Small Doctor and Qdot: Who is Richer?

[caption id="attachment_5453" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Small Doctor and Qdot: Who is Richer? Small Doctor and Qdot: Who is Richer?[/caption]

Who's richer between Qdot and Small Doctor? Qdot and Small Doctor are two Nigerian musicians, they earn a lot of money per gig and they've been in the music industry for quite some time now. If I'm asked who my favourite singer is, I'll go for Qdot by the way, but Small Doctor is talented and people love his songs.

Both of these artiste are topnotch and their fans are mostly Yoruba people of Nigeria who really understand their songs. Mostly, Small Doctor sings in Yoruba, and so does Qdot. They've both collaborated with several musicians in Nigeria, and are really famous (maybe not as famous as Wizkid or Davido). They make good cash from their careers, and soon enough, we'll get to know who's richer between them.

Small Doctor and Qdot: Who is Richer?

Small Doctor's Net Worth

Small Doctor is a popular Nigerian musician and songwriter. He's a big time indigenous singer who's won awards and also dropped several high-templed club bangers. He has musically collaborated with several Nigerian musicians and he's known to be a big name in different areas around Lagos state (where most of his diehard fans reside).

Small Doctor sings mainly in Yoruba, and sometimes, he mixes up his Yoruba lines with English language - giving non-yoruba speakers and hearers a clue to the message he's passing across. He frequently gets booked to perform at musical concerts in Nigeria, and he's paid several hundred thousand naira.

In some cases, Small Doctor earns millions per gig at musical concerts. He earns a lot from music sales, and signed an endorsement deal worth millions with Western Lotto in the past. Small Doctor has an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars.

Qdot's Net Worth

Qdot is a Nigerian musician and singer. He's one of the most popular indigenous singers in Nigeria, and has worked with top musicians in Nigeria including Alabi Pasuma - the acclaimed Fuji music king in Nigeria. Qdot has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, and his fans love him for his personality.

He currently earns from show bookings and music sales, and at the moment has no endorsement deal with a major brand. Qdot has an estimated net worth of $250,000 dollars.

Currently richer: Small Doctor