Steve Crown Net Worth

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Hey! Today's a bright day hopefully, this post is going to be about Steve Crown net worth, biography, age, and profile. Steve Crown is a gospel musician in Nigeria, and his name has travelled around the whole nation, and also hovered across other African countries.

Steve Crown Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Uche Okolo
CAREER: Gospel Musician
NET WORTH: $70,000 Dollars

Steve Crown Net Worth

Steve Crown has an estimated net worth of $70,000 dollars. He is a gospel musician with millions of music fans in Nigeria and other African States.

Steve Crown gets paid to minister at mega concert, and he is booked regularly to hold to mic and transform lives at different Christian gatherings, churches, crusades and other programmes.

He earns over N150,000 naira per programme ministration, and he earns from his music sales. His songs easily go viral and with over 7 million fans and lovers in Nigeria alone, Steve Crown pockets millions of naira from the sales of his singles.

Steve Crown is a renowned gospel singer in Nigeria. His speed and growth in the industry of gospel music is like none recorded before. He is a worshiper from the heart, and also a good songwriter.

Steve Crown was born as Uche Okolo in Abuja state, Nigeria. He is a native of Benue state, but was born in Abuja state. Growing up, he had the dream of becoming a Lawyer.

This dream of his came into reality after he rounded off his primary and secondary education, and then got admitted into the University of Abuja to study Law.

He now holds a National Diploma in Law upon graduating successfully from the University of Abuja. Steve Crown also studied Office Management and Technology at the Federal Polytechnic, Zamfara.

Interestingly, Steve Crown began singing at age 4. By the time he clocked 8 years of age, he joined the choir at his local church. At the time, he began learning the drum at his local Anglican Church. According to Steve Crown, his parents grew irritated due to his frequent drumming.

Although he was a good singer, he didn't take it very seriously. Rather he'd paint and perform visual arts. Out of the will of destiny, he decided to create something unique and that's how he came up with "You Are Great". The song was a big hit and it happened that this song was just a debut single.

Steve didn't take fame and money as the goal, he wanted lives to be transformed by the song, other good things followed. Today, he travels to different to different cities in Nigeria, and has gathered a lot of fans in Nigeria alone.

Steve Crown is currently unmarried. He's a very handsome guy, and as a gospel musician, his looks has attracted more temptation than ever. As the founder of Lakelight Entertainment, Steve Crown runs the music company, and travels across Nigeria and other states to minister in music.

He hopes to get married soon and get himself freed of all the negative attention and attraction he's getting from female folks in the country. Steve Crown is a unique music public figure in the gospel industry and thousands of gospel musicians look up to him.

Steve Crown owns a record label known as Lakelight Entertainment. The music label was founded by Steve Crown to push up "up-and-coming" gospel musicians in Nigeria. He has released other singles including "We Wait on You", "You Alone", and "Imela".

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