Platnumz Biography

Diamond Platnumz's biography

Diamond Platnumz was born Naseeb Abdul Juma on the 2nd of October, 1989 at the Amana hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Growing up, Diamond Platnumz lived in his grandmother’s house with his mother and grandmother in western Tandale.

He was taught to become a man by no one but situations as his father was out of his life.

His father and mother had separated by the time he was over a year old.

Abandoned by his father, Diamond Platnumz had a tough time growing up.

His mother had no stable job that constantly brought in money, and there was no father to support neither him nor his mother.

So, Diamond Platnumz went on to live with his grandmother (mother’s mother).

They lived in a three bedroom apartment, but stayed in one room.

The other two rooms were rented so they could garner the income for feeding and paying off bills.

It was their one big source of survival, and that’s how Diamond Platnumz lived his early life growing up.

He schooled firstly at the Nasibu Chakula Bora Nursery School, the Tandale Magharibi Primary School, and rounded off in 2002.

After primary schooling, he obtained secondary school education and was able to finish up in 2006.

He finished from Nasibu Chakula Bora Nursery School in 1995, and began schooling in 1996 at Tandale Magharibi Primary School where he finished in 2002.

His love for music began while he was studying at Nasibu Chakula Bora Nursery School.

After graduating in 2006, he began his musical career officially and that’s how his journey into greatness started.

Cool photo of Diamond Platnumz

Before he released his debut single, he performed the songs of national and international artistes at local ceremonies, and soon began composing his own songs.

Unlike several parents, Diamond Platnumz’s mother was very supportive of him.

She took great interest in his career and as soon as she realized his musical talents, she assisted him in writing lyrics.

She also purchased music albums by other artistes so he could listen to them and get inspirations.

Diamond Platnumz’s mother also took him to talent shows where he would sing and showcase his talents.

It is very difficult to find parents with such supportive hearts nowadays essentially in the African society where people are hellbent on schooling and acquiring several academic degrees.

Although he got a huge support from his mother, he didn’t get such support from a number of relatives.

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Other members of his family preferred that his mother gave him full support on his education.

The thought maybe he could become something better, like a doctor or a professor with diehard pursuit of his academic education, but he wouldn’t have it.

He would rather focus on music, and get the full support of his mother, than concentrating on academic education.

Diamond Platnumz decided to take music seriously, and then carve a career for himself in music.

After launching his career professionally, he had little funds, little enough to not do studio sessions, so it was difficult for him to become a star even with the record breaking songs he had written.

In 2007, he was able to rake in enough money to start his studio recording.

He really worked hard to earn enough money so he could visit the studio and do some sessions.

Diamond Platnumz delved into businesses that weren’t too cool to get money.

He sold second hand clothes, worked as a filling station attendant, freelance photographer, and was into gambling part-time to raise money for his music production and promotion.

In a bid to record his debut studio single, he secretly sold his mother’s gold ring and kept the money.

Diamond Platnumz

After everything was done and he had enough money to record his song, he did so and it felt really relieving.

Unfortunately, the song didn’t go viral, and wasn’t much of a success like he’d hoped it would be.

The good news was that he recorded a song, and it was the beginning of his musical career and his journey to the top of the Tanzanian music industry.

With his first record, he got in contact with his first ever manager named Chizo Mapene.

Chizo actually vouched to be Diamond Platnumz’s music manager, and he would thereafter supervise and manage his musical career.

His first record, as was already stated, wasn’t a big success, but it did open doors for him.

It drove him a few thousand fans and his name wasn’t entirely unfamiliar.

Chizo Mapene and Diamond Platnumz planned together for the growth of his music career, but there was always a problem…


There wasn’t enough money to implement the plans they had, and this made everything looked like they were wasting time and nothing was being done.

Eventually, the went separate ways, and it all was because of insufficient funds to fuel their plans which included the release of a musical album.

After years of struggling to get money, luck shone on him and in 2009, he met his biggest fortune.

In 2009, Diamond Platnumz met with one who would best be described as a sent Angel – Papa Masifi.

He’s originally known as Masifi Peter, and he agreed to help Diamond Platnumz with whatever financial need he had, especially towards the promotion of his musical career.

His first single was produced and it was titled Nenda Kamwambie.

The song was dedicated to the girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz who left him when there was no money.

After this single, he started gaining fans and followers, and he released other hit singles.

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Since then, he has worked with the biggest names in the African music industry, and has become one of the richest musicians in Africa.

Diamond Platnumz Death Rumours

Diamond Platnumz is very much alive and sound at the moment.

In February 2018, rumour saturated the media space that the Tanzania musician was dead.

After this rumour broke out, news headlines painted it, and it was all over blogs and magazines on the internet.

One thing that made this rumour seem very true was the death of Ebony Reigns, a famous Ghanaian dancehall musician who died following a ghastly car accident.

So, it appeared very true that a Tanzania artiste had also died due to the death of another singer.

