BNaira and Hushpuppi: Who is Richer?

BNaira and Hushpuppi: Who is Richer?
BNaira and Hushpuppi: Who is Richer?

BNaira and Hushpuppi: Who is Richer?

BNaira’s Net Worth

BNaira is a Nigerian musician and entrepreneur. He’s also a Nigerian big boy who’s into Bitcoin trading. He has classified himself to be the number 1 Bitcoin ambassador in Africa, that’s cool. B Naira is very stylish. His apartments speak money, and he has several facilities valued at millions of naira.

He captures pictures in some of the most modern vicinities, and shares them to blow up his viewers’ minds on his social media pages. B Naira got to limelight after the release of his hit single titled “Jasi”, and since then it has been the flaunt of his wealth to maintaining his fame. He has an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars. From the things we’ve seen so far, B Naira is actually worth more, who knows the accurate figure but him?

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Hushpuppi’s Net Worth

Hushpuppi is a popular social media superuser, social media influencer, socialite, and Nigerian big boy. He’s known to flaunt his wealth on social media, and purchase all sort of designers including Louis Vuitton, Adidas, and Gucci. Hushpuppi rose to a popular height after claiming that he’s the only known Gucci ambassador in Africa (until disproved by Investor BJ), and starting a media battle with popular Nigerian music icon Davido.

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He spent a sum of N11.8 million naira at the Quilox Nightclub in Lagos state on drinks just to envelope a message to Davido that he’s a Made man. Hushpuppi also declared a spending spree, asking those with a net worth of N100 million naira to stay in their houses and not be at the nightclub.

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He’s wealthy, and he revealed the source of his wealth after several months, running into years of inquiry by the public, celebrities and government agancies. He has fleet of costly and rare cars, and he lives in an apartment where lack is out of touch. Hushpuppi has an estimated net worth of $20 million dollars.

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