How Much Do They Pay Lawyers in Nigeria?

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How Much Do They Pay Lawyers in Nigeria
How Much Do They Pay Lawyers in Nigeria?

How Much Do They Pay Lawyers in Nigeria?

Lawyers in Nigeria are classified as graduates who graduated and obtained the required law degrees in the field and study course of Law from higher institutions (be it private or public) in Nigeria, or other countries. From the way these set of qualified professionals rock their suits and tie, you would be forced to think they earn millions, or at least half a million each month.

At the moment, the average salary of a Lawyer in Nigeria is N50,000 naira. New graduates from Universities who wish to practice the profession earn from N15,000 naira to N25,000 naira. Some Lawyers with years of experience working in a good firm earn over N250,000 naira per month, and this depends on the firm with which a Lawyer practices.

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Law firms in Nigeria have their pay rates, and it’s totally different. The salary of Lawyers in Nigeria is not fixed, you might get lucky, work with a good Law firm and earn several hundred thousands of naira per month.

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