Top 5 Most Populated Minority Tribes in Nigeria

Top 5 Most Populated Minority Tribes in Nigeria

Top 5 Most Populated Minority Tribes in Nigeria
Top 5 Most Populated Minority Tribes in Nigeria

Top 5 Most Populated Minority Tribes in Nigeria

What’s the most populated minority tribe in Nigeria? You may ask because we know the three majority tribes are Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. So in the context of ethnic groups, what’s the most populated minority tribe.

We have several hundreds of minority groups in Nigeria but a few stand out to be well known but are not part of the majority tribes. Below are the top 5 most populated minority tribes in Nigeria:


The Calabar tribe is one of the most populated minority tribes in Nigeria. The people are scattered all over the States of Nigeria, but they dominantly occupy the South South region of the country.

Originating from the Cross River State, the people have a beautiful way of  communicating, this is definitely their language and it gives them a unique tongue to the point that whenever a calabar person talks, you know at once that he or she is a calabar.

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The Itsekiri tribe is one of the most populated minority group in Nigeria. They are dominantly resident in the Warri North, Warri Southwest, and Warri South of Delta State. They are closely related to the Edo people, the Urhobo people and the Yoruba people.

They are present in all corners of the country in minorities, and are also found living in the United States. Not more than 5 million people of this tribe, but they are significantly present in very many places on earth.


They are perceived to be cunning by nature and also, they say Urhobo men are lazy, mostly fishers and farmers. Still yet, they happen to be the a most populated minority ethnic group in Nigeria.

They’re located in the southern region of Nigeria and also the northwestern region of Niger Delta. They are the significantly known major ethnic group on Delta State, Nigeria.

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They go a long way to produce professors and people who would eventually hold top positions in Government houses and also in the political system. They are one of the top 10 most populated tribes in Nigeria, and are one of the minority tribes in Nigeria.


The Esan tribe is quite popular across Nigeria as a minority tribe dominant in the southsouth region of Nigerian. The ethnic group is known as Esan and the language by which they communicate is known as Esan as well. The Esan people are similar to the Benin People of Edo State.

Although, it is believed that the tribe originated in the 15th century then elders and dignitaries from the Benin Kingdom went on to build families and settle in the Northeast region.

Esan people are mainly agriculturists, hunters and native herb doctors. The tribe is a minority tribe due to the fact that several Esan people are found in otht States of Nigeria, and are also found in other continents and African States.

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The Benin tribe is a topmost tribe in Nigeria, the people are found in almost every city in Nigeria and the tribe is the most populated minority tribe in Nigeria.

They are dominant in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, and are well-cultured people with same traditional beliefs. The Benin City was known as Benin Empire and it was one of the oldest and civilized places in West Africa.

In 1897, the annexed by the British Empire and today, it’s known to be a slightly commercial city and the capital of Edo State.

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