Aremo Gucci Net Worth 2019 (Biography, Age, House, and Cars)

Aremo Gucci Net Worth and Biography

Who is Aremo Gucci?

He is a popular Nigerian big boy with several thousands of followers.

Like other big boys Dharmie Richie, Bamzy Riches, and Rahman Jago, Aremo Gucci loves to display his riches on social media.

This has attracted to him public attention and over 400,000 followers on social network platforms.

From the photos we've seen so far, Aremo Gucci is a top spender, and he has items worth millions of naira, including his cars.

The source of his wealth remains unknown to the public, he's allegedly into illicit business not limited to drug trade and fraud.

The Nigerian big boy has thrilled thousands of his followers with the kind of life he lives.

He owns several items worth millions, and his spending and luxurious lifestyle has attracted like friends to him.

If you're an ardent follower and fan of Aremo Gucci, you would observe that he posts not much pictures, but when he does, it's topnotch.

Aremo Gucci is now followed by several fellow Nigerian big boys including Nissyass4real, and Xpensive Aboki Wire.

He's one of the richest Nigerian big boys according to several news outlet.

Aremo Gucci has an estimated net worth of $450,000 dollars.

What Does Aremo Gucci Do for a Living?

Many people believe Aremo Gucci is into internet fraud, yahoo, or some sort of illegitimate business that brings in money for him.

Whether or not he's a yahoo boy, Information Scientists like myself care less about the unverified fact.

It is not a proved fact, neither is it something you can hold on to as a truth.

Aremo Gucci is a Gucci Master, according to himself...

And he doesn't care about what the people think...

Aremo Gucci Real Name

At the moment, the real name of Aremo Gucci isn't known.

The Nigerian social media star doesn't reveal a lot about his background, family, and private life.

Aremo Gucci House and Cars 

Do you think he owns a house?

You've got the right thought...

Aremo Gucci owns a mansion in Lagos State, Nigeria, and has several latest models of Mercedes Benz.


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