Drake and Rihanna: Who is Richer?

Drake and Rihanna: Who is Richer?
Drake and Rihanna: Who is Richer?

“God’s Plan” by Drake stole my heart. Got me and a whole others thinking and rethinking; could Drake be the richest rapper alive? Well, we’ve got Jay Z and Dr. Dre, so that was a quick big NO. He spent a total of $996,631,90 dollars in the music video and gave money to random people on the streets and other places.

Drake surely is one of the most loved rappers in the United States. Back to our question with the “NO” answer, Drake may not be the richest rapper right now, but he’s hell richer than a lot of rappers of the century. Rihanna would be our best guest in this post, is Drake richer than Rihanna.

Her name rings a bell every time and everyday. She’s a fashionista, talent packed musician and dancer with over 100 million followers on Facebook, Twitter, and the trendy Instagram. Who’s richer between Rihanna and Drake? I’ll tell you…

Drake and Rihanna: Who is Richer?

Rihanna’s Net Worth

Rihanna has got millions of wannabes across the different continents – she’s beautiful and fashion crazy. Rihanna is a top American singer, and dancer. She started a music group in 2003 with two of her classmates and soon attracted Barbados, a music producer in the United States.

Rihanna’s music was modern and largely appraised. As time flew past, Barbados invited Rihanna over to his house to record some demo track. She soon got signed to Syndicated Rhythm Productions, and was exposed to lots of opportunities. Rihanna’s songs weren’t always unproduced, they went viral easily and she gained fans quickly.

It got to Jay Z that she’s super talented and pretty unique after he listened to a few of her Recordings, and soon, Rihanna got signed into Jay Z’s Def Jam Records.

Under the Def Jam Records, her musical career skyrocketed. She produced hits that went certified platinum, won awards numerous times, and got on the news several times for her incredible hit releases.

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Rihanna also starred in movies produced in the US, and has collaborated with several big-time rappers and singers in the United States, including Dr. Dre, and Eminem. She currently has an estimated net worth of $260 million dollars.

Drake’s Net Worth

Drake is a top earning American music act, producer, and actor. He’s a clever singer and rapper with modern rapping patterns. At this moment, Drake is one of America’s biggest rappers in the music industry. He’s also one of the most successful rappers in the world.

Drake was born in Toronto, Canada, as Aubrey Drake Graham in 1986, October 24. Drake as a kid back then starred in “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, which was a popular teen drama aired and produced in Canada. As times got by, Drake began recording songs and uploading them to his MySpace account.

Eventually, his Mixtapes which he uploaded to MySpace got seen by the founder of Rap-A-Lot record label, James Prince. James liked it, and sent Lil Wayne some of Drake’s uploaded Mixtapes. Lil Wayne also got to like the records, and soon invited Drake over to tour with him in Houston.

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Lil Wayne and Drake got closer, and in 2009, the big deal happened. Lil Wayne got Drake signed into his record label, Young Money Entertainment. From the label, Drake met and musically worked with a handful of popular musicians in the United States.

Ever since, Drake has released multiple award winning albums, won several musical awards, and has signed multimillion dollar endorsement deals with Apple, Sprite, and Adidas. Currently, Drake has an estimated net worth of $140 million dollars.

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