Brian Dean Net Worth

Brian Dean Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age
Brian Dean Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


In the field of internet marketing, several gurus are quick to providing topnotch working steps to attain the greatest results from whatever marketing strategy and with whatever product being advertised online.

Today, attention is drawn to a brilliant CEO and internet entrepreneur known as Brian Dean. He’s the founder of quality marketing blog, This post is briefly about the net worth and career of Brian Dean.

Brian Dean Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Brian Dean
CAREER: Blogger & Internet Marketer
NET WORTH: $2 Million Dollars

Brian Dean Net Worth

Brian Dean has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars. He makes most of his money from affiliate marketing with web hosting companies, and search engine optimization tool producing companies.

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He also earns from marketing consultation, and from his blog big-time. Brian Dean has been able to make a fortune from blogging and internet marketing as his blog is one of the best resources on link building and search engine ranking techniques and strategies.

His blog, Backlinko, us visited by over 200,000 readers, and he is followed by hundred thousands of people on social networks. He has been recognized by several authority magazines and internet news and content platforms as one of the best internet marketers and search engine optimizers today.

Brian Dean is an SEO and link building expert who is the best in the business (according to Neil Patel of He’s the CEO of mega SEO blog, Brian Dean is a seasoned blogger. His blog is worth millions of dollars and the content he provides are unmatchable.

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Brian didn’t just make it big with Backlinko overnight, he had failed 5 times with 5 online businesses before Backlinko. The blog is worth millions of dollars and was built to help online business owners generate more revenue, get more traffic and increase sales.

Brian Dean currently lives in Berlin, Germany. He has made a brand name for himself with his “meaty” blog posts on link building, organic traffic and email marketing tips.

His posts are sometimes as long as 7000 words and comments run into hundreds and sometimes, thousands. Backlinko has grown to become a Brand online and one of the most reputable blogs on search engine optimization.

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Brian Dean built his million dollar digital marketing blog, Backlinko while he travelled to and in countries like Japan, Turkey, Spain and Thailand. He kept developing new ways where there weren’t and improving on his skills consistently. Brian Dean is now a professional online business consultant and SEO expert.

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