Floyd Mayweather and Jay Z: Who is Richer?

Floyd Mayweather and Jay Z: Who is Richer?
Floyd Mayweather and Jay Z: Who is Richer?

Floyd Mayweather and Jay Z are popular names in Boxing and Music respectively. They both happen to have the fattest account in their sphere and career, they’ve been awarded severally and has made Forbes list a couple of times for being the best at something, and today there’s going to be a sharp distinction between their lavish lives and who’s got it up with the money.

Who’s richer between Floyd Mayweather and Jay Z? These facts are gathered from Forbes, Celebritynetworth and a couple of other sources and put here for enlightenment.

Floyd Mayweather and Jay Z: Who is Richer?

Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth & Fortune

Floyd Mayweather net worth and fortune

Floyd Mayweather was a retired boxer until his pending, high staking and awaited fight with Conor McGregor.

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He is known as the best boxer of this time, but that’ll be known for sure if he’s gonna be the man of the era with McGregor in ring.

He’s lost no fight since he started his career, and that means a lot of millions rolling into his account after every won fight. He has proven to the world of boxing his mix of speed, force and instincts cannot be matched.

Floyd Mayweather has held six Championships in five different boxing weight classes including one Junior Welterweight, two Welterweight, Lightweight, Super Featherweight and Super Welterweight Championships.

Floyd Mayweather gets familiar with using these words “we got the money, we don’t get to wear suits” in conversation with Conor McGregor, whom he defeated in ring on August 26.

He had a record of 49 wins and 0 loss which translated to 50 wins and 0 loss after August 26, 2017. He appeared on Sports Illustrated and Forbes List of Highest Paid Athletes as #1 in 2013 and was officially announced by Forbes as The World’s Highest Paid Athlete.

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Currently, Floyd owes the IRS a whooping $22.2 million and has not been able to pay off this dept. He has an estimated net worth of $560 million dollars.

Jay Z’s Net Worth & Fortune

Jay z net worth and fortune

Shawn Jay Z Carter is an American model in music, a rap idol and award winning musician. He’s married to Beyoncé Knowles and they have a combined net worth of over $1 billion US dollars.

Jay Z is also a businessman and an actor. In 2007, this rapper sold a clothing label, Rocawear, for a whole $204 million dollars. The following year in 2008, he achieved a 10-year $150 million dollar fortune from signing a Live Nation deal.

He was announcedh severally as the richest musician alive severally as he has stakes in New Jersey and 40/40 Club Chain.

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Shawn Carter also holds stakes in ad Translation and sold out over 101 million copies of his music albums globally. Jay Z was birthed on the 4th of December in 1969. He was born in New York (precisely in Brooklyn, New York City).

He got married in 2008 to Beyoncé Knowles and they have a daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. Beyoncé announced this year in February that she’s pregnant, and it’s a twins.

Jay Z has earned 21 Grammy Awards and a number of nominations for his award-winning songs and collaborations. According to Celebritynetworth, Jay Z has an estimated net worth of $930 million dollars.

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