Travis Greene Net Worth

Travis Greene Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age
Travis Greene Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


Travis Greene is a gospel musician known worldwide with millions of fans and lovers. This piece is about Travis Greene net worth, biography, how he began playing musical instruments, his journey, background, and also about his musical career.

Travis Greene Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Travis Montorius Greene
CAREER: Gospel Musician & Pastor
BIRTH DATE: 17th January, 1984
DISPLAY NAME: Travis Greene
NET WORTH: $2.4 Million Dollars

Travis Greene Net Worth

Travis Greene has an estimated net worth of $2.4 million dollars. He earns from ministering at music concerts organized across the continents of the world. Travis Greene has ministered as a gospel artiste at several gospel music programmes and concerts.

He has worked with a lot of prominent names in the sphere of gospel music. These names include Tye Tribbett, Micah Stampley, William McDowell, Nathaniel Bassey, Jonathan McReynolds, and a host of other popular gospel musicians.

He is more into Jesus than music as he spends most time at home worshiping God than working on musical singles and albums. Travis Greene gives all glory to God for keeping him, and worship is one of the ways he uses in glorifying God who he believes is the master behind his musical career and his ability to sing.

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Travis believes that is serving God is the ultimate goal, and with his net worth and wealth, he’s not moved by material items. According to Travis Greene, money is important in life, but cannot be measured with the joy derived in worshipping God; nothing compares to it, and Jesus is the most important to him than any form of material thing, money included.

Travis Greene is a talented gospel musician with more than just musical knowledge, but with intense love for God. He was birthed on the 17th of January, 1984. He’s an American gospel musician, and pastor.

Travis Greene was a pastor before he began singing and releasing gospel songs that have captured the hearts of many for God. He’s alive today only because Jesus saved him not just onetime, but twice, and has kept him till this moment.

Travis Greene has been a miracle ever since his birth. He was called stillbirth by doctors at the hospital he was born in, and his life has been one of many events unfolding in series.

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On the birth of Travis Greene, he was pronounced stillbirth, but his mother, Charleather Greene who served in the military, and was a minister in the military, refused to accept the claim of the doctors. Travis wouldn’t breathe when he was born, and pressure spanned through the hearts of everyone in the hospital room.

Just after Charlearther prayed, her son began breathing. It was an unbelievable experience that left the doctors surprised altogether. At the age of four, Travis Greene fell from the fourth floor balcony and was pronounced dead by doctors after being rushed to the hospital. There an then, his mother prayed again, refusing the doctor’s claims, and Travis was restored back to life by Jesus.

At the age of 5, Travis Greene lost his Dad to aneurysm. At this time, he had no business with music neither did he have any interest in becoming a professional singer later on. His interest in music was one that grew suddenly, especially after he discovered he was gifted by Jesus to play any musical instrument.

Travis Greene grew up in Georgia where he also schooled alongside his siblings Shalonda, and Kim. His mother served in the military, and was a traveller who moved to Germany, Columbus, and Georgia.

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Travis Greene’s career as a gospel musician began on the 4th of December, 2007, when he released his debut album titled “The More” He released another album titled “Stretching Out” which peaked #27 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums chart.

In 2015, with the release of his hit single titled “Intentional” which peaked #1 on the Billboard Top 100 gospel chart, Travis rose to limelight. Ever since till this moment, he has received awards, and Grammy nominations for his unique songs. Travis Greene is a pastor, leading the body of Christ in a gathering; a Church named Forward City Church, located in Columbia, South Carolina.

Travis Greene is currently married to his wife, Jackie Greene, and they live happily with their children in South Carolina. He’s a pastor, and a gospel musician who travels to different countries with purpose of entertaining the people of God, and transforming when through the Word of God and music.

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