Mark Essien Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

Mark Essien Net Worth

Mark Essien Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age
Mark Essien Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


Mark Essien is a Nigerian entrepreneur, investor, and businessman. He’s the founder of popular online hotel booking website, This post is a rundown of Mark Essien’s net worth, biography, and career.

Mark Essien Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Mark Anthony Essien
CAREER: Entrepreneur
BIRTH DATE: 18th December, 1980
NET WORTH: $8 Million Dollars

Mark Essien Net Worth

Mark Essien has an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars. He earns from his business deals and He’s one of Nigeria’s most innovative internet entrepreneurs who have created online ventures accessible and relevant to several millions of people including foreigners.

His creation,, raised $225, 000 in seed funding from Jason Njoku’s in 2013. already had over 6,707 hotels on its network as at April 2015. Mark Essien is an insightful Nigerian entrepreneur and software developer born in Akwa Ibom State. He’s the CEO of, the biggest hotel booking website in Nigeria.

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Mark Anthony Essien made the Forbes list of Africa’s youngest entrepreneurs in 2015. He also made it to the list of Techcabal’s “21 Nigerian Tech CEOs At The Top Of Their Game” in April 2015. is problem-solving, it gets commission for from hotels per booking. Mark Essien has also been nominated for the Nigeria Future awards.

Mark is happily married to (Jenni Naiaretti) Jennifer Essien, who is also a software developer. They got married on the 10th of January, 2017. The marriage was held at Oxford in the United Kingdom.

Being a successful entrepreneur, Mark spills tips for building a business through leveraging networks. Mark Essien is a TedX speaker, giving insights on how the African continent can make the first run in global technology space at TedXEuston and TedXGbagada.

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Mark Essien was born on the 18th of December, 1980 in Akawa Ibom State. Mark Essien programmed a file sharing software called “Gnumm” which was acquired by This was followed by the creation of a language learning startup called Ingolingo.

Mark Anthony Essien was brought up in Ikot Ekpene. His father, Anthony Paul Essien is a charismatic political figure in Akwa Ibom. Anthony Paul Essien also served as Special Advisor on Economic Affairs to Governor of the state during the Third Republic.

Mark Essien’s mother, Monika in 1978 emigrated from Germany to Nigeria. Monika owns a children’s school (Monika Kindergarten) in Ikot Ekpene, where Mark was brought up. Mark Essien spent 19 years of his life in Ikot Ekpene. He first attended his mother’s school, then after he attended a Federal Government College in Ikot Ekpene.

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He moved to Germany for his university education after his study at Federal Government College, Ikot Ekpene. He studied Computer Engineering (B.Eng) at Beuth Hochschule and Computer Science at Freie Universitat Berlin (M.Sc). Mark taught himself how to program when he took a job as a cinema attendant. This was just within the 18 months it took him to complete his German language program and A-Levels.

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