Mairo Ochocho Biography and Net Worth (Tim Godfrey Drummer)

Mairo Ochocho Biography and Net Worth (Tim Godfrey Drummer)

Mairo Ochocho has an estimated net worth of $10,000 dollars.

He is a Nigerian drummer and music personality.

He’s a big part of the Xtreme music crew and has long being into music.

Mairo is known by several gospel music lovers, and for a fact that he’s with Tim Godfrey (a topnotch Nigerian gospel musician) during most ministrations, his skills in drumming has made him noticeably exceptional.

He earns from playing drums at different occasions across Nigeria, and also from his crew – The Xtreme.

He’s paid handsomely well when he graces occasions with his “magic sticks”, and he also gets paid by music boss and director Tim Godfrey as a core member of the Xtreme music group.

Mairo Ochocho Biography

His real name is Mairo Uchocho and he’s the drummer of the award winning gospel crew, Tim Godfrey & The Xtreme.

He’s known to be at his best when performing with Samuel Giveson (SMG) the crew’s foremost pianist, and the bassist.

Mairo Ochocho is one of the best drummers in a gospel music crew in Nigeria today, and he has hundreds of other drummers looking up to him.

While the Xtreme has vocally sound singers, and an amazing director, Tim Godfrey, they also have one amazing drummer who’s strokes has taken them thus, far.

He’s a major player in the Xtreme astoundingly instrumental performances and he is held with so much esteem.

In 2015, Mairo Ochocho got a brand new car as a gift from his boss, Tim Godfrey, and also has been gifted a couple of times before.

Mairo Uchocho is one of the most amazing and skillful gospel drummers in Nigeria.

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