Ladi Kwali Biography and Net Worth

Ladi Kwali Biography: Net Worth, Profile & Age
Ladi Kwali Biography: Net Worth, Profile & Age


Ladi Kwali is a Nigerian potter who’s known to be the lady on the Twenty naira note (the Nigerian currency). She’s the lady on the Twenty naira note with a pot on her head. Millions of Nigerians, especially the newborns barely know a thing or two about Ladi Kwali. This is about her and a little hint on what she was worth back then.

You must be of worth to have your picture painted and impressed on the currency of a nation, right? She was born in the Northern parts of Nigeria. Till date, she’s honoured by several British officials and her worth is known and adored.

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Ladi Kwali has earned a doctorate with her works which are always unique and beautiful. They were so unique that the British officials took note and caught interest in her.

Ladi Kwali Biography: Net Worth, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Ladi Kwali
CAREER: Potter
NET WORTH: $2 Million Dollars

Ladi Kwali Biography

Ladi Kwali had an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars. She was worth more actually at that time, and the Nigerian currency was one the higher side to the American dollar compared to what it is today. Ladi Kwali was born in 1925 in Kwali, Gwari, Northern Nigeria.

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She ws very popular for the uniqueness of her pots which were exhibited in the 1950s and 1960s in Britain. She’s known to be the best porter that ever lived in Nigeria, and in 1963, she was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire. Her works accredited her a doctorate degree, and in 1984, she passed on. Her photo is stamped on the N20.00 naira note (the Nigerian currency which is now triple less valuable than it was).

At a very little age, she learnt to make pots, bowls, jars and flasks from clay coils. She learnt from her aunt, and her works were decorated with different animals from lizards, scorpions, to snakes. Her pots and other works were acquired and used by Alhaji Suleiman, the then Sultan of Sokoto.

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