Top 5 Music Blogs in Kenya

Top 5 Music Blogs in Kenya

Top 5 Music Blogs in Kenya

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Music Blogs in Kenya. These blogs are firstly, the most visited and known blogs for Kenyan music tailored to Kenyans.

The blogs here may not be the best of all, but are the best in the business of entertainment; music audios, videos and everything music. Music is a huge part of entertainment, it’s relieving and loved by billions of people in the world. It’s insanely difficult to find a person who doesn’t like music. Here’s our top 5 music blogs in Kenya…

Top 5 Music Blogs in Kenya:


First on our list is the official Kenyan Musik. The blog is the most trafficked music blog in Kenya and features the latest Kenyan songs.

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It’s beautifully designed and coloured with different sections for news, poems, artists, films, tips and events and music.

The blog receives the highest number of visitors compared to other music blogs in Kenya or tailored to Kenyans.


A wonderful kenyan music blog updated frequently with the best and latest music releases in Kenya.

The blog is updated daily and is professionally designed. It’s also easy to navigate around without looking too much.


This blog is a Kenyan music blog that updates its database and audience with album reviews, singles reviews, insights and trends in the Kenya music industry. It’s a nice blog, an authority blog and also, up-to-date.


Kenyapoet is a one of the top music blogs in Kenya. The blog puts up a different ballgame entirely as it integrates poetry and music into it’s updates. It features both poetry and music, and this makes it a uniquely classed blog.

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Love Nairobi is a Kenyan music blog based on music and videos produced in Kenya. It features Kenyan videos and updates its records regularly. It is one of the most popular music blogs in Kenya.

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