Sim Shagaya Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

Sim Shagaya Net Worth

Sim Shagaya Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age
Sim Shagaya Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


Today, Nigeria has produced millions of successful entrepreneurs, and one of these successful entrepreneurs and founders of significant innovations is Sim Shagaya who is commonly known as the founder of one of the largest e-commerce websites in West Africa – This is going to be about the net worth, biography, profile, and entrepreneurial journey of Sim Shagaya – the multimillionaire entrepreneur, businessman, and investor.

Sim Shagaya Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Sim Shagaya
CAREER: Entrepreneur & Businessman
NET WORTH: $70 Million Dollars

Sim Shagaya Net Worth

Sim Shagaya has an estimated net worth of $70 million dollars. He is a business mogul, and also the founder of, and DealDey (a day-to-day deal website). Sim Shagaya is the CEO of DealDey, and holds high position in Konga. is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria currently.

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It enables customers to order goods online, and the ordered goods are delivered to them within specific period. Sim Shagaya earns from business deals has the highest stakes in Konga, and DealDey. He is a wealthy, innovative, and smart personality with entrepreneurial skill.

Sim Shagaya is a known entrepreneur in Africa. He is the founder, and former chief executive director of Konga – one of the biggest electronic shopping websites in the whole of West Africa.

Sim Shagaya is the executive CEO of a website centred on daily deals – DealDey. The entrepreneur and brilliant CEO of DealDey was listed among the 10 Most Powerful Men in Africa by Forbes in 2014 due to his influence, innovation, and connection.

He was give birth to in Nigeria, and attended the Nigerian Military School. Sim Shagaya schooled at tertiary outside Nigeria and graduated with a good degree. Most of his schooling was done in the United States, and he also served in the Nigerian Army after rounding off his education from the Nigerian Military School.

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He attended Dartmouth College, and the George Washington University, from both of which he graduated successfully with a degree. In the 2000s, Sim Shagaya obtained an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School where he studied and acquired knowledge pertaining business and entrepreneurship.

After his education in the US, he worked as a banker for the Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa. This was before he founded, and After working with the Bank for some time, he relocated to Nigeria, and was made the Head of Google for Africa.

In November 2005, Sim Shagaya founded a company called E-Motion. The company was based in Lagos, and was a billboard advert company. Sim Shagaya has cited successful entrepreneur and businessman Hakeem Bello-Osagie as being very significant in his entrepreneurial journey.

Just before he founded Konga and DealDey, he established other websites like Micah JobClan, iNollyWood, Gbogbo, and Alarena. These websites didn’t make it passed the success line. In March 2011, he launched DealDey.

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The company, DealDey was eventually launched after he gave the board members of E-Motion to invest in it (DealDey), which they did. He founded Konga later after founding DealDey, on the 3rd of July, 2012, with capital from Kinnevik – an investment firm based in Sweden.

There’s no news about the marital life of Sim Shagaya, if he’s married or unmarried. From research, Sim Shagaya isn’t married at this time. He is into business, and planning to skyrocket the impact and reach of DealDey while keeping a thorough watch at Konga. He is one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs below 50 in Nigeria at the moment.

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