Diamond Platnumz in cool yellow outfit

According to what was said about the rumoured death of Diamond Platnumz, he lost control as he drove in the morning, and ran into a dish.

It was reported that he was deeply injured and as he was being rushed to the nearest hospital, he gave up.

After the rumour broke out, it went viral on social media and blogs carried it unverified.

Soon after the news, a close friend of Diamond Platnumz named Peter Witse was contacted to confirm the validity of the news that had saturated the media ambience.

To the surprise of everyone, he laughed about it, saying Diamond Platnumz has lots of musical stuff in hand and wasn’t dead.

He was too busy promoting his songs and performing at shows.

Diamond Platnumz isn’t dead, has alive performing at shows, collaborating with other singers, and living big.


Diamond Platnumz became extremely famous, gaining international attention after the release of his hit single titled “Number One”.

The song was a hit, and it earned him a BET Awards nomination.

In May 2012, Diamond Platnumz performed at the prestigious Big Brother Africa 7 eviction reality show.

He was named the most loved Tanzanian artiste, and the one with the highest ringing tone by mobile phone sales.

He was also listed as the highest earning artiste in the African Great Lakes region’s music industry.

Since the inception of his musical career in 2006, he has won more than 15 Tanzania Music Awards from 2010 to 2014 alone.

Interestingly, won a record breaking number of 7 awards at the 2014 edition of Tanzania Music Awards.

These awards included the Best Male Writer, Best Male Entertainer of the Year, Best Male Artist, and Best Song Writer awards.

In 2010, he won 3 Tanzania Music Awards, and in 2011, he won more Tanzania Music Awards, walking away with a total of 5 music awards that year.

In 2015, Diamond Platnumz shocked the world as he won the Worldwide Act: Africa/India award at the MTV Europe Music Awards which was organized in Milan.

In November 2015, the Tanzanian music idol grabbed awards at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), in addition to those he won at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Unlike very many Tanzanian musicians, Diamond Platnumz is a brand ambassador to several companies and brands including Vodacom, Red Gold, DSTV, and Coca Cola.

He has collaborated with both local and foreign artistes including the likes of Omarion, Davido, Rick Ross, Tiwa Savage, Iyanya, Flavour N’abania, Waje, the now defunct PSquare music duo, Patoranking, and Bracket.

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The Tanzanian star owns his record label known as WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby).

Over the years, Diamond Platnumz has dated several women.

Currently he has two children from his ex-wife, popular Ugandan socialite Zarinah Hassan.

She’s a model, singer, entrepreneur, and socialite with a mixed descent.

Zarinah Hassan owns a cosmetics shop and a tertiary college in South Africa, and she studied Cosmetology in London where she obtained a degree in the course after the end of her study year.

Zarinah Hassan and Diamond Platnumz were tight lovers, and they had two children together before their split in February 2018.

However, Zarinah Hassan also has two boys, both of whom she had in her previous relationship before Diamond Platnumz.

After his divorce with the Ugandan socialite, he dated Hamisa Mobetto, and publicly accused her of being a witch.

Diamond Platnumz Net Worth

What is Diamond Platnumz’s net worth?

Diamond Platnumz has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars.

He is a multi-talented instrumentalist capable of playing the drums, piano, and guitar.

In just half a decade, Diamond Platnumz was able to earn a lot and build up his net worth.

He earns from show bookings, music sales, and business deals.

When booked to perform in Tanzania, he’s paid over KSh370,000.

Outside Tanzania, he’s paid in millions, over KSh2 million.

Diamond Platnumz earns a lot from multinational endorsement deals.

He has signed endorsement deals worth millions with Coca Cola, Vodacom Tanzania, DSTV, and Red Gold.

Diamond Platnumz Cars

Diamond has costly fleet of cars, among which are his Rolls Royce worth over $200,000 dollars, a Lexus RX350, and a super cool Lamborghini Gallardo.

Diamond Platnumz House

He owns a KSh70 million worth house in an expensive neighborhood in Tanzania, which is often called the golden house.

The house owned by Diamond Platnumz is coated with gold on most parts, and is attractive from every side.

Is Diamond Platnumz Rich?

Yes. Diamond Platnumz is very rich.

He is reportedly one of Tanzania’s richest musicians.

What Language Does Diamond Platnumz Speak?

He is able to sing and communicate in English and Swahili (the official Tanzania language).

Who is the Owner of WCB?

The owner of WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby) is Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz.

What is Diamond Platnumz Net Worth in Dollars?

Currently, the net worth of Diamond Platnumz stands at $5 million dollars.

Is Diamond Platnumz Married?

No. Diamond Platnumz was married to The Boss Lady, Zari Hassan. They got married in 2014, and in 2018, their marriage saw its end.

What is the Real Name of Diamond Platnumz?

The real name of the Tanzanian artiste is Naseeb Abdul Juma.

That’s all about Diamond Platnumz Biography, Net Worth, House, and Cars.

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