Sugarboy Net Worth

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Sugarboy net worth
Sugarboy Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age


Sugarboy is a fast rising music act in Nigeria. This post details Sugarboy net worth, biography, profile, career, and a lot more about him including how he earns and his current music label.

Sugarboy Net Worth: Biography, Profile & Age

BIRTH NAME: Umoren Akanimoh Felix
CAREER: Rapper, Singer & Songwriter
BIRTH DATE: 15th April, 1992
NET WORTH: $100,000 Dollars

Sugarboy Net Worth

Sugarboy has an estimated net worth of $100,000 dollars. How Sugarboy made this money? By performing at shows and also getting deals from private individuals as a celebrity.

Sugarboy is paid well in hundred thousands to perform at shows, he earns from his music sales, and other pays by his music label. On the other scale, Nigerian artistes earn from online and offline music sales, Sugarboy isn’t an exception.

Sugarboy was born as Umoren Akanimoh Felix on the 15th of April, 1992. He’s a gifted rapper, singer and a songwriter. Sugarboy is a native of Ikono local government area in Akwa Ibom state where he was raised. After some years living in his local government area, Ikono, in Akwa Ibom, he moved to Ajegunle area in Lagos state, Nigeria.

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He later moved to SuTown, and later to Suleja in Niger state; northern part of Nigeria. There in Suleja, Sugarboy grew up into a full adult. He studied and graduated from the University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt. There in the the University, his interest in music sprouted and this was a good ground which he stood gallantly on after his graduation.

Sugarboy began developing his music abilities at the age of 14. It seemed music ran in his family bloodline as his dad was also a musician who had good albums released in the 70’s and 80’s. Sugarboy trained his vocals, learnt to sing alongside percussion instruments, and learn to play the guitar and piano.

In 2015, Sugarboy got signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment music label. After his signature, he released an opening single in collaboration with the label mate Kiss Daniel, and label Disc Jockey DJ ShabSy. The single was his debut, and was titled “RABA”.

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Sugarboy had known the G-Worldwide label family since 2012. In fact, he had a good rapport with them and was flexing his music strengths in school while he studied. Sugarboy was into music in school as a student, but was also connected to people in the G-Worldwide music label before his official signature in 2015.

Sugarboy drew inspirations from legendary musicians like Fela, Bob Marley, and Majek Fashek. So well, his first musical debut would be in 2010 when he actually began recording songs. He was featured in “Badman” by Modenine; a Nigerian Hip-Hop MC.

His contribution to the song didn’t really shoot his career above the roof. His official hit however was “RABA” which he dropped after an official signature into the G-Worldwide Entertainment music label. Sugarboy got his name from… Would you guess??? An old-time girl friend… Prior to her calling him “Sugarboy”, he was known as A1.

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The name according to Sugarboy, sounded “comic” at the instant she suggested it. Females will always be females. A lot of his female friends liked the name which eventually got turned from sounding comic to sounding cool. He decided to pick the name, and he stuck to it as his brand name and display name as an artiste.

Sugarboy isn’t married yet. Definitely, he has a girlfriend – that was an expensive guess. Sugarboy is living well, and now working out ways to become a bigger artiste by releasing something new out of the box.

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