Broda Shaggi Net Worth 2019

Broda Shaggi

Broda Shaggi is a fast rising Nigerian comedian, actor, voiceover artiste and scripter with an estimated net worth of $200,000 dollars.

How he earns his money?

From what is known, Broda Shaggi earns from YouTube videos monetization.

He gets thousands of views per video and this in turn fetches him cool cash.

Broda Shaggi is also paid as a comic actor to advertise a brand, event or something else by an individual or brand.

He's now very well known with over 300,000 followers on Instagram, these followers earn him a ton of money as well.

He gets paid to advertise on both his Instagram and YouTube accounts through his comic videos.

Broda Shaggi gets booked to perform his unique "question-and-answer" skits at comedy shows.

He has even performed live on stage with Ayo Makun, Mr Ibu, Josh 2 Funny, Lasisi Elenu, and other comic acts of utmost reputation in the entertainment industry.

Currently his three primary sources of income would be bookings to perform at shows, comedy video monetization, and advert placement.


Everyone has been searching about this handsome agbero, or as he calls himself "Fineboy Agbero".

He's a new internet sensation who had gone nationwide with his unique style of comedy.

His name is Samuel Animashaun and he was born on the 6th of July.

The date of birth of Broda Shaggi isn't known yet, maybe he doesn't want us to know about the year he was born.

Broda Shaggi's comic skits are unique. People love different things and can easily relate to his videos.

His videos are mostly about the recent happenings in the country.

He uses these videos, although in a comically crazy way to represent and air his views about recent occurrences in the country.

A very unique thing about him is that he's able to turn serious issues and make a big joke off it.

Snake swallowed N36 million naira in Nigeria, the Nigerian president said Nigerian youths are lazy, Monkeys ran away with N70 million naira, Big Brother Naija is the reigning reality show in Nigeria

...these events have been repeatedly hilariously scorned and comically commented on by Broda Shaggi.

These events are put into questions and asked Broda Shaggi by a pretty lady we all know as Aunty Shaggi.


The Nigerian actor, comedian, voiceover artiste, scriptwriter, and singer (yes he sings), had a strong passion to act as a child.

He was a good child actor but wasn't having the opportunity to act as a child.

The passion to act as a child as tough in him so much so that he could wait to grow into adulthood.

Unfortunately, Broda Shaggi didn't venture into his comedy career on time.

He always had the ability and capability, the traits and looks of a comedian even as a child.

Gestures and other features in "Broda Shaggi" has crowned him a unique comic act today.

In a interview, Broda Shaggi revealed that his Dad, who is now late, encouraged him to venture into comedy.

His father saw all the good abilities and features of a good actor in Broda Shaggi because himself was an actor who taught drama in school.

His father taught drama as a teacher at the Mayflower Junior School in Ogun State, precisely in Ikenne.

Prior to becoming the Broda Shaggi we all know him to be, Samuel Animashaun interpreted and landed roles in drama plays.

At a time in the past, he portrayed the roles of Akonni Ibadan, Inspector Perry, and Professor Dele.

Like very many people who eventually become great at something, Broda Shaggi had a burning passion for comedy but at first took it not so serious.

He took a step to lift his comedy career while he studied at the University of Lagos.

Broda Shaggi loves making people laugh out their sorrows and forget about their current unpleasant predicament. He finds joy in doing so.

According to him, what really made him venture into comedy was the joy he gained from making people laugh and forget about the ugly economic condition.

The Birth of the name "Broda Shaggi"

"Shaggi" is pronounced same way as "Shaggy" which has the dictionary meaning of "rough, rugged, and jaggy" - similar traits inborn in Broda Shaggi.

Samuel Animashaun picked the name "Broda Shaggi" as his brand name not out of too many meditation.

He overhead some mechanics joking with the word on day he visited the workshop of his mechanic, and BOOM! he liked it.

The name sounded cool because it could make people laugh easily, it's a formal word that's not too official.

He began using the name and a good about it was, people easily remembered the name, in a way; it represented the personality of Broda Shaggi.

Fame & Limelight

Broda Shaggi was gently doing his comedy thing until he dropped a hit skit that blew the comic sphere open.

The hit comedy skit was the "Jesus appeared in Mushin" skit.

Crazily, he was asked by Aunty Shaggi what he would do if Jesus appeared in Mushin?

Guess what his answer was...

Broda Shaggi said he would get area boys to hold time, he would take him to the popular Quilox Nightclub, order drinks and collect money from him.

This is just a writeup, the video is a million times better, and if you love Broda Shaggi...

Watch it.

This particular comedy skit was viewed by several thousand eyeballs and got lots of comments.

The video was all over YouTube, Facebook and Instagram gathering thousands of views and even more comments.

The video got likes in thousands, but was criticised by a few celebrities who considered the video a mock video of Jesus Christ.

Broda Shaggi responded to these criticisms as he said he would've done it in no other way as an actor.

The celebrities insisted he took the video down instead, but what's live is live.

Aunty Shaggi: The Pretty Interviewer

Aunty Shaggi

Who's Aunty Shaggi?

Well, she's the pretty questionnaire who throws the funny questions to Broda Shaggi.

Fans of Broda Shaggi are already concluding on the relationship status of Aunty & Broda Shaggi.

Well, Broda Shaggi and Aunty Shaggi are into no intimate relationship.

Samuel Animashaun and Sophia Uriren (Aunty Shaggi) met in November 2017 at a movie venue.

They became friends from there and when Samuel Animashaun shared his idea with Aunty Shaggi, she wanted to be a part of it.

Broda Shaggi & Uche Jumbo Relationship

In an interview, Broda Shaggi answering a question pertaining what Nollywood actress he would go on a date with it given a free ticket and chance to, he picked Uche Jumbo.

According to him, Uche Jumbo doesn't let the whole celebrity thing get into her head.

Despite being on of the most prominent Nollywood actresses, she's humble.

Broda Shaggi also mentioned that he rapports easily with Uche Jumbo, and that she's like an elder sibling to him.

Uche Jumbo gave Broda Shaggi a platform in her TV series to show his acting skills and abilities.

Personal Life

Broda Shaggi isn't married.

Currently, he's living well in Lagos and looking for ways to take his career to the top level like other topnotch comedians in the entertainment industry.

He's working with Aunty Shaggi daily, and is also enjoying his current level of success.


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