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Mary Uranta Net Worth

Mary Uranta net worth
Mary Uranta Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


Mary Uranta is a Nigerian actress, producer and model with thousands of followers in the country. She’s famous, and this post is about Mary Uranta net worth, her career, biography, profile and a few other important facts about the actress and model. One thing that’s really obvious about this lady, is her beauty.

Mary Uranta Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Mary Data Uranta
CAREER: Model, Actress & Producer
BIRTH DATE: 1st June
NET WORTH: $450,000 Dollars

Mary Uranta Net Worth

Mary Uranta has an estimated net worth of $450,000 dollars. She runs a big-time movie production company and has earned a fortune from her movie acting career.

Mary Uranta is a Nigerian actress, a businesswoman, a producer and also a model. She’s in fact a top Nollywood actress, and has starred in several blockbuster movies.

Mary Uranta was born on the 1st of June in Port Harcourt, and she was also raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria. The beautiful lady wasn’t popular from the beginning. However, she started to become popular after she participated in the prestigious Niger Delta beauty pageant. Fortunately for her, by beauty and intelligence, she won the contest. Mary Uranta has seven siblings in total, including four half-brothers.

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Growing up, she attended a Roman Catholic Church as she was born into a Christian family. She schooled at Sacred Heart Nursery and Primary school for basic/primary knowledge acquisition, and further studied at the Rosary Girls Secondary School where she acquired secondary school education.

Mary Uranta studied Secretarial Administration at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology and graduated successfuy with a degree in the course. While in school, she gained fame quickly by actively participating in extracurricular activities. Although she wanted to study a course that would be in alignment with her passion for acting – it didn’t work out well as she wanted.

Mary Uranta by beauty won the Miss UST’s “Finest Girl” award after her participation in the contest. Her passion for acting led her to study Theatre at the London School of Arts Academy, where she acquired a postgraduate diploma in the course.

She began acting in the year 2002. Her first role debut would be in a play titled “Girls Hotel” in which Uche Jumbo also starred in. The movie was directed by Ndubisi Okoh, and produced in Nigeria. It was a mandatory requirement to be auditioned before starring in the movie and landing the critical in the play.

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After the audition, Mary was selected as the best qualified, and that’s how she got onscreen in “Girls Hostel”. She landed roles exceptionally well in the play and was starred in another movie titled “Secret Mission”. Prior to landing roles in “Girls Hostel”, and being given a lead role in “Secret Mission”.

This movie brought her to limelight in 2006, as she featured and landed roles with the younger sister of Ngozi Ezeonu. Mary got offers to be featured in several other movies after her hit movie, “Secret Mission”. Mary Uranta was an actress, but didn’t take the acting talent in her to a professional state. These movies actually revealed her in-born movie acting abilities. Mary Uranta has been starred in multiple hit movies, a few of them include “Secret Shadow”, “Love Doctor”, and “Blood Game”.

Mary Uranta, like was mentioned earlier, is a businesswoman. She’s the founder of an organization which strives to aid the less privileged children of Opobo – the Mary Uranta Foundation. She also runs a movie production company, and is a big name in the movie production sphere in Nigeria. Due to her talent and flexibility onscreen, she’s been able to steal some awards at Awards ceremonies.

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Mary Uranta has won not just 1 award, but a lot with nominations for awards. She bagged the “Best Actress” award at the fourth season of the City People Awards on the 14th of July, 2013. For her contributions to Nollywood as an actress, she was crowned an award by the African Youth Ambassadors Awards. She also earned a nomination as the “Best Actress” at the Best of Nollywood Awards ceremony. The beauty was featured as the dazzling face of RedKarpet Professional Photography in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Mary Uranta is currently unmarried. She’s an entrepreneur, living big and has her hands busy with her business ventures.

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