Tboss Net Worth

Tboss Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age
Tboss (Tokunbo Idowu) Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


This post is about Tboss net worth, biography, profile, her experience with the BBNAIJA 2017 housemates, and her lifestyle. Known originally as Tokunbo Idowu, she’s impulsive in nature. This attribute made her noticed big-time during her stay in the BBNaija house 2017.

She’s regarded as the “boss nation” Queen and the lady with “extra ordinary breasts” – Akpororo jokingly called her breasts a healer on stage. Keep scrolling to know more about the biography, profile, and net worth of Tokunbo Idowu.

Tboss Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Tokunbo Idowu
BIRTH DATE: 9th March, 1984
NET WORTH: $120,000 Dollars
ENDORSEMENT DEALS: Shirleys Confectionary, Instant Pickup

Tboss Net Worth

Tboss has an estimated net worth of $120,000 dollars. She’s a popular Nigerian TV star who rose to fame after her participation in the Big Brother Naija reality TV show in 2017.

Tboss earns from a number of income streams, including deals from brands and companies who pay her heavily to dazzle in their adverts, and to advertise their product on her social media accounts.

Tokunbo Idowu who is commonly known as Tboss signed an ambassadorial deal with Shirleys Confectionery in June 2017, and also an ambassadorial deal with Instant Pickup – an online laundry services application. She’s enjoying the fame spot and all the goodies that comes with it, including easy offers and deals from and with brands.

Tboss’s original name is Tokunbo Idowu and her common name “Tboss” is the name she used as an housemate and a participant in the BBNAIJA show, 2017. “T” in the “Tboss” obviously represents her first name – Tokunbo. The “boss” in her name “Tboss” represents a gallant lady and her bossy nature. She was given birth to on the 9th of March, 1984, and is a native of Edo State, Nigeria.

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After the end of the 2017 edition of Big Brother Naija, Tboss grew extremely famous and people just couldn’t stop talking about the beautiful lady. This was basically because she was hard to not notice in the Big Brother House, and was very unique among other housemates.

Growing up for Tboss wasn’t all too easy. She attended a boarding school, and found it uneasy to make new friends because she was emotionally unstable. She recounts fighting depression, loneliness, and worst of all, she always came in contact with the wrong type of people.

Tboss’ parents are from different countries. Her Dad is a Nigerian, and her Mom, a Romanian. They both were strict to her and her siblings. Tboss narrates her childhood to be fun, and she doesn’t mention she had a rough childhood although her parents were not too calm with her.

After rounding off primary and secondary school, she studied for a period of 9 months at the University of Lagos before moving to Romania. There in Romania she completed her studies.

Tboss is a reality TV star who rose t fame after her participation in the famous Big Brother Naija show hosted in 2017. Two scenes made her popular among other participants in the house. The first happened when a housemate known as Kemen assaulted Tboss while she slept.

This was filmed live and caught on camera. The second one would thrill you literally – Tboss failed to correctly recite the National Anthem of Nigeria in the middle of a Dare game. Tboss is a blunt type of a person.

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She’s elegant, has an open mind, and she’s a fashionista who rocks wears so nicely. In an interview with Urban96FM, the eloquent lady mentioned that she would never participate in the BBNaija reality show even if she was paid N50 million naira to do so.

The 2017 Episode of BBNaija Reality Television Show

The BBNaija reality show actually started way back in 2006. The show had 14 contestants at the very beginning, and these contestants were put in the Big Brother House in South Africa. These 14 contestants did their best to win a cool cash price of $100,000 dollars. This cash was claimed by the single winner of the show which was centered in South Africa.

The 3-month in-house contest started it’s maiden season on the 5th of March 2006, and ended on the 4th of June, 2006 with Katung Aduwak emerging winner of the first show. After 11 years of not being heard about, the BBNAIJA hosted its second season in 2017. The show got popular so very easily, and the winner, Efe Ejeba, was declared after the end of the show in 2017. The show which is usually streamed live was known initially as Big Brother of Nigeria.

It was initiated to select 12 to 14 participants, and make them live their lives in a private house for 3 months, after which the winner would go home with a huge cash prize. BBNaija operates in a way that’s similar to politics. Every week, the participants nominate those who they think should be evicted from the house. These nominees are marked for eviction, but can be meant to stay longer in the house by being voted for by fans from all over Africa.

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The fans get the chance to make their most loved participants stay in the house longer to the point of winning by simply voting them. The votes from the audience and lovers of the BBNaija show are verified by Alexander-Forbes auditing company and are also processed.

The housemates or participants of the show are usually being watched through cameras placed in corners of the entire house. They also put on audio microphones throughout their stay in the house. At the end of the 3-month contest, the most qualified, preferred, and most voted for gets a huge cash prize, and a clean car.

At the moment, Tboss isn’t married and there’s no reliable news of her being in a relationship. The hard times and depression she fought back then as a growing child played a lot in making it hard to find friends, and keep them. Tboss also finds it hard to open up, let it known what she’s thinking and how she truly feels.

From observations, she made the Big Brother Naija a bit more famous, and he was one of the most elite participants in the BBNaija reality show, 2017. Tboss is currently enjoying the goodies that follows being famous, despite not winning the reality show, she’s still living happy and fine.

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