How to Become a SportyBet Agent in Nigeria

How to Become a SportyBet Agent in Nigeria

SportyBet is a sports staking company in Nigeria.

You can stake games, win a lot of money, and invest.

Like its counterparts, SportyBet allows people to play and stake money in virtual games, and several other live sports.

People win millions from the business, and agents also gain a significant amount of cash to their bank accounts monthly.

To become a SportyBet agent in Nigeria, keep the following in Mind:

1. The Maximum Win is N10 Million Naira

Yes, any player or user can’t win more than the sum of N10 million naira at once.

This means that people can actually win more than N20m or N30m, but not at once with SportyBet.

2. Distance Between Stores Or Shops Can Be from 15 to 20 Minutes Walk Away

This is for the best interest of the agents, and the company in entirety.

If you open a shop very close to another shop, there would be a sort of issue with customers, and the business would be less profitable.

Therefore, it is best to open a shop as an agent in an area where stores or shops already exists.

To thrive in any business, survey is very relevant.

You need to survey the area, to know where to establish your shop for optimum benefit.

3. Registration Fee as an Agent Ranges from N10,000 Naira to N100,000

You can’t register with N5k, unless you have a different relationship with the registrars.

On a norm, registration fee ranges from N10,000 to N100,000 naira, and that’s the standard.

4. Commissions Range from 10% to 15% of the Total Sales Per Week

After the week’s over, you get from 10% to 15% commission as your gain.

Depending on the sales you make, your profit could be a 10% commission from the head office, or 15% commission.

5. Users Or Players are Allowed the Minimum Stake of N100 Naira

Most of the people I know today who make money from these companies usually stake their games with N100 naira.

Sometime I asked one a question about staking with N20 naira or N50 naira 😁…

…they laughed quite uneasily.

Game staking has its minimum staking fee of N100 naira.

Nothing goes below this.

You can stake your games with N200, N10,000 and even N500,000 naira.

6. The Games Available are Virtual Games and Live Sports

Almost all the games you can think of are available on SportyBet.

They also have Virtual Games (one of the most addictive games).

SportyBet Contact Info

To get in contact with the team, go to their website at

…or Call: 08181988888

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