Top 10 Business Blogs in Nigeria 2018 (+3)

Top 10 Business Blogs in Nigeria

Top 10 Business Blogs in Nigeria 2018 (+3)
Top 10 Business Blogs in Nigeria 2018 (+3)

In a sequential order, we give you the top 10 entrepreneurship and business blogs authored by Nigerian bloggers and tailored to audience in the country and also, in Africa. These blogs listed here cover topics on career, business, investment, tech startups, blogging and politics in business.

Here’s the exclusive list of the top 10 career and business blogs in Nigeria with 3 other equally powerful entrepreneurship-focused and business blogs added to the list…

Top 10 Business Blogs in Nigeria:


My Top Business ideas was designed for individuals in search of business ideas and how to go about the ideas.

It is a topnotch online platform frequently updated with in-depth business tutorials, tips, analysis and reports for professionals and newbies.

Since it’s inception, the business blog has been able to publish hundreds of information-packed articles tailored to professional businesspersons, entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs and businesspersons.

The online business platform provides sections containing in-depth tutorials on business ideas, starting a business, growing a business and investment.


Business Day Online is one professional news outlet frequently updated with the most current political, stock, economic and business news.

It updates stock market data, business and economic happenings across Nigeria, political news and announcements. Business Day Online is one of the most visited blogs on this list designed to keep entrepreneurs updated and current.


Wealth Result is a professionally designed blog by Darlington Omeh and his business expert team fashioned for the publication of business tips and tutorials to help guide entrepreneurs and beginners.

The blog has grown to become a business forum of some sort permitting business related questions to be asked and answered. Tips on this blog are fact-based and not misleading.

Users are able to sign up, create accounts, ask questions, interact with other users and share ideas on the platform and in different categories provided. Wealth Result covers global business news, analysis, reports, reviews and step-by-step business creation guides and articles.

It is an authority business and career blog authored by a Nigerian and is highly trafficked with thousands of visitors and registered users visiting for more relevant articles and information daily.

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Practical Business Ideas is just as the name puts it. It’s a focused business blog studded with the most direct business-based tips, tutorials and analysis.

It updates its visitors and potential clients with details pertaining to starting up a new business, details on what the exact odds are and how to go about it.

It’s a blog every businessperson should visit daily for more on business and to get business ideas that are overlooked, but could pull in millions in months if exploilted. Practical Business Ideas also provides Franchise business tips, Franchise cost, Franchise chains and opportunities.


Naira Metrics is an authority blog on finance, career, business and entrepreneurship in Nigeria. It is one of the most popular and resourceful online platform which provides trending and current information on business in Africa, financial management, business analysis and report, investment and market news from Africa’s richest economies.

The blog has overtime evolved into a business and career empire with an organized body of agency responsible for rendering financial management services to interested users and clients.

Aside these pro features of Naira Metrics, the blog publishes annual lists of announced dividends, business and investment news in Africa, especially in Nigeria. It is also beautifully designed and receives millions of page views per month.


Another really interesting business blog for startups is Startup Tips Daily, operated and updated by Stan Edom.

The blog provides it’s audience with business ideas, tips for business growth, business prospects, entrepreneurial tips and tips for beginners and professionals in general.

Its articles are tailored towards African entrepreneurs and businesspeople in Africa, guiding them on how to start and own their businesses distinctively. Though not updated daily, it is frequently updated with the most important and unique contents.


Utibe Etim is the name of a well known and respected programmer, IT expert, entrepreneur and blogger who runs

He shares business news and tips on technology, social media marketing, crafting business plans for various kinds of personal businesses and investment tips. Utibe Etim is a pioneer awardee of YouWIN! (Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria).

It’s perhaps one of the most beautifully designed blogs on the list and it’s updated severally on a daily basis with helpful and trending business news and opportunities, business offers, competitions, and funding opportunities for SMEs.

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The Total Entrepreneurs is an online resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, startups and investors looking out to explore the web. It is beautifully structured and easily navigable.

On a regular basis, quality tutorials and guides are published alongside excerpts from interviews with entrepreneurs, tech news and stories of successful business personalities.


Africa Business Class is more than just a blog, it is an organization created to help African entrepreneurs start up their own businesses, grow them and make them huge and successful business ventures. The vision for this organisation was crafted in 2007 by the CEO, Stephen OlorunNi.

Since 2007, the entrepreneurs’ empire has been in operation and has been able to establish entrepreneurs across Africa. Stephen OlorunNi got the inspiration to create this company while he was studying a book titled “The Magic of Thinking Big” by Dr. David Schwartz.

To a point, he started asking himself questions relating to why making money and self-made or created success isn’t being taught in schools. He got furious upon discovering how people spend a lot of time and money in school without learning about the most important things that make life meaningful and beautiful.

Out of passion and a burning desire to create a new school where the secrets of success and wealth will be taught, the organization was created by Stephen alongside his like-minded friends.


Next Naija Entrepreneur took me by surprise. I’ve come across just a few blogs with the same rapid growth rate as Next Naija Entrepreneur. The blog is a business and career outlet maintained and owned by Samuel Chinedu. On this blog, business development tips and entrepreneurial tips are shared.

As an entrepreneur, there are certain skills you ought to possess so as to stay longer in business and effectively manage your enterprise. Adding value is what makes an entrepreneur who he is and without this, an entrepreneur would simply be a small business person and not an entrepreneur.

These tips, coupled with in-depth tutorials are what Samuel Chinedu shares on his blog and this has driven hundreds of thousands of businesspersons (entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs) to his blog.

Adding to the beauty of this blog is the design and friendly voice behind the articles. Simplicity is also one feature of Next Naija Entrepreneur which makes visitors stay longer on the blog and read more.

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And i won’t fail to recognize the fastest growing giants in the space and niche of business blogging:


When I stumbled upon this blog, I was left with a lot to say of it’s awesomeness. Entmirror is the one of the fastest growing business and entrepreneurship blogs with the finest articles and tips.

The blog covers areas ranging from business (online and offline), motivation, career tips to blogging. Entrepreneur’s Mirror was founded by Henry Ibeleme and he is a very futuristic, promising entrepreneur and a friend.


Entrepreneur Business Blog is a resource empire online operated and maintained by Emmanuel Emenike. The blog contains relevant articles targeted at helping small business owners and entrepreneurs start, grow, manage and promote their businesses.

Emmanuel Emenike is a blossoming young entrepreneur and physicist who has appeared on lists of top writers compiled by WriteWorldwide. Emmanuel Emenike and his team of intelligent and expert entrepreneurs and writers frequently update the blog with killer articles to help guide and raise excellent entrepreneurs.

It is one of the most engaging entrepreneur and business blogs on this list as the comment section is almost never empty. Users leave their comments like it’s an entertainment blog.


If we missed Entrepreneur Nigeria, the list would be incomplete. Entrepreneur Nigeria attempts to aid entrepreneurs of all kind build and sustain their businesses.

For this cause, podcasts, guides and videos are published frequently. Profiles, net worth values and biographies of successful Nigerian entrepreneurs, businessmen and businesswomen are also published on Entrepreneur Nigeria regularly.

These biographies are made available on the blog for the purpose of serving as motivation to upcoming entrepreneurs and enterprising personalities.

With simple navigation and beautiful coloration integrated, Entrepreneur Nigeria receives thousands of visitors per month, leaving it as one of the most visited career and business focused blogs in Nigeria.

That’s all about the Top 10 Business Blogs in Nigeria by Moss9ja

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