Wizkid and E Money: Who is the Richest?

Wizkid and E Money: Who is the Richest?

Who is richer between E Money and Wizkid, what’s their net worth? Wizkid as you know is a big-time Nigerian musician and CEO of a record label.

Wizkid is one of the richest musicians in Nigeria according to current data and he has toured in several international States outside Africa. Wizkid is also on the payroll of multiple brands in Nigeria.

This means he makes a lot of money off endorsement deals and also from his musical record sales. On the other side of this contest, E Money, known well as Emeka Okonkwo is the CEO of a record label in Nigeria, and also a businessman. Several sources stated that he’s a multi billionaire as he a big gainer in the oil & gas industry. E Money is interestingly the younger brother to Kcee, a Nigerian musician.

The billionaire, E Money, doesn’t play it simple with luxury as he flaunts flashy items wherever and whenever he gets a slight chance to. I observed how often readers stroll into Google and ask a question pertaining who’s got more money between E Money and Wizkid. Well, I’m here to put up an answer. Who’s richer between E Money and Wizkid? Find out soon…

Wizkid Net Worth

Wizkid Net Worth

Wizkid Ayo, now fondly called Baba Nla, is one of the biggest stars in the Nigerian music industry. He’s a talented vocalist, songwriter, and multiple award winning founder of buzzing record label – StarBoy Entertainment. Wizkid has made the Nigerian music scene fun. He has released lots and lots of hit songs clubhouses cannot easily move along without.

Formerly signed to Empire Mates Entertainment owned by Banky W, Wizkid broke out with his hit single titled “Holla at Your Boy”. Now, he’s busy doing music with the biggest guys in the music industry worldwide – guys like Jay Z, Chris Brown, Drake, and Future. Wizkid has bagged a lot of awards you and I can’t start counting right now. He has also penned multimillion naira endorsement deals which make up a part of his net worth significantly.

He earns from his music label – StarBoy Entertainment, from music sales, endorsement deals, show bookings, music video views on YouTube, and quite a few other deals and offers normal famous musicians get vulnerable to. In 2012, Wizkid penned a $350,000 dollar endorsement deal with a top drink brand worldwide – Pepsi. In the same year, Baba Nla penned another juicy endorsement deal reportedly worth N40 million naira with network provider headquartered in South Africa – MTN.

Wizkid also signed a N100 million naira ambassadorial deal with GLO, and a deal worth several millions with Guiness Nigeria. Quite amazingly, Wizkid is a signee under the Sony Music label, and he’s now restrained from producing any local music video. He’s never a free artiste as he’s booked to perform at shows every month in a year, pulling in over N5 million naira per show booking. Wizkid has a net worth of $25 million dollars currently.

E Money Net Worth

E Money Net Worth
E Money is a Nigerian entrepreneur, businessman and investor. He’s the CEO of Five Star Music – a topnotch music recording label in Nigeria. As was mentioned, he’s the younger to Kcee, a topnotch Nigerian musician. E Money has a number of income channels aside being the CEO of Five Star Music. He’s into Oil & Gas, and he’s one of the biggest young guys in the business.

Known as Emeka Okonkwo, E Money is the respectable chief executive officer of Emmy Cargoes Limited. He’s a billionaire and has properties worth several millions of naira. E Money doesn’t live simple, he loves the lavish lifestyle. He literarily lives like a king, and he’s one of the richest celebrities in Nigeria. E Money spends lots of money on vehicles.

Well, he has some of the most expensive rides among Nigerian celebs, and his house? His house is an exquisitely designed and well furnished mansion. Oftentimes, he rocks a white Jalamia apparel and eyeglasses. E Money earns from his record label – Five Star Music, but not nearly as much as he earns from his Oil & Gas firm – Emmy Cargoes Limited.

He also gets contracts and other business deals entirely not known to public eyes and ears. Mr. Emeka Okonkwo has SUVs worth millions of naira, sport cars, and other properties valued at millions. He deals with foreign and local clients from Nigeria, and also travels to other countries occasionally. E Money has an outstanding net worth of $27 million dollars.

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