Cosmas Maduka Net Worth

Cosmas Maduka Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age
Cosmas Maduka Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


Cosmas Maduka is a Nigerian businessman and entrepreneur known as the chief executive officer and chairman of a BMW distributor in Nigeria – Coscharis Group of Companies. Cosmas Maduka is a very literate man, and business-oriented as he has gathered lots of experience from trade even as a growing child. This post is about the net worth of Cosmas Maduka, his biography, and business career.

Cosmas Maduka Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Cosmas Maduka
CAREER: Entrepreneur
BIRTH DATE: 24th December, 1958
DISPLAY NAME: Cosmas Maduka
NET WORTH: $800 Million Dollars

Cosmas Maduka Net Worth

Cosmas Maduka has an estimated net worth of $800 million dollars. He’s the chief executive officer of Coscharis Group of Companies, and it is believed the company is the primary income source for the businessman. It is also a fact that Cosmas Maduka earns from other business deals and earns from other channels notwithstanding his position in the BMW distribution business.

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Cosmas Maduka was given birth to on the 24th of December, 1958 to Mr and Mrs Peter and Rose Maduka. He was born in the city of Jos, but is a native of Nnewi, Anambra state, Nigeria. Education for Mr Cosmas Maduka wasn’t all rosy and beautiful like it was for many blossoming entrepreneurs of today. Due to lack of finance, he stopped primary schooling prematurely and helped his mother in selling Bean cake – a food commonly referred to as Akara.

From helping his mother, he travelled to city with the help of a man who would eventually become his boss. The relationship between him and his boss grew sour at some point, and Cosmas was shown the way out of care by his boss.

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He got married at an early age to his wife, Mrs. Charity Maduka. Interestingly, the marriage has lived for over 40 years and produced 5 children all the way. His boss however left him with the service pay of N200 naira. Cosmas got into partnership and named it “Maduka Brothers” with his brother who eventually left the business.

On a good day, the entrepreneur and now prominent businessman patronized Boulous Enterprises spare parts company, purchasing motorcycle spare parts from the company. That day, a new idea known as motorcycle crash ban hit him.

He purchased a lot of spare parts and took the Boulous Enterprises label off the products he bought. Later, he partnered with a friend called David, establishing a company named CosDav with his friend. The company stood for a stint but crashed eventually due to differences in the ideas of both parties. After this, Cosmas Maduka founded his own standalone company combining his name and that of his wife to form it – Coscharis Motors.

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The company is known today as Coscharis Group of Companies and it was granted importation license in 1982 by the Federal Government of Nigeria alongside 9 other companies. In 1988, the company gained exclusive rights to market BMW car products, and today, Coscharis Group of Companies markets foreign car products including Ford, Range Rover Sports, and MG.

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